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Global Grants 101


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Global grants support large international activities with
sustainable, measurable outcomes in Rotary’s areas of focus.
If you haven’t participated in a global grant project, this
session is for you. You’ll learn the basics of global grants and
understand how to get started.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Global Grants 101

  1. 1. Global Grants 101 RI Convention 2017 Breakout Session 12 June 2017
  2. 2. Moderator
  3. 3. Panelists
  4. 4. • Become familiar with global grants • Understand the differences between global grants and district grants • Know how to start planning for a global grant Learning objectives
  5. 5. What are global grants?
  6. 6. • Large, long-term projects • Sustainable, measurable outcomes • Alignment with areas of focus • International partnership • $30,000 minimum budget • World Fund match Global grants
  7. 7. • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution • Disease prevention and treatment • Water and sanitation • Maternal and child health • Basic education and literacy • Economic and community development Areas of focus
  8. 8. Sustainability means different things to different organizations. For Rotary, sustainability means providing long-term solutions to community needs that the beneficiaries can maintain after grant funding ends. Sustainability
  9. 9. Step #1
  10. 10. Step #2
  11. 11. Step #3
  12. 12. Step #4
  13. 13. Step #5
  14. 14. Step #6
  15. 15. Humanitarian projects
  16. 16. Scholarships
  17. 17. Vocational Training Teams
  18. 18. What are district grants?
  19. 19. • Small-scale, short-term • Local or international activities • Aligned with the Foundation’s mission • Single grant awarded annually District grants
  20. 20. Global grant vs. district grant Global grant District grant Cost $30,000 min. No max. or min. Funding World Fund, DDF, cash DDF Application Online Managed by district Area of focus Project aligns with area(s) of focus No area of focus requirement Partnership Host and international partnership No partnership required Sustainability Required Not required Measurability Required Not required Scholarships Graduate and post-graduate No study level requirement
  21. 21. Global grant or district grant? Clubs in the U.S. and Mali sponsored a project to provide treated bed nets, physician services, health worker training, and medication to prevent and treat malaria. A team of 18 local women were trained as community health workers to diagnose and treat early cases of malaria in the home, before the disease progresses to the deadly stage. During the first three months, the project made more than 3,000 patient visits. Throughout the project, community health workers conducted over 12,500 visits to residents’ homes, resulting in the treatment of 900 children. The project budget is $80,000.
  22. 22. Global grant or district grant? A district in Italy has decided to offer a scholarship to a local graduating high school student to support his/her undergraduate university studies. The district has not placed any restrictions on the field of study. The scholarship amount is $20,000.
  23. 23. Global grant or district grant? Clubs in South Africa and Canada support vocational training teams focused on the challenges of teaching young children in rural villages in South Africa and urban communities in Canada. Educators from both countries visited each other’s schools and shared best practices in areas of preschool curriculum, facilities, and community support. Local educators trained parents in home support strategies. One project outcome is a new system for online teacher training. The project budget is $75,000.
  24. 24. Global grant or district grant? A district in the U.S. is supporting a project to provide dictionaries to local elementary school children. The project committee will work with local educators to determine which schools will receive the dictionaries. The sponsoring Rotarians will help distribute the dictionaries to the children. The project budget is $4,000.
  25. 25. How do I get started?
  26. 26. Learn more about global grants
  27. 27. Get to know your community
  28. 28. Get qualified
  29. 29. Find a partner
  30. 30. Questions?
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