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Interact Lights Up Rotary

District 5170 (California, USA) is home to over 6,500
Interactors in more than 115 private and public schools,
who learn Service Above Self through international and
community service projects. They raise approximately
$100,000 yearly and complete over 132,000 hours
of community service. Interactors will explain how
leadership, ethics, and service work together to promote
international action, and you’ll learn the secret to district
5170’s widespread success.
Moderator: Oliver Borg, District 5170 Interact Lieutenant
Governor, Interact Club of Santa Cruz High School,
California, USA

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Interact Lights Up Rotary

  1. 1. 2015 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION Interact Lights up Rotary District 5170
  2. 2. #ricon15 Why should you attend the Interact Forum Why should you stay until the end! 
  3. 3. #ricon15WE ARE INTERACT DISTRICT 5170
  4. 4. #ricon15WE ARE INTERACT DISTRICT 5170 Interact – what’s that… Let me hear you clap… It’s a service club, that we all love … Ya, Interact’s got our back
  5. 5. #ricon15 Interact with Rotary makes a difference, in our community, and our world; today. – Rotary & Interact together achieve service – We push each other to greater heights – Be a part of an organization that will change the world, and Rotary We need you. Help us Change the world. Join the movement, join Interact. Every Rotarian is an Example to Youth *This slogan was adopted in 1949 by the Rotary International Board of Directors
  6. 6. #ricon15 • Bay Area California /Silicon Valley • 7000 Interactors • 115 schools • 13 areas • District 5170 – Zone 25 Where are we?
  7. 7. #ricon15 • Passion – Begins with one enthusiastic Interactor – One on One gets it done • Publicity – Presence through Social Media Platforms • Community – Friendship, family, camaraderie • Service – Bond, meet others, help the community The amount of Interactors grows each year because…
  8. 8. #ricon15 What makes Interact so special? • Interact produces leaders • Interactors live our motto of Service Above Self • Interactors are Inclusive • Interactors love to help us with our Rotarian projects • Interactors are future Rotarians • ROI (Return on Interact) is significant "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
  9. 9. #ricon15 Rotary • Rotary U • Avenues of Service • Presidents’ Elect Training Seminar • District Conference Interact • New President /Officer Meeting • Fall Leadership Conference • Presidents’ Winter Retreat • Summer Send Off Event Parallels
  10. 10. #ricon15 • FLC is designed to… – UNIFY – EMPOWER – INSPIRE • Rotary Attendance – Rotarians and Interactors alike are welcome to attend FLC! • Advisor workshop to – Building better advisors – Bridging the gap between Rotary-Interact Fall Leadership Conference District Assembly
  11. 11. #ricon15 Imbed video of FLC
  12. 12. #ricon15 Imbed video of FLC
  13. 13. #ricon15 • Unveil the new international & community project • Person-to-Person interactions • Hype around event • Challenge to be better than last year • Being part of something great • Inspirational leadership rally What do we do so 4000 teens attend FLC
  14. 14. #ricon15 What is PWR? A two-day leadership retreat organized by District Council, similar to Rotary’s PETS What is the purpose? LEARN… leadership, professionalism, and public speaking skills. LOVE… a family of selfless Interactors. LEAD…generations of Interactors to success! What is special about PWR? Pass on our culture Inclusive environment Support network Rotary Sponsorship President’s Winter Retreat President-Elect Training Seminar
  15. 15. #ricon15
  16. 16. #ricon15 DIVERSITY We foster and value all types of leaders. GROWTH We present Interactors with opportunities to learn. TRUST We believe in each other. Interact Atmosphere
  17. 17. #ricon15
  18. 18. #ricon15
  19. 19. #ricon15 Charity Events to Raise Funds for International Project Student Led Events ▹ Charity Dinners ▹ Talent Shows ▹ Dances ▹ Fundraisers: School Competition, Merchandise, Restaurants
  20. 20. #ricon15 Community Service
  21. 21. #ricon15 How to Structure a Successful Interact 1. Start small begin with a High School and have strong freshman & sophomores to keep club strong 2. Build an area, getting many High Schools together to accomplish goals 3. Create a 2nd area & begin collaboration 4. Establish an Interact District Council, modeled after a Rotary district – Group of selected Interactors, District Chair and DC advisors – Governor and LT Governor apply and are selected by the DC advisors – Growth and leadership opportunity for our youth; life changing experience 3 generations Interact Governor/Lt Governor
  22. 22. #ricon15 Structure
  23. 23. #ricon15 Rotary Advisor Team Governor and Lieutenant Governor Events Coordinator Community Project Coordinator International Project Coordinator Digital Media Coordinator Publications Coordinator Outreach Coordinator Secretary Area Directors (13) What is District Council?
  24. 24. #ricon15 Your Role as Rotary Advisor – Liaison between students & Rotary club – Assist in fundraising & event planning – Attend Interact meetings & events – Support Interact club Presidents, liaise with faculty advisor – Keep up to speed with Interact calendar – Create a joint community project between your club & the Interact club – Have your Interact officers visit your club – Work with district for schools in area that do not have an active club and sponsor them! – Support Interact in creating new middle school clubs, the junior high version of Rotary Interact
  25. 25. #ricon15
  26. 26. So, what now? How would you like to be a part of an organization that will change the world, Rotarians? We need you. Help us change the world. Join the movement. Join Interact.
  27. 27. #ricon15 www.INTERACT5170.ORG