IC12 - Accountability and Transparency in Service Projects Breakout


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Presentation given on Monday 7 May at 2012 Rotary International Convention in Bangkok. Session: Accountability and Transparency in Service Projects

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  • MERCY:-How does this work for a Rotary club?-Necessary for TRF grants and other project funding – What does data does TRF/FV need and what should you provide to the community and donors?-Builds trust and promotes more opportunities for future projects.-Promotes goodwill and public relations-Are there different expectations for small vs. large projects?
  • MERCY:-Make the budget available to everyone-Explain the budgetary process and why decisions were made-This helps local government and other local organizations plan their spending. Local government and other local organizations are working in conjunction with your club to better the community. Making your information easily accessible promotes greater cooperation
  • HARESH:-Assessments provide firsthand information on the needs and preferences of the community-Evaluations (interviews or reports from recipients, for example) can provide your project’s measurable impact in the community-What type of information do recipients want and/or need?-Share your success with donors and recipients, but do not be afraid to admit to failures. Rotarians and clubs are always learning-Express the expectations of the community to the donors-Help international donors understand the local context in which you are working. Are there social/political constraints?-Be honest and upfront about changes to the project – and why they were needed.-Do you manage the accountability responsibilities different for an international donor club and a local partner?
  • HARESH:-Collect and express a project’s progress using cheap/free technological and online resources-Publicize your project information in effective, but interesting and fun ways. It will generate interest in your project.-Assign a project contact who will quickly and effectively communicate with the public.
  • WILLIE:Claiming ownership, transparent budgeting, competitive tendering, regular reporting, document retention.
  • WILLIE: CASE STUDY illustrate Transparency and Accountability issues using examples from the RI/USAID Water and Sanitation Project. Stakeholders in this project are USAID and its implementing partner, G-WASH, Rotary Host Committee and Host Rotary Clubs, International Partner District 7630 and other Rotary donors, The Benefitting Communities,The local government and The Rotary Foundation.
  • IC12 - Accountability and Transparency in Service Projects Breakout

    1. 1. Accountability and Transparency in Service Projects RI Convention Breakout Session Moderated by PDG Marcus Doyle Panelists: Rtn. Dr. Mercy Bannerman, Rtn. Haresh Ramchandani, and PDG Willie Keteku
    2. 2. Dr. Mercy Bannerman• is a member of the Rotary Club of Accra Airport, Ghana.• received degrees from Univ. of Ghana Medical School, Univ. of Michigan, Univ, of Leicester, and the Royal College of Music. And she is a Fellow of the West African College of Physicians.• is an expert in public health and communicable diseases, and she works as a consultant to organizations worldwide. She serves on many boards and committees in the health field.• currently serves as a TRF Cadre Technical Advisor.
    3. 3. Transparency and accountability: What do they mean? What do they achieve?
    4. 4. Transparency of fundingallocation, as well as spending execution
    5. 5. Haresh Ramchandani• is a member of the Rotary Club of Montego Bay East, Jamaica.• participated in a National Immunization Day in India in 2009 and will lead a GSE Team there later this year.• is a real estate developer, specializing in developing commercial properties across Jamaica. For 20 years, he also owned and operated a nationwide chain of retail stores.• was appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of St. James, Jamaica, in 2010.
    6. 6. Community assessments and post-project evaluations give recipients a voice.Can being more accountable tothe community make the localclub less accountable to donor clubs and partnering organizations?
    7. 7. Utilizing technology to expressthe goals and achievements of the project
    8. 8. PDG Willie Keteku• is a member of the Rotary Club of Accra East, Ghana.• received degrees from Dartmouth College and Cornell University in Civil and Structural Engineering, and he is a Fellow of the Ghana Institution of Engineers.• served as Chairman of the National PolioPlus Committee in 2003-06 and as Governor of District 9100 in 2007-08.• currently serves as Chairman of the Rotary Host Committee of the RI/USAID Water and Sanitation Project Ghana.
    9. 9. Factors that affect Accountability and Transparency