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Engaging the New Generation of Rotary


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How can you connect your club to younger people? That's the question on many Rotarians' minds. Fortunately, we can share many strategies. Perhaps you have asked a younger person to become a member or simply to join a service project. What did you learn? Come to this session to exchange ideas about how to engage the next generation of Rotarians.

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Engaging the New Generation of Rotary

  1. 1. Engaging the New Generation of Rotary Tuesday, June 25, 2018 | Metro Toronto Convention Centre - South Building #102 Takvir Shah Md | Shakawat Hossain Mamun | Weiting Xu
  2. 2. Rotaractor & Rotarian Takvir Shah Md District Rotaract Representative (2015-16) Rotary Club of Dhaka North West Rotaract Club of Mahanagar North West District 3281 (Bangladesh) Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  3. 3. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 1 2 3 What Rotary Youth Programs are there? What is deterring youth from joining Rotary? How can we engage youth in the Rotary family? AGENDA
  4. 4. Rotarian Mamun Shakawat Hossain President-Elect (2018-19) Rotary Club of Dhaka Midtown District 3281 (Bangladesh) Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  5. 5. Rotaractor Weiting Xu District Rotaract Representative (2014-15) District 7070 Rotaract e-Club District 7070 (Toronto) Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  6. 6. PLEASE, RAISE YOUR HAND. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  7. 7. KEEP HAND RAISED IF: UNDER 40. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  8. 8. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 KEEP HAND RAISED IF: UNDER 35.
  9. 9. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 KEEP HAND RAISED IF: UNDER 30.
  10. 10. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 KEEP HAND RAISED IF: UNDER 25.
  11. 11. WHAT ARE SOME ROTARY YOUTH PROGRAMS? Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  12. 12. 15 - 18 years young Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  13. 13. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 14 - 30 years young
  14. 14. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 12 - 18 years young
  15. 15. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 18 - 30 years young
  16. 16. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 Youth up to 30 New Generations Service Exchange
  17. 17. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 Rotaract Alumni Participants Those who graduated from Rotary Youth Programs Volunteers Those who have given their time as a volunteer Speakers or partner Those who have joined as a speaker or as a partner
  18. 18. Only 5% of Rotary is from New Generations.
  19. 19. Over 1,000 Rotaractors become an alumni every single year.
  20. 20. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 Only 10% of Rotarians are under 40.
  21. 21. WHY IS IT HAPPENING? Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  22. 22. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  23. 23. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  24. 24. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  25. 25. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  26. 26. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 Age Gap. Social status with “senior” members. Financial commitments. Upcoming career promotions and time commitments. Lack of motivation by the some Rotary Clubs. Not interested traditional Rotary programs, not fun to the younger generations. Issues important to young people differ: climate change, unemployment, corruption, crime. Difference of interest. Clubs are male dominated. Too many formalities & protocol. WHAT’S DETERRING YOUNG PEOPLE? Too many competing activities: social media, video games, socials.
  27. 27. Youth programs help extend the family of Rotary. Working with youth instills Rotary’s value in the future generations to come.
  28. 28. WHERE CAN WE START? Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  29. 29. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 1 2 3 Does our club create a welcoming environment for the New Generations? Does our service projects really motivate the New Generations to engage? Do we offer leadership positions to the New Generations? THINK FOR A MOMENT:
  30. 30. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 Go for tea! Have a phone call! Meet on the web! CONDUCT A “1-ON-1” TO GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER!
  31. 31. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 What is going well? What isn’t going so well? What action can we take together to improve? CONDUCT A “RETROSPECTIVE” TO OPEN THE DIALOGUE!
  32. 32. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 INVITE YOUTH TO “PROJECT MANAGE” INITIATIVES TOGETHER! Enable youth to pick positions on committees. Form a buddy program where youth can shadow Rotarians. Invite youth to be on the board.
  33. 33. THOUGHTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. IN 12 HOURS. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18
  34. 34. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 Guinness World Record attempt! Encourage youth by giving knowledge about Rotary & Rotaract in the schools and communities. Through social apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook and instagram. Clubs with women are soooo much more attractive. Invite youth to share their stories at meetings. Invite each other to participate in projects. Do more hands on activities! Don't be arrogant or boastful. FREE FOOD. Programs that attract youth are really appreciated. Meeting times. Lunch meetings are not realistic for us young people. How can Rotary Clubs and/or Rotarians better engage youth? Provide opportunities for internships.
  35. 35. Rotaractors and Rotarians at the Rotaract photo booth in Atlanta 2017.
  36. 36. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 How can Rotary Clubs and/or Rotarians better engage youth? Give more opportunities for service; both locally and globally. Clubs must be open and willing to make changes necessary to attract younger members such as through social media, marketing, and advertising efforts. Opportunities to acquire professional, & leadership skills. Give more opportunities to build international understanding and respect for the rights of others. Opportunities for service, locally and globally. Maintaining and upholding ethical standards. Building relationships before asking prospective members to join. Invite non-Rotarians (including Rotaractors, Interactors, and Rotary Alumni), family, and friends to participate in club events to maximize impact and expand community awareness. Attend the Rotaract Pre-Convention. Rotarians who may be unfamiliar with Rotaract should be challenged to take a "leap-of-faith" and suspend judgement to see what their Rotaract Club is capable of.
  37. 37. Rotaract Club of University o Findlay, Ohio, USA International service trip with the Rotary Club of Guatemala Metropoli in 2010.
  38. 38. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 Treat Rotaractors as their partner. Do joint programs, meetings, or projects with them. Conduct team sports events like volleyball, cricket and football (not just golf). Rotarians need to come and engage with youth. Youth summits specifically designed for the Rotaractors. Provide resources regarding mental health, family, etc. Participating in Rotaract programs and encouraging free Rotary membership. Encourage their kids to join Rotaract and Interact. Arrange different career guidance seminars and workshops. By sitting & spending fruitful time with them. Maintain a good relationships with the Rotaract/Interact Clubs they sponsor. How can Rotary Clubs and/or Rotarians better engage youth? Develop onboarding/training for youth. Support RYLA, fellowship, club avenue events. Develop Rotaract branding in Rotary club’s constitution.
  39. 39. Rotaractors and Rotarians at the Rotaract photo booth in Atlanta 2017.
  40. 40. To provide full support and encouragement for students to develop the society. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 A younger person is more likely to engage in an activity that another younger person suggests. Rotary Clubs should conduct a 360-degree feedback amongst themselves to better understand the goals and objectives of engaging youth. District and zone level Rotaract teams should be formed by Rotary International to manage or encourage Rotaract at the root. It can be done by finding things that can make them feel proud! Like tree planting and naming the tree. How can Rotary Clubs and/or Rotarians can better engage youth? Sponsoring Clubs must treat their Rotaractors with the same respect they treat with their Rotarians at their home Club. More casual social events would be nice so that all age groups involved with rotary can connect and share thoughts. Rotary has to extend financial support to Rotaract. At our club, every year we hold a meet and greet for new students.
  41. 41. Rotaractors and Interactors at the Rotaract Pre-Convention in Toronto 2018.
  42. 42. Our challenge to Rotarians: By the end of the convention, find a youth who you’ve never met and ask: “What can Rotarians, like me, do to engage you more in Rotary?”
  43. 43. The future is now. Rotaractors are PRESENT ROTARIANS.
  44. 44. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 Rotaractor & Rotarian Takvir Shah Md Rotarian Mamun Shakawat Hossain Rotaractor Weiting Xu Please give us feedback on the Rotary Events mobile app! Tuesday, June 26, 2018 | 3:30 - 4:30PM EST “Engaging the New Generation of Rotary”
  45. 45. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 APPENDIX A: Additional Resources
  46. 46. Rotary International Convention | #Rotary18 Icon Credits are from Noun Project Credits to: Jakob Vogel Pham Thi Dieu Linh B farias Dinosoft Labs Marek Polakovic APPENDIX B: Credits