Rotaract 2012: Connecting with Rotaract's Global Network


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Presentation by Rotaractors Thansen Paandi (India), James Lovatt (UK), and Alana Wilson (Australia) from a workshop at the 2012 Rotaract Preconvention Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Rotaract 2012: Connecting with Rotaract's Global Network

  1. 1. Rotaract PreConvention 2012Topic A: Connecting withRotaract’s Global Network Thansen Paandi Rotaract Club of Bhagyanagar, India Past District Rotaract Representative D3150 President South Asia MDIO 2011-12 James Lovatt Leamington & Warwick Rotaract Club, United Kingdom District Rotaract Representative D1060 2011-12 Chair Elect Rotaract in Great Britain & Ireland MDIO 2012-13 Alana Wilson Gunargarang Rotaract Club, Sydney, Australia Inaugural President Rotary Australia MDIO 2010-11 Past District Rotaract Representative D9690
  2. 2. RotaractThe more friends you have the easier it is for you to understand other people and other cultures etc.
  3. 3. Rotaract PreConvention 2012 ♦ Twin Club: To emphasize the international aspect of Rotaract service and friendship ♦ Joint Service Projects :To establish a long-term relationship with another club that will lead to ongoing projects ♦ Home Hosting: To enhance understanding of another culture and foster goodwill
  4. 4. Rotaract PreConvention 2012 Careful planning & clear communication Are essential to establish a strong rotaract relationship.
  5. 5. Skype & Social Media• Joint club meetings for sharing best practice - video conferencing• MDIOs use skype for communication over large distances• Facebook group reaches over 60,000• 8 Twitter discussions so far • Range of topics • World Rotaract Week • Recruitment & Promotion • Professional Development • Rotary involvement • Timezones••Advantages/disadvantages?
  6. 6. Rotaract MDIOsWhat are they and why do we have them?Rotaract in Great Britain & Ireland (RGBI) is a Multi-District Information Organisation (MDIO),formed in 1993 and covers Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands & Isle of Man,encompassing districts 1010 to 1290.It’s main aim is to gather & share information around all 29-member districts.Funds used for MDIO activity must be obtained on a voluntary basisonlyMeet up to discuss how to best serve their districts a few times a yearAn important thing to remember is that MDIO’s have no legislativepower, except for decisions regarding the MDIO itself where eachDistrict Rotaract Representative then has 1 vote.
  7. 7. Regional Conferences• APRRC - Asia Pacific Rotaract Regional Conference• INTEROTA - started in 1981• ROTASIA• REM - Rotaract Europe Meeting - twice yearly; plus EUCO•Rotaract PreConvention• District specific events
  8. 8. Interota• Worldwide event held every 3 years • Egypt 2011, Seoul 2008, Germany 2005......• Workshops & discussion forums• Speakers on topics of interest, including RI representative• Network with fellow Rotaractors• Service Project• Bidding for next event• Socialise & see what the local area has to offer!
  9. 9. Connecting to the Rotary Network Alana Wilson Gunargarang Rotaract Club, Sydney, AustraliaInaugural President Rotary Australia MDIO 2010-11 Past District Rotaract Representative D9690
  10. 10. New Generations Exchange• Provide the opportunity to learn about a different culture while fostering goodwill and understanding• Are open to students and young professionals ages 18-25
  11. 11. New Generations Exchange• Usually last from a few weeks to three months• May be arranged for individuals or a group• Can involve home stays, tours or camps• Can also include a vocational element
  12. 12. Rotary Foundation Programs• Peace Fellowships – Fellows earn a master’s degree in: • international relations • sustainable development • peace studies • conflict resolution – Or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict studies
  13. 13. Rotary Foundation Programs• Vocational Training Teams – Teams consist of Rotarians and Non-Rotarians in careers linked to the goal of the grant – Teams provide or receive training in one area of focus – Training can occur in a variety of places – Teams may be hosted in a variety of ways
  14. 14. Rotary Foundation Programs• Programs ending in 2013 – Group Study Exchange • cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for young business and professional men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 – Ambassadorial Scholarships • promote international understanding and goodwill through study in another country
  15. 15. Rotary FellowshipsGroups of Rotarians, Rotarian spouses and Rotaractors who unite to:• Share a common interest in worthwhile recreational activities (sports, hobbies, etc.)• Further their vocational development through acquaintance with others of the same profession• Make new friends around the world• Explore new opportunities for service• Have fun and enhance their experience in Rotary
  16. 16. Rotary Fellowships• Chess • Internet • Singles• Computer Users • Lawyers • Skiing• Convention Goers • Literacy Providers • Social Networks• Cycling • Magicians • Tennis• Doctors • Motorcycling • Travel Agents• Editors and • Photographers • Travel and Hosting Publishers • Police and Law • Wellness and• Environment Enforcement Fitness• Flying • Rotary Global • Yachting• Golf History• Home Exchange • Scouting
  17. 17. Rotarian Action GroupsGroups of Rotarians, Rotarian spouses and Rotaractors who unite to:• Engage in meaningful service in partnership with like-minded people globally• Collaborate with clubs and districts on service projects in their area of specialty• Assist clubs and districts in obtaining funding or other assistance for their service projects
  18. 18. Rotarian Action Groups• AIDS • Malaria• Blindness Prevention • Microcredit• Blood Donation • Multiple Sclerosis• Dental Volunteers • Polio Survivors and• Diabetes Associates• Food Plant Solutions • Population Growth &• Health Fairs Sustainable Development• Hunger and Malnutrition • Water and Sanitation• Literacy
  19. 19. Rotaract PreConvention 2012Thank you,Discussion…