IC12 - How RAGS Support Rotary's Disease Prevention and Treatment Area of Focus


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Breakout session presented on Tuesday 8 May, at the Rotary International Convention in Bangkok.

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  • IC12 - How RAGS Support Rotary's Disease Prevention and Treatment Area of Focus

    1. 1. How Rotarian Action Groups Support Rotary’s ‘Disease Prevention & Treatment’ Area of Focusto Help Rotary Clubs And Districts
    2. 2. 1985 – Present ROTARY INTERNATIONAL THE ROTARY FOUNDATION GOAL: Eradicate Polio $ One Billion (Personal)Rotarians National Immunization Days $ Eight Billion (Donor Governments) Results: Only 3 Endemic Countries are Left
    3. 3. On a Parallel Course • Future Vision Pilot began on July 1, 2010 (100 Districts) • Global launch of FV to commence on July 1, 2013 Six Areas of FocusPeace & Conflict Disease Economic Water Maternal & Basic Education Prevention / Prevention & & Community & Sanitation Child Health & Literacy Resolution Treatment Development • AIDS • Blindness Prevention • Blood Donation • Dental • Diabetes • Health Fairs • Hunger & Malnutrition • Malaria • Multiple Sclerosis • Polio Survivors • Population & Development
    4. 4. RAG for Blindness Prevention Our Mission . . .To bring together, in fellowship and service, those Rotarians and Rotaractors who have an active interest in the prevention of blindness and the promotion of eye health and vision worldwide
    5. 5. RAG for Blindness Prevention 17 years working to prevent blindness Diverse membership Support for clubs and districts on BP projects Collaboration with other organizations Financial support from the BP-DAF Join us in preventing blindness & restoring sight Booth #1016 www.rag4bp.org
    6. 6. Global Network for Blood Donation Our Mission To develop an international network of Rotarians and others who are involvedin supporting volunteer blood donations
    7. 7. Global Network for Blood Donation Encouraging volunteer blood donation within Rotary Clubs and Districts,and collaboration with local community blood centers Collaboration with other groups of similar purpose Collaboration with other Rotarian Action Groups; Create a ‘clearing house’ of initiatives and models to promote voluntary non-remunerated (preferably regular) blood donation Collect operational data (community and donor management) to create indicators for assessment of success, and fundament for regular SWOT analyses to allow sustained policy and strategy making
    8. 8. R.A.G. of Dental Volunteers Our Mission Bring together, in fellowship and service, those Rotarians who have an active interest in dentistry and the promotion of dental care worldwide To provide both a platform and a forum to discuss ideas and develop appropriate cooperative programs to further our shared goals To promote international understanding and peace through our common purpose and efforts
    9. 9. RAG of Dental Volunteers Our Vision: A Peaceful World Through Humanitarian Service Coordinate Dental Services using Rotarians, Our Foundation and/or 3rd parties Act as a Conduit of Information or in the Facilitation of a project Post Dental Interactions & Services Post Donations (Equipment or Supplies) & or Dental needs
    10. 10. R.A.G. for Diabetes12Z3Q OUR MISSION Raise awareness of the worldwide epidemic of diabetes and encourage Rotary Clubs/Districts to participate in diabetes related service programs
    11. 11. Rotarian Action Group for Diabetes 350 million people ( and counting ) Leading cause of blindness, amputation, & kidney failure Participate in diabetes projects in your local community Life for a Child with Diabetes Caribbean foot care Retinal cameras to identify diabetic eyes
    12. 12. R.A.G. For The Alleviation of Hunger and Malnutrition OBJECTIVETo create a strong and effective network of Rotarians and friends who are working to end hunger and malnutrition in all corners of our world.
    13. 13. R.A.G. for the Alleviation of Hunger and MalnutritionOUR GOAL: A world where children canGrow strongLive in healthy environmentsLearn to be self-reliantBe empowered with skills that enablethem to contribute to the economic andsocial progress of their communitiesVisit http://www.alleviatehunger.org
    14. 14. Rotarians Eliminating Malaria Our MissionTo promote the Malaria control efforts of Rotariansand the work of Rotarians – alone and with others, including International organizations, governments, NGO’s, health agencies and thepublic at large – towards the common goal of total control and elimination of Malaria.
    15. 15. Rotarians Eliminating Malaria To keep the Family of Rotary informed To develop & promote worldwide cooperation To link Rotarians with like minded groups To develop logistics and support systems To create / facilitate Malaria control projects To organise activities with clubs / Districts To enhance partnerships To inform on scientific developments Web Site: www.remarag.org
    16. 16. R.A.G. of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Building the Global Movement to End Multiple Sclerosis www.rotary-rfmsa.org
    17. 17. RAG for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Raise MS Awareness Rotarians supporting MS projects Bike Rides, Swims, Walks etc. MS Research, PhD Scholarships Health Fair Participation rotary-msawareness@yahoogroups.com Disease Prevention and Treatment
    18. 18. Polio Survivors & Associates Rotarian Action Group www.rotarypoliosurvivors.com Our Mission PSA is a Rotarian Action Group dedicated tothe humanitarian assistance of polio survivors. PSA is a logical extension of Rotarys concern for the health needs of the world and servesas the living legacy of the worldwide PolioPlus program to eradicate polio.
    19. 19. Polio Survivors & Associates Rotarian Action Group Support, in any way, polio eradication Create awareness of the needs Initiate community based rehab centers Provide mobility assistance Training of medical personnel Develop a bank of projects and contacts Collect the personal stories of survivors
    20. 20. R.A.G. for Population Growth and Sustainable Development Our Missionfacilitate implementation of RI Strategic Plan and 6 Areas ofFocus, especially ‘Maternal & Child Health’ by supportingRotary clubs/districts in implementing professional projectsa resource for the family of Rotary, bringing in experienceand expertise in issues of population and sustainabledevelopment, including maternal and child health
    21. 21. R.A.G. for Population Growth and Sustainable Development Prevention and treatment of obstetric fistula  provision of antenatal care and quality of care  establishment of fistula wards  training of fistula surgeons  repair and rehabilitation of fistula patients Supply of drugs for PMTCT of HIV/AIDS (including improvement of logistics) Supply/distribution of mosquito nets  threefold effect:  prevention of malaria  mothers allowed vaccination of children (e.g. against polio)  promotion of antenatal care
    22. 22. RFFA, Improving the Lives ofOrphans & Vulnerable Children Our Vision & MissionTo improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS through the power of Rotarians. We mobilize Rotarians and partners to provide care, nutrition, education, and life skills, thereby mitigating the consdquences of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Presented by Marion Bunch
    23. 23. World Health FairsA Rotarian Action Group Rotarians working to improve world health
    24. 24. World Health Fairs A Rotarian Action Group Showcase local health resources Rotary volunteer organizers Healthy Lifestyles Exercise and good nutrition can be FUN Individual responsible for own health Coordinate with Medical folks and Gov’t
    25. 25. Thank you for attending this breakout session.For further information on any of the Rotarian Action Groups which presented today, visit their booths in the House of Friendship.