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Early Returns


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The early returns have always sparked a number of concerns. First, we need to reflect on what we are doing in the program: Have we trained our students and our team well to participate in a multicultural process? Have we selected our students well? Have we offered support to young people? Have we used the social media (Skype, WhatsApp, HangOut and others) to reduce impacts caused by the program or have we used it in a powerful and negative way with our young people? And about counselors and host families? The importance to have psychologist to follow some cases. Examples for sharing and increase more our thoughts and concepts about early returns.

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Early Returns

  1. 1. 2018 YEO Preconvention
  2. 2. 2018 YEO Preconvention EARLY RETURN
  3. 3. 2018 YEO Preconvention Wonder why you didn´t hear about an issue until it became a problem? Maybe the student thinks they will be in trouble if they say something. Do Rotarians unwittingly close communication channels? Can we act and speak differently so that student will feel safe reaching to us BEFORE an issue becomes a problem? How to avoid EARLY RETURN? Proposals
  4. 4. 2018 YEO Preconvention •Talking •Listening •Observing •Silence •Empathy Five Essentials to Open Communication
  5. 5. 2018 YEO Preconvention not speaking or eating local foods spoke: “I want to go home” a hunger strike translator program bodylanguage be HAPPY and be confortable speak native country language support by counselor / friend own wish seemed more agitated talk to me alone hadnotwantedtogoonexchange behonest wanting to stay in bed as much as possible sleep and cry more than just homesick depression really needed to go home COMMUNICATION SUCESS at Youth Exchange Program bullying cultural shock patience love understanding be confident support by psychologist
  6. 6. 2018 YEO Preconvention RI EARLY RETURN FORM
  7. 7. 2018 YEO Preconvention
  8. 8. 2018 YEO Preconvention
  10. 10. 2018 YEO Preconvention Remind Policies Prior to Early Return ORAL WARNING WRITTEN WARNING YELLOW CARD RED CARD
  11. 11. 2018 YEO Preconvention NEEDED ACTIONS
  12. 12. 2018 YEO Preconvention Needed Actions Chat groups Videoconference Formal communication Personal meetings
  13. 13. 2018 YEO Preconvention DIVERSITIES
  14. 14. 2018 YEO Preconvention
  15. 15. 2018 YEO Preconvention
  16. 16. 2018 YEO Preconvention
  17. 17. 2018 YEO Preconvention Jany Hatanaka RYE Chairperson District 4430 – Brazil José Henrique Rodrigues RYE Co-Chairman District 4770 – Brazil
  18. 18. 2018 YEO Preconvention THANK YOU