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How Rotary Clubs can Provide Support to the Local Schools in Addressing Gender


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How Rotary Clubs can Provide Support to the Local Schools in Addressing Gender

  1. 1. 2014 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION How Rotary Clubs Can Support Their Local Schools in Addressing Gender Equity Issues Martin and Pat Buoncristiani Wednesday, 4 June
  2. 2. Who are we?
  3. 3. District 7600
  4. 4. Our focus today is on interacting with local schools to help solve clearly identified problems. How does your Club interact with local schools?
  5. 5. Why is interaction with local schools important to Rotarians? it takes a village to raise a child schools look for ways to interact with their community there are problems which can be solved this is a good tool for recruiting it involves getting volunteers -- already committed people -- to be aware of Rotary it is a clear community service
  6. 6. We will summarize some results from PISA Programme for International Student Assessment • a triennial international survey (2000, 03 ,06, 09, 12) • evaluates education systems in more than 70 countries • testing the skills and knowledge of 15-year-olds. So let’s begin with the problems … Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  7. 7. There is evidence for gender inequity … Reading Assessment Girls outperformed boys by about 1 academic year Mathematics Assessment Boys outperform girls by about 1/3 of an academic year These results have been persistent through all test years
  8. 8. The gender gap in student performance can be narrowed considerably as both boys and girls in all countries and economies show that they can succeed in all three subjects. Given girls’ lower levels of confidence in their own abilities, school systems, teachers and parents should try to find – or create – more effective ways of bolstering girls’ beliefs in their own abilities in mathematics, both at school and at home. From the OECD Report
  9. 9. There is evidence for gender inequity in performance … but there is no credible evidence that this is due to a difference in gender abilities. So these two problems can be fixed In summary …it is about attitude
  10. 10. Percentage of Degrees Awarded to Females (in USA 2009) Discipline Bachelors Masters Doctorate Biological Sciences 60 57 54 Chemistry 49 48 39 Mathematics & Statistics 44 41 29 Earth Science 40 44 39 Engineering 19 24 22 Physics 19 24 20 Computer Science 18 28 20 eninstemagaptoinnovation8311.pdf
  11. 11. Research About Language in Children aged 1 to 4 in Stable Households by Economic Group Economic group Number of words exposed to Affirmations Critical or negative comments Welfare 13 million words 1 for every 2 Working class 26 million words 2 for every 1 Professionals 45 million words 6 for every 1 Hart, B. & Risley, T.R. “The Early Catastrophe” (2004). Education Review, 77 (1), 100-118. Importance of language …
  12. 12. JOIN LEADERS, EXCHANGE IDEAS, TAKE ACTION Strategy 1 Real Men Read
  13. 13. Whose idea was it to put a middle class, middle aged, white Australian woman here? Whose idea was it to put a middle class, middle aged, white Australian woman here?
  14. 14. What did I find? 95% African American 70% free and reduced lunch Lowest achieving school in the district Physically neglected buildings
  15. 15. “The disclosure comes amid concerns that a lack of male role models at home and school may be turning boys off reading at a young age. Earlier this year, the All-Party-Parliamentary Group on Literacy warned that large numbers of boys were failing to develop a love of reading during primary education because of a shortage of male teachers combined with an anti- book culture among many fathers.” The Daily Telegraph (UK) 2012
  16. 16. Do Australian boys think of reading as some kind of “secret women’s business?”
  17. 17. Bedtime stories Playgroup Kindergarten First years of school where reading is taught Who do they see? Mostly women Boys need to see men reading. Men they regard as strong role models Boys’ early reading experiences
  18. 18. Rotarians have access to influential men in the community, Role models who -- boys would look up to boys would wish to emulate For example: sportsmen, firemen, policemen, rangers, scientists tradesmen -- builders, plumbers, electricians, motor mechanics, doctors, councilors, engineers, …
  19. 19. Implementation Step 1 Find men who: enjoy reading, would like to help primary school aged kids and can spare a maximum of one hour a week – either one time or regularly Explain the general nature of the program to them and determine level of support
  20. 20. Implementation Step 1 (continued) Explain to volunteers what a typical session involves: you will have chosen a book you enjoy reading and that is suitable for the age (teacher may help) introduce yourself briefly and describe what you do explain why you like to read and why reading is important to you read the story – make sure kids can see pictures invite questions and comments
  21. 21. Implementation Step 2 Approach a local primary school … make an appointment to speak with the Principal his/her delegate explain the offered program and show the list of volunteers negotiate a date, time and conditions all volunteers come at the same time – to make Real Men Read a special event! inform parents via school newsletter
  22. 22. In Summary … Real Men Read is a volunteer program involving 1 hour visit an elementary/primary school classroom – tell the children about your life and work – tell them how important reading is to you in your personal and business life – read them a story. Exportable to other Rotary Clubs
  23. 23. Real Men Read
  24. 24. JOIN LEADERS, EXCHANGE IDEAS, TAKE ACTION Strategy 2 Girls in Science
  25. 25. The second problem we attacked with the support of the Rotary Club of Oyster Point in Newport News, Virginia District 7600 It is more difficult and requires more resources … and help from local schools, industry and laboratories. Girls In Science
  26. 26. series of workshops designed to provide encouragement for young girls who show an interest in and aptitude for science and to demonstrate to them the viability of an exciting career in science, engineering or mathematics. We designed …
  27. 27. Here is an outline of what we did the story is better told in pictures (which follow) we recruited scientists, engineers and mathematicians from local industry, labs and schools to present Saturday workshops on a science subject (with some attention to the local curriculum)
  28. 28. Girls In Science Lectures: Fall 2007 A series of lecture workshops designed to provide encouragement for young girls in the Hampton Roads area who show an interest in and aptitude for science and to demonstrate to them the viability of an exciting career in science or engineering The workshops are scheduled for Anderson Hall (Room 101 of the Administration Building) Christopher Newport University Saturdays from 10 am to 12 noon Open to female students and educators in the area. This Program is sponsored by The Rotary Club of Oyster Point supported by
  29. 29. JOIN LEADERS, EXCHANGE IDEAS, TAKE ACTION Strategy 3 Books for Babies
  30. 30. A preemptive strike Books for Babies What early reading by adults can do develops a stronger bond between the reader and the child. improve a child’s ability to communicate and think clearly, and understand the notion of a book, how to read and engender a love of reading and learning.
  31. 31. Rotary International is a key partner globally supporting 300 Dolly Parton Imagination Library communities in the US, Canada and the US and currently 3 in Australia. United Way Australia bought the Dolly Parton Imagination Library to Australia.
  32. 32. United Way Australia has Imagination Library in 11 communities. Among them in Victoria are (from District 9810) Rotary Clubs of Healesville Rotary Club of Noble Park District 9675 is working to bring the program to Warrawong and Cringila (NSW). The Rotary Club of Mareeba (Qld) is looking to come on board. Currently in Australia …
  33. 33. United Way Australia has a stall at this convention with staff and volunteers on hand to provide information kits!
  34. 34. Thinking and Learning in Concert Thank you Feel free to contact us