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IC12 - Partnering for Effective Service Projects


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Breakout Session Presented at the Rotary International Convention in Bangkok on Wednesday 9 May, 2012

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IC12 - Partnering for Effective Service Projects

  1. 1. Partnering for Effective Service Projects Bradford R. Howard, PDG District 5170 Moderator
  2. 2. Session Objectives • Creating and Managing Effective Partnerships • Vehicles to Create Partnerships • Successful Partnership Stories • Questions and Answers
  3. 3. Vehicles Available to You • ProjectLink • Project Fairs • Rotary Programs – e.g., ROTA • Inter Country Committees • Twin Clubs • External Organizations • Partners in Rotary Service • Social Media
  4. 4. ProjectLink Vincent Eleazar, District 3820, Philippines
  5. 5. RI District 3820Philippines
  8. 8. Conceptualize a project that is:• SIMPLE• MANAGEABLE, and• AFFORDABLE.
  9. 9. Keep it simple so that it can be easilyappreciated and understood by theforeign club. Avoid complicated andlong-range projects because yourinternational partner Rotary clubwould, most likely, want to be able toreport the completion of the projectwithin the same Rotary year.
  10. 10. Consider a project that combines the following elements:• CHILDREN• WATER• EDUCATION, and• HEALTH CONCERNS
  11. 11. Keep it manageable so that youwill not have problems in theimplementation of the project. Ifpossible, tap governmentagencies to perform the day-to-day aspects of the projectimplementation.
  12. 12. Establish a working relationshipwith local government agencieslike your and local Health Centerand public schools, etc. Theyhave an abundance of projectswaiting for sponsors and funding.
  13. 13. Keep it affordable so that yourprospective donor-base willinclude even small clubs withsmall budgets.
  14. 14. Only in Rotary can you see clubs fromdiverse countries and cultures likeTaiwan, Japan, the USA, SouthKorea, Australia, New Zealand, andthe Philippines join hands to help thepoorest of the poor in a community.
  15. 15. Project Fairs, ROTA Robert Atta, PDG, District 9100, Ghana
  16. 16. Intercountry Committees Arthur Bowden, PDG, District 1110, England
  17. 17. The Role of ICC in RotaryCountry based activity for bilateral humanitarian and peace efforts, using all RI programs and initiatives
  18. 18. Peace and the Role of ICCs• ICCs are bilateral activities of countries and their districts• ICCs can help in creating a climate for peace between countries in the same region and far beyond• Humanitarian projects help to provide an environment for alleviating internal tensions:• cf Mediterranean Peace Initiative
  19. 19. Organizing an ICC• Agreement from the District Governors in each of the countries• Identify interested Rotarians, clubs and districts• Approval of both sections = ICC• Charter celebration
  20. 20. from 37.030.2. Establishing anIntercountry CommitteeIntercountry committees should involve districts in two ormore countries and act only in an advisory capacity to thegovernors……..inviting district governors from eachdistrict in the country to participate, identifying potentialprojects……….. After the planning committee has completedthese tasks, a national section should be developed in eachparticipating country with the approval of the nationalcoordinator and at least one district governor. ……...(June 2007 Mtg.,Bd. Dec. 281)
  21. 21. Summary on how Inter-CountryCommittees Work• National Section in each of the two Countries• Participation: Rotarians, spouses, Rotaractors, clubs and districts• Importance of Empathy and comprehension• and long term commitment• National Coordinator for all ICCs appointed by Governors• Options for multi-country districts
  22. 22. 37.030.7 FINANCES• They are entirely covered by the countries.• There are well established procedures in each country, how to finance ICC and National Coordination.• Relationships with Districts• ICCs shall function under the direction, and with close cooperation, of the respective Governors.
  23. 23. The Role of ICCs• Focus on long term relations between Rotarians of two countries• Common activities and service projects• Special focus on team building projects• ICC are activities of countries and their districts
  24. 24. Value added of ICC• Know how build up through longer term commitment• Combine efforts and project knowhow of Rotarians, their clubs and their districts –• who all have real interest in the other country• Section with local expertise in each of the two countries• Encourage more clubs and districts to join – bring new ideas• Many more you will find out
  25. 25. Two Thai Surgeons
  26. 26. Le Jazz Cool
  27. 27. External Organizations Marion Bunch, District 6900, United States
  28. 28. Creating Effective Partnerships Between Rotary Entities and External Organizations By Marion Bunch Founder & CEO, RFFA May 2012
  29. 29. Partner NGO Private Foundations Africa Int’l Clubs Rotary Identify Rotary Districts Needs Resources & FoundationDistricts Resources
  30. 30. Rotary Family Health Day 2011 Rotary District 9200 and RFFA D 9200 102 Rotary Clubs 1,000 Rotarians • Mobilize families and local resources • Provide Administration• Testing & Counseling• Monitor & Evaluate FHI AIC RFFA Delta Airlines • Partner with Districts • Obtain Funds, Partners & Resources The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation Ministry of Health• Mobilization Funds• Activate Media Plan • Event Direction• Bottler Involvement • Support Services
  31. 31. In Addition to HIV/Counseling• Polio Immunization• Malaria Screening and Provision of Bed Nets• Cervical Cancer Screening• Mammography• Diabetes Testing• Blood Pressure• Dental Clinic• Distribution of Sanitary Towel Packet• De-worming for All Children, Vitamin A Supplements• Pharmacies Established On-Site
  32. 32. 2011 Rotary Family Health Day Results+ 38,000 people received free health care services in ONE DAY across the nations of Kenya and Uganda.+ 741 people tested HIV positive out of the 25,000 people receiving testing/counseling services.+ 1,000 Rotarians from 102 Rotary Clubs volunteered their services for a day.+ Will be a Pan African Event going forward w/ USG support.
  33. 33. Rotary Family Health Day 2012 Rotary Districts 9200, 9110, RFFA and TCAAF 3 Countries 150 Rotary Clubs, 1500 Rotarians • Mobilize families and local resources • Provide• Testing & AdministrationCounseling FHI• Monitor & Evaluate AIC RFFA Delta Airlines • Partner with Districts • Obtain Funds, Partners & Resources The Coca-Cola• Mobilization Funds Africa Foundation Ministry of Health• Activate Media Plan• Bottler Involvement • Event Direction • Support Services
  34. 34. How to Make This Happen• There must be shared value.• What’s in it for them to partner with you.• Use network to make the contact.• Each organization has a separate, defined role – no duplication.• Define roles, responsibilities in a signed Memorandum of Understanding.• Create plan with timeline.
  35. 35. THANK YOU! A Rotarian Action Group
  36. 36. Tips for Effective Partnering • Establish Clear, Shared Goals • Committees/Not Individuals • Shared Engagement • Assess - What Worked/What Did Not • Identify New Opportunities
  37. 37. Resources• “Make Connections” page of• “Working with Partners” page of• “Establishing Effective Partnerships” document (available as a PDF download)• ProjectLINK –• ROTA website -• Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship -• Contact RI’s Rotary Service department at
  38. 38. Questions & Answers
  39. 39. Partnering for Effective Service ProjectsThank You for Attending