Mobilizing Rotarians to Cope with Disasters


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  • Themes throughout presentation:One RotaryGlobal organization (not U.S. centric)
  • Mobilizing Rotarians to Cope with Disasters

    1. 1. 2013 RI CONVENTIONMobilizing Your Rotary District in aDisasterFrom Catastrophe to CollaborationRotary Districts 7230, 7250, 7260, 7490, 7500 and 7640!Bonnie Sirower, District Governor, Rotary District 7490
    2. 2. 2013 RI CONVENTION2013 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTIONMobilizing Your District for a Catastrophe:A Four Step Process• Before Disaster Strikes• Communications with your District and theworld• Collections of Cash, Gift Cards and Supplies• Collaboration with other organizations
    3. 3. 2013 RI CONVENTION• Appoint a Disasters Chair• Find out about local planning groups• Prepare an e-mail to go out to all of yourmembers to prepare them for the disaster• Appoint a Public Relations Chair• Set up a 501(c)(3) organization to acceptdonationsBefore Disaster Strikes
    4. 4. 2013 RI CONVENTIONAppoint a Disasters ChairPeter Wells, Park Ridge Rotary Club
    5. 5. 2013 RI CONVENTIONE-mail to All Clubs in the District Prior to the StormGood afternoon, Rotarians.There is an increasing probability that a serious multi-day storm will impact our District early next week.We should expect significant flooding, power outages, transportation and communication disruptions, andproperty damage. Last year, many of our towns were severely impacted by Hurricane Irene, but workingtogether as Rotarians, we were able to make a significant difference.Personally, I urge you to review your disaster preparedness for your family today. If you dont have achecklist of things to think about, you can put one together by reviewing and We can not take care of others unless we have taken care of our ownfirst. As Rotarians, think then about friends, neighbors and fellow Rotarians who may need assistancepreparing for and being looked after during this storm. Seniors, people living alone or with medicalconditions might especially appreciate your help. You may also want to check with your local municipalityto learn of volunteer opportunities to prepare for, assist during and clean up after the storm. I have alreadybeen in touch with Peter Wells, who is serving as our Disaster Chair this year. Peter is keeping tabs onthe situation. Although he will not be around during the end of next week, he has also been in touch withour Chief of Staff and last years Disaster Chair, Ray Falcon, about steps we must take. Peters phonenumber is 201-248-6443. We can do far more together as a Rotary club than any of us can do alone. Youmay want to use the weekend to organize your Club to take care of each other first and then look foropportunities to be of service to others in your community. Your first step should be how you will all be incontact with each other. Your second step should be how you will all be in contact with each other shouldwe lose internet, cell and/or land-line service. If District resources are needed, contact me at 201-446-1814 or and I will organize assistance as best as we are able.
    6. 6. 2013 RI CONVENTIONCatastrophe!October 28-29, 2012Hurricane Sandy Strikes…
    7. 7. 2013 RI CONVENTIONWhere Hurricane Sandy Hit…
    8. 8. 2013 RI CONVENTION
    9. 9. 2013 RI CONVENTIONBreezy Point in Queens
    10. 10. 2013 RI CONVENTIONBreezy Point in Queens
    11. 11. 2013 RI CONVENTIONBreezy Point in Queens
    12. 12. 2013 RI CONVENTIONBreezy Point in Queens
    13. 13. 2013 RI CONVENTIONStaten Island
    14. 14. 2013 RI CONVENTIONStaten Island
    15. 15. 2013 RI CONVENTIONStaten Island
    16. 16. 2013 RI CONVENTIONStaten Island
    17. 17. 2013 RI CONVENTIONStaten Island
    18. 18. 2013 RI CONVENTIONAtlantic City
    19. 19. 2013 RI CONVENTIONRoads andTransitTrashed
    20. 20. 2013 RI CONVENTIONNew York City/ Brooklyn
    21. 21. 2013 RI CONVENTIONBelle Harbor, L.I.
    22. 22. 2013 RI CONVENTIONLindenhurst, NY
    23. 23. 2013 RI CONVENTIONHoboken, NJJersey City, NJ
    24. 24. 2013 RI CONVENTION
    25. 25. 2013 RI CONVENTIONMoonachie, NJ
    26. 26. 2013 RI CONVENTIONSeaside Heights, NJ
    27. 27. 2013 RI CONVENTION• Contact Rotary Resources:RI Disaster Staff – Amanda RudgeDisaster AID USARotary Disaster Action Group: Leigh Readdy• Use Facebook and Linked-In to Communicate withyour Governor Class and your District• Set up your own website for the catastrophe• Create (or use) a (501)(c)(3) organization• Communicate within your own DistrictSetting Up Communications
    28. 28. 2013 RI CONVENTION• Find a local restaurant or café (or Rotarian) whohasn’t lost power) and work from there.• Charge your I-pad and I-phone in these places• If possible, have a generator ready, with plenty ofgasoline.Working without Power , Cable or Phone
    29. 29. 2013 RI CONVENTION• Contact Disaster Aid USAs team leader, Kenneth Larry Agee orBob Grill at .•• Team DASUA is currently working with Serve Moore Organizationwhich is a partnership between 5churches. ( ) The city has been dividedin to 10 zones for aid organization purposes. Serve Moore isstrategically working with the City of Moore to man and direct aid inthese zones and supply the volunteers to accomplish themission. Team DAUSA has been helping in 3 capacities. The first iswe have a chainsaw and debris removal team at their disposal andhave been deployed to 4 different zones in 2 days to help fill gaps intheir need. Disaster Rotarian Action Group: reddyla@aol.comContact Rotary Resources
    30. 30. 2013 RI CONVENTION• Contact Amanda Rudge at Rotary International’sDisaster Staff• Contact Leigh Readdy at Disasters Rotary ActionGroup (presentation to follow)Contact Rotary Resources
    31. 31. 2013 RI CONVENTIONGood morning, everyone. I finally have e-mail, but no phone, either cell or landline. I apologize fornot reaching out yesterday- I had no e-mail until late last night and still cant access our Districtwebsite. Even now, e-mail service is sporadic. I have heard from some of you in the worst-hitareas. I see that Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City, South Bergen and Mid-Bergen areas,Meadowlands area, Jersey City area are still under water. The rest of us are dealing with downedlimbs and lack of power, most of us until Monday.My first question is, is everyone safe? My next question is, how can we help?We have received offers of help from as far away as Russia, Turkey and Canada. What do themembers of your club and towns need to help get things back to normal? We had an offer to sendShelter boxes -can anyone use those?Do not call, as my cell phone still has no serviceCommunicate with your DistrictUsing E-mail and Facebook
    32. 32. 2013 RI CONVENTIONCommunication – Reaching Out to Rotaryand the World•• E-mails from Governors far awayand to all Governors who called• E-mails to our District
    33. 33. 2013 RI CONVENTION
    34. 34. 2013 RI CONVENTIONE-mails to Our District• To: all the members of District 7490• We have heard from the Hoboken Club. They need diesel fuel,generators, pumps, clothing, bedding, appliances, cleaning suppliesand non-perishable food. If you have anything you wish to donateplease deliver it to Calisto Bertins warehouse. We also know oftrouble for the South Bergen, North Hudson, Mid-Bergen and maybethe Palisades and Jersey City Rotary Clubs, so please know thatyour donation will be appreciated.• Those wishing to financially donate can send checks to theWalter D. Head Foundation of Rotary District 7490 c/o CalistoBertin, Bertin Engineering, 66 Glen Avenue, Glen Rock, New Jersey07452. Please mark in the memo line; Sandy Relief. Once we takecare of the needs of our District we will send any extra monies to ourfellow Districts 7500, 7640, 7250 and 7230, which were all very hardhit.
    35. 35. 2013 RI CONVENTIONE-mails to other districts• Hi, Woody.• Bob Grill is sending trucks up tomorrow evening. We are gettingtrucks ready and warehouses ready to receive them. If possible,please get your donations to Bobs group before he leavestomorrow.• Bob, gas up before you go. No gasoline here anywhere.On Nov 4, 2012, at 9:51 AM, "Woody Sadler"<> wrote:Bonnie,• We have 50 flood disaster kits on pallets. The kits were puttogether by the Rotary Club of Salem, Va. just for something likethis. We are sending them to DG Bob Parkinson in 7620 inMaryland who will be bringing them the rest of the way. It cutsour drive in half. Hopefully we will have more coming. Stay safe!
    36. 36. 2013 RI CONVENTIONMore Ways to Communicate• Ask your local media for help: WCBS News Radio880 donated 50 10-second spots – ―Help RotaryHelp Hurricane Sandy victims: Go‖• Use Facebook and Linked-In to reach out toRotarians in your own District and others• Hold conference calls on a periodic basis with otherDistricts and with VOAD
    37. 37. 2013 RI CONVENTIONGeneral e-mails to all• Dear Friends throughout the Rotary world andbeyond... It has now been almost a week since HurricaneSandy attacked New Jersey and New York. All of the sevenDistrict governors in the area whose Districts were mostaffected have been in contact with one another, and• I would like to give you an update on what has happenedto each of our areas, as well as a list of both immediate andlong-term needs as we know them now. At Zones 24 and32s director Bryn Styles’ suggestion, we are all workingtogether to get donated supplies to the right area.
    38. 38. Collections – Getting Supplies, CashDonations and Gift Cardsfor those who need them• Secure warehouses or empty stores: Ask RotarianRealtors, Store Owners, Factory Owners• Avoid the Disaster After the Disaster – do not collectused clothing• Have a place available where pallets can bedownloaded and forklift trucks are available• Work with your local Volunteer Agency (BergenVolunteers Center) to get volunteers other thanRotarians for sorting and deliveries
    39. 39. 2013 RI CONVENTION• 142 Trucks came to our aid from as far away asVancouver, Orlando, San Diego• 225 Volunteers – half Rotarians, half not-yetRotarians• More than $680,000 in cash donations• 120 cars and trucks went out in a 300-mile radius• Rotarians unloaded trucksIn our area….
    40. 40. 2013 RI CONVENTIONRoute 17 South Collection Center
    41. 41. 2013 RI CONVENTIONRoute 17 SouthCollectionCenter
    42. 42. 2013 RI CONVENTIONRoute 17 NorthCollection CenterPallets and fork-lift trucksavailable
    43. 43. 2013 RI CONVENTION• Four warehouses were filled and emptied five times• Countless dollars worth of supplies were donated:cleaning supplies• Only new clothing could be distributed – makearrangements with Salvation Army or Goodwill fordonation of used clothing - 84,000 lbs. of usedclothing collected was donated to those gorupsCollections in our Area
    44. 44. 2013 RI CONVENTION• Recruit volunteer drivers• Contact local Rotary clubs through their DistrictGovernors or Presidents to determine just what isneeded• Have out of area volunteers bring gasoline• Use gift cards or give drivers gift cards for gasolinepurchases.Set Up a Delivery System
    45. 45. 2013 RI CONVENTIONLoading Up andDelivering the Goods
    46. 46. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDown the Shore and out to Long Island
    47. 47. 2013 RI CONVENTION• In the U.S., set up a 501(c)(3) fundIn our area, cash donations were made to one fund, theWalter D. Head Foundation of Rotary District 7490• Set up a way that districts can wire transfer money toyour fund• Set up a PayPal account or other account so thatpeople can donate online using major credit cards.• Work with RI to set up a Designated Disaster Fund• Set up a system to record all donations and thank alldonors• Post donations on special websiteSecuring Donations of Funds
    48. 48. 2013 RI CONVENTION• $35,000 in gift card donations received• More than $680,000 in cash donationsreceived• Evenly split among six most-affected areas,but any monies raised within a District stayedin that DistrictCollections –Cash and Gift CardDonations in our area
    49. 49. 2013 RI CONVENTIONJoin your local VOAD: Voluntary Organizations Helping in Disasters: Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) is a nonprofit,nonpartisan membership organization that serves as the forum whereorganizations share knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle—preparation, response, recovery and mitigation—to help communities prepare forand recover from disasters.The National VOAD coalition includes over 50 of the country’s most reputablenational organizations (faith-based, community-based and other non-governmentalorganizations) and 55 State/Territory VOADs, which represent Local/RegionalVOADs and hundreds of other member organizations throughout the country.Collaborate with Other Organizations
    50. 50. 2013 RI CONVENTIONLocal VOAD in District 7490
    51. 51. 2013 RI CONVENTION• Partner with Rebuilding Together or Habitat forHumanity – Do NOT Go It Alone! by Home, Block by Block, Rebuilding Together isrebuilding homes and communities nationwide. For almost 25years, Rebuilding Together has provided extensive homerehabilitation and modification services to homeowners in-need.•• Recruit a contractor from your District to oversee rebuildingRebuilding: Collaborate with Other Organizations
    52. 52. 2013 RI CONVENTIONSet up a Disaster Relief CenterHurricane Sandy Relief Center in Moonachie, NJ
    53. 53. 2013 RI CONVENTIONFunding the Hurricane Sandy Relief Center in Moonachie
    54. 54. 2013 RI CONVENTIONCollaboration: Rebuilding Together• District 7490:– Rebuilt and refurbished two firehouses in Little Ferry– Re-equipped Ambulance Corps in Moonachie andHoboken– Renovated recreational fields in Secaucus– Now rebuilding and refurbishing of Senior Center inMoonachie in collaboration with Rebuilding Together -Bergen
    55. 55. 2013 RI CONVENTIONSandy Santa’s- South Bergen Rotary club brings Christmas to those who had lost everythingInvolve your Local Clubs in RebuildingSouth Bergen Thanksgiving Party forDisplaced Residents
    56. 56. 2013 RI CONVENTIONRe-building the Little Ferry Firehouses
    57. 57. 2013 RI CONVENTIONRe-building theLittle FerryFirehouses
    58. 58. 2013 RI CONVENTIONBonnie Sirower, DG District 7490(Bergen, Passaic, Hudson Counties, NJ, USA)Botzie@aol.comRemember:Rotarians are there to helpyou….