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New generations, New Rotarians

Presentation from a breakout session at the 2012 Rotary Interational Convention in Bangkok, Thailand.

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New generations, New Rotarians

  1. 1. New Generations Rotary’s Fifth Avenue of ServiceNew Generations-NewRotarians
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Turn New Generations into the Next Generation of Rotarians• Opening remarks with Moderator Alberto Cecchini• TBD with Rotarian Eva Brodehl• TBD with Rotaractor Mitty Chang• TBD with Past RI Vice President Monty Audenart• Q&A• Closing remarks with Moderator Alberto Cecchini
  3. 3. Turn New Generations into the Next Generation of Rotarians
  4. 4. Our Family of Programs Rotary Youth Exchange 15-19 Rotaract 18-30 Interact 12-1812 years 30 years Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
  5. 5. Tips for Staying Connected:What Individual Rotarians Can Do
  6. 6.  Encourage Rotaractors to mentor Interactors Invite Interactors to help with your service projects—and volunteer at theirs, too! Connect Interactors with other Rotary opportunities Help graduating Interactors find university or community- based Rotaract clubs
  7. 7.  Ask former RYLA participants to serve as next year’s counselors and facilitators Plan a RYLA reunion Connect RYLA participants to Interact or Rotaract clubs—or help them start their own clubs Have RYLA students share their experiences at your Rotary club meeting
  8. 8.  Encourage Youth Exchange students to participate in RYLA or Interact in your district and hen their exchange is complete Invite Youth Exchange students to share their experiences at your Rotary club meeting Send birthday/holiday cards to former students
  9. 9.  Plan joint events, like a networking night, or develop a service project together Recruit Rotaractors for RYLA or New Generations Exchange Assign Rotarian mentors to Rotaractors Invite Rotaractors to present their successes to your club
  10. 10. More Resources for RotariansTips, resources, website banners, videos, downloadable resources, and colorful promotion cards to share with Rotarians in your districts.
  11. 11. Bridging the gap between NewGenerations and Rotary
  12. 12. From the university tothe community…
  13. 13. Provide Stepping Stones  Join our FB page  Come to our social event  Be a part of our professional networking night  Help out at our service event  Join or help start a community- based Rotaract club  Participate in New Generations Exchange (18-25) or Group Study Exchange (18-40)  Speak to our Rotary club about your experience at the Rotaract Preconvention, Group Study Exchange, or RYLA  Join our Rotary club!
  14. 14. Any questions for our panelists?