Effective Projects: Internationally and Locally


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Presentation given by Doris Grimm and Alvaro Ortega Noel with special guest speakers from the 2012 Outstanding Project Award Winners. Presentation given at the 2013 Rotaract Preconvention in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Effective Projects: Internationally and Locally

  1. 1. Rotaract Pre-Convention Lisbon, Portugal Rotaract Pre-Convention 2013, Lisbon Effective Projects: Internationally and Locally Alvaro Ortega Noel - RAC Panamá, D4240 & Doris Grimm - RAC Mannheim, D1860
  2. 2. Who are we? Alvaro Ortega Noel - Rotary International Rotaract Committee 07-08 - Rotaract Club of Panamá Past President - Leader of Outstanding Project Award Winner Project: Self Sustainable Farms Doris Grimm - E.R.I.C. Vice President 2012 - 2014 - Since 2 Years Judge in the Best European Social Project - Experience with international and local projects Rotaract Pre-Convention Lisbon, Portugal
  3. 3. EUROPEAN ROTARACT INFORMATION CENTRE www.rotaracteurope.org What will you learn today? How you come up with a project idea How to manage your project effectively How to survive pitfalls Rotaract Pre-Convention Lisbon, Portugal
  4. 4. Pre- Phase of a Project How do I get an idea for my club? How do I get the right people for the project? How much time will this social project take? Where and how should I promote my project? What funds do I need to start my project? How to get the funds? Rotaract Pre-Convention Lisbon, Portugal
  5. 5. Executing your project Where do people interested and involved get information from? How will communication work during the project? How do I make sure my team members are doing what they need to do? What is the appropriate progress reporting/ feedback? How do I make sure everyone is having fun during the project? What are the pitfalls in an international project? Rotaract Pre-Convention Lisbon, Portugal
  6. 6. Post-Phase of a Project When is my project finished? How do I make sure that everyone involved in the project really gets out of it what they wanted? How do I make sure ideas and lessons we learned during the project are surviving in our club? Where do I put documentation for the project? Rotaract Pre-Convention Lisbon, Portugal
  7. 7. Priorities Make a list of priorities and action plans to confirm that the team (club members) are focused on what is really important. Time Check appropriate key dates to keep clear view of the objectives in mind. Risk The anticipation and planning against improvisation, in order to monitor the risks. It also allows us to report on strategies and possible areas of improvement Budget Control The budget control let us know whether we are above or below budget and in consequence make projected change orders. Rotaract Pre-Convention Lisbon, Portugal Best Practices: Before, during and after project
  8. 8. Lessons learned Leave knowledge acquired during the project for future reference. Closure Finish the project by an act of closure. "The project isn’t over until it's over.“ Acknowledgements Recognize all participants for their contribution to the completion of the project. Rotaract Pre-Convention Lisbon, Portugal Best Practices: Before, during and after project
  9. 9. Your Task - 30 Minutes Get together in three groups − Pre-phase − Execution Phase − Post-phase Think of a project of your own where something went wrong in the above mentioned phase Discuss what would be a best practice to get out of such a pitfall & how to avoid something like this Write down your findings - You will have 5 minutes to present your results in the end Rotaract Pre-Convention Lisbon, Portugal
  10. 10. Summary XXX XXX XXX (to be filled in after presentation of the Group work outcomes) Rotaract Pre-Convention Lisbon, Portugal
  11. 11. Questions or remarks? Alvaro Ortega Noel Doris Grimm alvaro.ortega@gmail.com doris.grimm@rotaract.de Many thanks for your attention! Rotaract Pre-Convention Lisbon, Portugal