Rotary Family Health Day


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Rotary Family Health Day

  1. 1. Rotary Family Health DayPage 1
  2. 2. The Genesis…Planting the Seed of RFHAin Uganda Need for Rotary visibility as DG 2010-11 Planning team challenged: Innovative, Impactful, Spectacular, Legacy RAW 2010 Meeting of minds with Marion Bunch/RFFA District-wide program… started 30 April 2011 in Uganda and Kenya,re-named RFHA in 2012. Services offered: HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, de-worming,distribution of TBN, vitamin A supplements, dental clinicsIN THE END? THE BIGGEST ONE DAY PROJECT EVERIN THE HISTORY OF ROTARY IN UGANDA!!Page 2
  3. 3. Uganda/Kenya Uganda/Kenya/Nigeria Uganda/Nigeria/So AfricaClubs 70 147 362Sites 100 186 368Clients 38K 160K 275KRotary Vols 1000 1500 5500TCCAF Support $100K $250K $450KTRF Support $106.4KUganda/Kenya Uganda/Kenya/Nigeria Uganda/Nigeria/So AfricaClubs 70 147 362Sites 100 186 368Clients 38K 160K 275KRotary Vols 1000 1500 5500TCCAF Support $100K $250K $450KTRF Support $106.4K2011 20122013Growth of Rotary Family Health Days
  4. 4. RFHD 2013 in Uganda2012 Results• Rotary Clubs 57• Sites 117• Clients served 100,0002013 Results• Rotary Clubs 58• Sites 131• Clients served 128,024• TRF-funded supplies/equipment $42,400• VTT-trainedhealth professionals 28• High-profile launch atCoca-Cola PlantPage 3
  5. 5. The RFHD Uganda Launch at Coca-Cola Century Bottling PlantMosquito NetDemonstrationMother and 6 kids waitingScenes from some of the 131 Uganda locations
  6. 6.  PROGRAM OBJECTIVES- Sensitize, mobilize and engage the communities to participate in HIVCounseling and Testing- Carry out testing and screening for other infections and diseases- Offer information and related materials for various diseasesand health conditions WHAT TOOK PLACE- HIV Testing and counseling, Malaria screening, polio immunization, bloodpressure testing, cholesterol checks, eye tests and de-worming for children.- Distribution of malaria nets, sanitary towels, male condoms and vitamin A- About 80000 people were served by 57 Rotary Clubs in 74 sites; those testedpositive were referred and 21 eye cataract surgeries carried out.Rotary Family Health Day Nigeria,May 9-11, 2013Page 6
  7. 7.  BENEFITS OF THE RFHD– The program addressed the various healthcare challengesaffecting Nigerians 2013 RESULTS– 41000 Family counseling, 28100 HIV tests (50 positive), 29000 glucoselevel tests, 5000 eye tests, 20000 malaria tests, 9300 children de-wormed,195 cervical cancer, 225 breast cancer & 74 prostate cancer tests. 8000sanitary towels, 8300 nets, 5000 children for Vitamin A, 30500 condoms,5300 polio immunizations HIGHLIGHTS/CHALLENGES– Great support from District 9110, USAID, CDC, Coca-Cola business units,Federal and State Ministries of Health, TRF Global Grant. Improved turnout.– Challenges are: better government support, firmer commitment ofsupply of products.Page 7
  8. 8. SOUTH AFRICA: WHY DID ROTARY COMMIT? Unprecedented opportunity for 4 Rotary Districts to work as one force in South Africa. Opportunity to grow membership. Unprecedented and first formal partnership with the National Government of SouthAfrica through the Department of Health. Unprecedented formal partnership with theNational Broadcaster, SABC, as the media partner and the signing of a 3 year MOUwith RFHA. Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation tool to include a 3 month impact study forlong term use across Africa together with the Department of Health and the CDC. As a result of the above, Rotary in South Africa received unprecedentedpublic exposure from the public/private partnerships. Rotary was turned from the “best kept secret to the best known secret”.Page 8
  10. 10. Centers for Disease Control,South Africa Responsible for linking RFHA to the South African DirectorGeneral of Health and Minister of health Led the effort and funded the creation of a monitoring andevaluation template for Rotarians to use at every site Putting plans into place to conduct a 90-day follow-upproject in future RFHD Supported site work through NGO partnersPage 10
  11. 11. Global Grants to SupportRotary Family Health Days The CHALLENGE: Demonstrating SUSTAINABILITY— i.e.,permanent change RFHA proposed two pilot demonstrations underFuture Vision—– A Global Grant for supplies and equipment in Nigeria,D-9110 ($42,000)– A “combo” Global Grant/Vocational Training Teamin Uganda, D-9200 ($64,400)Page 11
  12. 12. Meeting the Global Grant Challenge Research the needs of the country/areas in the TRF Areas of Focus Find sponsor districts with DDF, the talent match, anddetermination to succeed Develop measurable outcomes that address—– Effectiveness—producing results, getting things done,making a difference– Sustainability— Changing attitudes and behaviors of clients Elevating human capital—knowledge, skills, relationships, networks Changing health-care delivery systems (resource and referrals) Engineer the documentation/report processPage 12
  13. 13. Dr Sujata demo ofcervical cancer examDr Anil supervising safemale circumcisionsDr Jack’s exercise invisual acuity examsFNP Dana role-playingdiabetes dialogTrain-the-Trainer Group
  14. 14. Opportunities through RFHA Linkage to a host club and district in AfricaVolunteer at Rotary Family Health DaysOn your own expenseThrough a district grant Sponsor a Global Grant for Equipment and Supplies Sponsor a Vocational Training Team prior to RFHDs Receive technical assistance in writing your proposal Attract new members to Rotary Make a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable people