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Expanding YEX Into Africa


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A panel discussion to examining the challenges, share experiences, and make recommendations to help expand YEX into Africa and other developing countries. Facilitators: Serdar Kelahmet, Vicki Dilley, Sue Goldsen, and Grace Okaro

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Expanding YEX Into Africa

  1. 1. 2018 YEO Preconvention Expanding YEX into Africa & Partnering with Developing Countries
  2. 2. 2018 YEO Preconvention Serdar Kelahmet, President of EEMA 2016-20 Sue Goldsen, Central States Rotary Youth Exchange Vicki Dilley, Northstar Rotary Youth Exchange Grace Okaro, District Chair D-9142
  3. 3. 2018 YEO Preconvention
  4. 4. 2018 YEO Preconvention TYPES OF YOUTH EXCHANGES • Long-term Exchange. • Short-term Exchange. • New Generations Exchange. Only certified countries can take part on Rotary Youth Exchange Programs
  5. 5. 2018 YEO Preconvention Last year 8747 exchange students unlock their true potential to: Become a global citizen.
  6. 6. 2018 YEO Preconvention We need a peaceful world and we can do that with our young ambassadors.
  7. 7. 2018 YEO Preconvention “If all 17-year-olds had a chance to be a Rotary Youth Exchange Student, there would be no more war.” Carl Wilhelm Stenhammar, president of Rotary International, 2005-06 “Someone should start the peace, as someone initiated the war” Stefan Zweig
  8. 8. 2018 YEO Preconvention PURPOSE OF DISCUSSION • To identify challenges militating against participation of African Districts in Youth Exchange • To find ways of making African Districts participate more in Youth Exchange • To identify problems disrupting Youth Exchange partnerships between the developed and developing countries. • To proffer solutions for the expansion of Youth Exchange into Africa & increased partnership between developed and developing countries • To make appropriate recommendations to all stakeholders
  9. 9. 2018 YEO Preconvention CERTIFICATION Sue Goldsen
  10. 10. 2018 YEO Preconvention •Mandated by Rotary International •Protects Students, Rotarians and Rotary International. CERTIFICATION WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?
  11. 11. 2018 YEO Preconvention •How do we get students from other countries to want to go on Africa exchange? •One way exchanges are a challenge • Resources in Africa CHALLENGES WITH AFRICA EXCHANGES
  12. 12. 2018 YEO Preconvention Expanding YEX into Africa & Partnering with Developing Countries Vicki Dilley from North Star
  13. 13. 2018 YEO Preconvention Some ideas of what can be done… Come dream with us…
  14. 14. 2018 YEO Preconvention • Extra funds to apply to a new idea • Desire to broaden and deepen our exchange experiences. • Support people who worked with the target population (15-19 year olds). • District Partners available to work with ………Why not…let’s give it a try! Time and place come together…
  15. 15. 2018 YEO Preconvention • Language • Transportation • Running water • Warm and cold (MN can be very cold!) • Life style • So much more, still….. Wanzita’s life Different in so many ways from life in Minnesota
  16. 16. 2018 YEO Preconvention
  17. 17. 2018 YEO Preconvention
  18. 18. 2018 YEO Preconvention Owego, New York!!! Meet Paulina…. …….going to…
  19. 19. 2018 YEO Preconvention Paulina… 2018-19 Outbound
  20. 20. 2018 YEO Preconvention Neema met us in Tanzania and recently sent me a note and photos…she is very interested in RYE, are you ready for a scholarship student? “I am very much motivated with your program of exchange and I am so much inspired, I could wish if there is opportunity for me to be part of that program. Please advise me how to go about it.” If you are interested in hosting a Full Scholarship student Please speak to me after this session…..
  21. 21. 2018 YEO Preconvention The African Perspective Grace Okaro
  22. 22. 2018 YEO Preconvention • D9010 (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia) • D9110 (Nigeria) • D9125 (Nigeria) • D9211 (Uganda, Tanzania) • D9212 (Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan) • D9220 (Comoro Islands, Djibouti, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles one-way, Réunion and Mayotte two-way) ONE-WAY (OUTBOUND ONLY
  23. 23. 2018 YEO Preconvention •D9141 (Nigeria, provisional) •D9142 (Nigeria, provisional) •D9210 (Zimbabwe) •South African districts 9350, 9370, 9400, TWO-WAY
  24. 24. 2018 YEO Preconvention NO-WAY NOT CERTIFIED TO EXCHANGE • D9010 (Mauritania) • D9101 (Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote D’Ivoire, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone) • D9102 (Benin, Ghana, Niger, Togo) • D9150 (Burundi; Cameroun; Central African Republic; Chad; D.R. of Congo; Equatorial Guinea; Gabon; Rep. of Congo; Rwanda; Sao Tome & Principe)
  25. 25. 2018 YEO Preconvention CHALLENGES TO AFRICAN PARTICIPATION IN YOUTH EXCHANGE • Partial Certification by RI • Security/Safety Conditions of Partnering Districts • Lack of Confidence in a Partner District • Ignorance of Youth Exchange Officers • Lack of interested Youth Exchange Participants • Uninformed Club Officers, Sponsors & Hosts • Unavailability of Hosts • Language Barriers • Immigration Problems • Fear of the Unknown • Lack of funding/subsidy • Discrimination
  26. 26. 2018 YEO Preconvention SOLUTIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS • D9141 (Nigeria, provisional) • D9142 (Nigeria, provisional) • D9210 (Zimbabwe) • South African districts 9350, 9370, 9400, • D9142 (Nigeria, provisional) • D9210 (Zimbabwe) • South African distr • Encourage full Certification of Districts by RI • Limit hosting to secure & safe environments • Open mindedness of Youth Exchange Officers • Regular participation of Youth Exchange Officers in Preconvention & Regional Conferences • Proactive & widely informed Youth Exchange Officers • Proper orientation of club officers, sponsors & hosts • Good orientation for potential participants • Placing Youth Exchange in the priority list and making adequate provision for it in the districts’ budgets • RI should find a way of popularising Youth Exchange globally to reduce Immigration problems.
  27. 27. 2018 YEO Preconvention • Employ the use of RI Directory for Youth Exchange Officers to establish contacts • Provide relevant information about your country and district • Create access to information about Youth Exchange in your area • Provide souvenirs that showcase your country and culture • Participate in Youth Exchange Exhibition Displays • Be identified with your countries colours or culture • Speak about your country to colleagues • Showcase your successful exchange programmes
  28. 28. 2018 YEO Preconvention QUESTIONS
  29. 29. 2018 YEO Preconvention ABIJ 2017 Sao Luıs