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The Perfect Pair: Sponsor Clubs & You


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Discuss the importance of creating strong relationships with sponsor Rotary clubs

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The Perfect Pair: Sponsor Clubs & You

  1. 1. THE PERFECT PAIR  Sponsor Clubs and You
  2. 2. The Tampa Rotaract Club      Founded in 2012 Currently at 27 members Two Sponsoring Rotary Clubs  Tampa Rotary Club (100+members), and the Tampa Bay Rotary Club (~20  members) 1 Formal meeting and 1 social/month At least 1 club service project then multiple service opportunities each month  Service Opportunity is usually an event put on by a Rotary club that month Our StoriesOur Stories
  3. 3. Boston Rotaract Club 13 Years old Two Sponsoring Rotary Clubs 30 Members 2 meetings per month and 1 social per month Our StoriesOur Stories
  4. 4. BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP Take initiative & move to build relationships with intention, as a club Person-to-person connection Find your best match - don’t limit yourself! Have patience to build trust and respect Speak to Rotary clubs and groups about Rotaract, reaching as many people as possible Speak to District leadership and attend district conferences
  5. 5. Benefits of a Good Relationship       Network expansion for your club and  members  Opportunities in professional  development More opportunities for membership  involvement Monetary/professional assistance for service  projects and fundraising Increased awareness of Rotaract
  6. 6.     What have been your successes? Your challenges?
  7. 7.     What have been your successes? Your challenges?