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Establishing & Maintaining a Successful Paul Harris Society


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Director-elect Greg Podd and an international group of
panelists are here to discuss what the Paul Harris Society
is and what has changed since it became an official
Foundation recognition program 1 July 2013. Join us as
we discuss what the Paul Harris Society is and how to
start and enhance your district’s society, as well as shared
best practices from around the world. Questions and
answers welcome!

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Establishing & Maintaining a Successful Paul Harris Society

  1. 1. 2014 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION Establishing and Maintaining a Successful Paul Harris Society
  2. 2. When and where was the Paul Harris Society started? PAUL HARRIS SOCIETY BACKGROUND
  3. 3. THE ROTARY NETWORK AND THE PAUL HARRIS SOCIETY Expanded quickly to districts throughout the world
  4. 4. The Rotary Foundation Trustees adopted the Paul Harris Society as an official program 1 1 July 2013. WHAT CHANGED?
  5. 5. WHAT IS THE PAUL HARRIS SOCIETY (PHS)  Annual Fund  PolioPlus  Approved Foundation grants US$1,000 every year
  6. 6. • A “Paul Harris Fellow” has made cumulative contributions of US$1,000 or has been honored with a contribution of US$1,000 in his or her name (Recognition Points). • A “Paul Harris Society member” commits to contribute at least US$1,000 outright to the Foundation each year. THE DIFFERENCES IN RECOGNITION PROGRAMS
  7. 7. • About 28,000 donors contribute US$1000 or more to the Annual Fund. • Fewer than 3% of Rotarians give at the PHS level. • They contribute about 35% of all Annual Fund giving. PHS FUN FACTS
  8. 8. • Notify your district leaders • Fill out PHS Brochure (099) and send to the Foundation • Sign up to contribute through Rotary Direct • Contact Rotary Staff HOW DO YOU JOIN THE PAUL HARRIS SOCIETY?
  9. 9. ROTARY DIRECT Recurring giving  Choose your designation  Set amount & frequency  Monthly  Quarterly  Annually  Enroll online:
  10. 10. • Get commitment from District leadership • Organize team of PHS promoters • Schedule a charter event STARTING A PAUL HARRIS SOCIETY
  11. 11. • Promote PHS – At District events – At clubs by Assistant Governors – On website • Thank PHS members • Remind PHS members of their annual commitment KEEPING YOUR PHS GOING
  12. 12. • “Buying an Honor?” – Overcoming this concern • How is giving to our Foundation different from giving to any other charity? • Focus on joy of giving PUSHBACK AND OBJECTIONS
  13. 13. • Appoint a PHS Coordinator – Promotion – Administration – Education – Point person – Subject Matter Expert – to promote and administer the Paul Harris Society • Some regions have a Zone PHS “Champion” to assist WHAT IS A PAUL HARRIS SOCIETY COORDINATOR?
  14. 14. • In Zones 21 and 27 new PHS member contributions were matched beginning 1 July 2013 • Zone, district and club competitions • Inclusion in thank you events • Other best practices out there? BEST PRACTICES FROM AROUND THE WORLD
  15. 15. THE IMPACT OF YOUR ROTARY FOUNDATION CONTRIBUTION The impact of your Rotary Foundation contribution: • Training for teachers • Providing clean water • Scholarships • Preventing Malaria • Peace Studies • Ending Polio
  16. 16. • Contact your District PHS Coordinator • Zone Leaders • • Rotary Staff • Email: RESOURCES & THANK YOU!