Developing an Effective PR Plan for your Region


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  • Welcome everybodyThanks for joining us this afternoon.I am sure we will receive a lot of excellent ideas from our panel as we learn about the importance of Developing an Effective Public Relations Plan in your community.
  • I have the pleasure of moderating this session. My name is Howard Tong – I was District Governor in District 9940 in 2010/11. I am currently serving my second year as the Public Image Coordinator for Zone 7b which includes New Zeland and 10 Pacific Island countries. I have a professional background in Information Technology and have enjoyed many pastimes that highlight the need for effective communication. I have been a Rotarian since 1989 and enjoy membership at a breakfast Club in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington.
  • Today we will focus on the effective planning for public image activity.We will touch on the effective use of social media, traditional media methods as well as how we can use partnerships to increase our profile.
  • Now let me introduce our panellists.Stewart Gilbert (from England)Shirley Downie (from South Africa)Joe Otin (from Kenya)Jane Lawicki (from RI Headquarters in the USA)Please keep any questions you may have till the end of the panellists’ presentations when there will be opportunity to come to the mic and have those questions answered by the panel.We all know enhancing the public image and awareness of our activities is a vital element of our strategic plan.We all are aware that we must effectively promote the wonderful work we do in our communities.We also know that many of those in our communities know we exist but are not fully aware of what we do.So how can we plan to increase the effectiveness of our promotional activity?I am sure we all appreciate the importance of having a defined plan to promote the work of Rotary in our community?
  • In my country New Zealand we have found a huge benefit in the 6 Districts working together, jointly developing a media plan and using the Public Image grants provided by Rotary International to stage our national media campaign.This has allowed us to work closely with the various media channels to get an excellent return for our investment.
  • For example, in our most recent campaign we have focussed on one message – that involvement in Rotary provides leaders in the community the ideal way to make a huge impact for good.The one plan has seen this message of ‘leadership’ on billboards, featured on radio ads, shown on national television as well as being in online ads and on full page ads in national magazines. This has given real impact in conveying one consistent message. We have invited the public to join their local Rotary Club. A spike in the number of calls to our 0800 call line enquiring about membership has endorsed that this has been the right approach.
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  • Anyway – enough from me – it’s time to listen to the first of our panellists.
  • Responsibilities
  • Tim Berners-LeeFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchTimothy Berners-Lee Born 8 June 1955 (1955-06-08) (age 54)[1]London, England[1] Residence Massachusetts, USA[1] Nationality British Education The Queen's College, Oxford Occupation Computer Scientist Employer World Wide Web Consortium and University of Southampton Known for Inventing the World Wide Web Title Professor Religious beliefs Unitarian UniversalismWebsiteTim Berners-LeeNotesHolder of the 3Com Founders Chair at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence LaboratorySir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee, OM, KBE, FRS, FREng, FRSA (born 8 June 1955[1]), is a British engineer and computer scientist and MIT professor credited with inventing the World Wide Web, making the first proposal for it in March 1989. On 25 December 1990, with the help of Robert Cailliau and a young student staff at CERN, he implemented the first successful communication between an HTTP client and server via the Internet. However, the general ideas for the Internet were outlined, also the technological aspect, earlier than Berner-Lee's technological proposal. In 1999, Time Magazine named Berners-Lee one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century.[2] In 2007, he was ranked Joint First, alongside Albert Hofmann, in The Telegraph's list of 100 greatest living geniuses.[3] Berners-Lee is the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which oversees the Web's continued development. He is also the founder of the World Wide Web Foundation, and is a senior researcher and holder of the 3ComFounders Chair at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).[4] He is a director of The Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI),[5] and a member of the advisory board of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence.[6][7] In April 2009, he was elected as a member of the United States National Academy of Sciences, based in Washington, D.C. [8]
  • Rotary’s Media Center allows Rotarians, members of the media and vendors to easily preview and download Rotary creative content.Here they can download b-roll video, high resolution images along with Advertisements/PSAs including: broadcast Quality video, Print, Billboard, Radio, and Internet PSAs.3 animation images on this slide
  • Here is a collection of sample ads you can use in your region of the world. As you can see all of these ads can be modified and sizes to best suit each of your needs.
  • 5 clicks of animation: Here are some examples from around the world how clubs and districts have placed Rotary Ads in their community. As you can see there are plenty of creative ways to place Rotary messages including outdoor, on transit, in airports, as well as on sides of trucks.
  • All four of these publications are currently being revised and will be available in the coming months. Please make sure to keep an eye out for these materials.
  • I want to also highlight one of Rotary’s new tools, Through this website,We want to Educate and activate the general public and Rotarians to advocate and donate (CLICK)For Polio eradication.
  • Through Rotary, We are doing the following to engage our audiences:We are creating compelling content to tell the story including videos, infographics and social media channels around our EPN campaign. We want to tap into Rotary’s global network of 1.2 million members. We want to utilize digital communication channels to spread the word to external audiences.
  • Ok – so we have heard from the experiences of our panellists and I am sure there are questions that you want to ask. Can I ask you to use the mic in the centre isle and remember to speak slowly and clearly and to introduce yourself by stating your name, saying where you are from and who on the panel you are directing your question to.OK let’s get started.
  • Developing an Effective PR Plan for your Region

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    3. 3. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDeveloping an Effective PR Plan For Your Region
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    15. 15. 2013 RI CONVENTIONA5 Targeted Door drop
    16. 16. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDoor drop Results• Increase in membership enquiries in the week of the door dropdistribution (peak on 19th/20th Oct when door drops hit)• Direct responses (enquiries) lower than average response of 1- 2%but most leaflets usually have incentive, voucher or money off for thispercentage of response.
    17. 17. 2013 RI CONVENTIONMembership Inquiries Comparison„We‟re For Communities” Campaign began on 15th June with PPCadvertising. Activity at its highest in Sept/Oct.
    18. 18. 2013 RI CONVENTION
    19. 19. 2013 RI CONVENTIONMeasurable outcomes
    20. 20. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDeveloping an Effective PR Plan For Your RegionShirley Downie, PDG D9400• Public Relations Consultant• Rotary Public Image Coordinator(South Africa)• Rotary Club of Morningside(South Africa)
    21. 21. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDeveloping an Effective PR Plan For Your RegionForm alocaldistrictcommitteeInvite PRSpecialiststo assistclubs inregionsOnespecialistlookingafter 4-5clubsMeet bi-annuallyDevelopa reporttemplate
    22. 22. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDeveloping an Effective PR Plan For Your RegionAdviseTrainCommunicateStrategise
    23. 23. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDeveloping an Effective PR Plan For Your RegionPlanGoalsettingMeasuresActionplanQuarterly& Year-endreportsKeyrelationshipsBudget
    24. 24. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDeveloping an Effective PR Plan For Your Region• Television– Talk shows– Advertisements• Radio– Interviews– Advertisements• Print– Build relationships with journalists– Present a merit awardMedia coverage $US 32mMedia
    25. 25. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDeveloping an Effective PR Plan For Your Region• Research core values and CSI focus• Establish proposal criteria• Showcase Rotary Projects• Showcase Rotary• Display their rewards
    26. 26. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDeveloping an Effective PR Plan For Your RegionCommunications• Email• Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Blogs• General PR Tips• Media strategic plan templates• Media lists: TV/Radio and Print• Fundraising proposal templates
    27. 27. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDeveloping an Effective PR Plan For Your Region
    28. 28. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDeveloping an Effective PR Plan For Your RegionJoe Otin• Social Media/ New Media Consultant• Rotary Public Image Coordinator RPIC(East Africa)• Member, RI Communication Committee• Rotary Club of Nairobi-East (Kenya)• @joe.otin
    29. 29. 2013 RI CONVENTIONRotary Club of Nairobi East Facebook page
    30. 30. 2013 RI CONVENTIONRotary Club of Nairobi East Facebook page
    31. 31. 2013 RI CONVENTIONRotary Club of Nairobi East Facebook page
    32. 32. 2013 RI CONVENTION• Reaching members and potential members with relevantmessages/content• A record of our activities – telling the Rotary story• Build awareness – telling the world who we are and whatwe do• Site where journalists can review live content fromRotarians• Our updated content is attracting new audiences –including 3 new members recruited from Facebook!Facebook Benefits
    33. 33. 2013 RI CONVENTIONWorld Polio Day in Africa
    34. 34. 2013 RI CONVENTION• Gamification• Change avatar to polio ambassador• 14,000 people shared pasted avartars• 3.5 million people with opportunity to viewWorld Polio Day in Africa
    35. 35. 2013 RI CONVENTIONInternet users as a percentage of the population
    36. 36. 2013 RI CONVENTION“The original idea of the web was that it should be acollaborative space where you cancommunicate through sharing information.”Tim Berners-Lee
    37. 37. 2013 RI CONVENTIONIt’s about building relationships
    38. 38. 2013 RI CONVENTIONWe are moving a lot more to consumer engagement asopposed to simply television advertising .Whether you like it or not, consumers are in a way playing abig role in content management.Joseph V. Tripodi, Coca-ColaChief Marketing & Commercial Officer
    39. 39. 2013 RI CONVENTIONand today, I’d say…our home page isn’t, it
    40. 40. 2013 RI CONVENTIONFacebook RelationshipsTwitter BroadcastFlickr Photo sharingContent is king!Social media platformsYouTube Video sharingBlogs Multimedia
    41. 41. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDeveloping an Effective PR Plan For Your RegionJane Lawicki• Manager, Public and External Relations,Rotary International• Public Relations and Journalism
    42. 42. 2013 RI CONVENTIONRotary‟s Media Center (
    43. 43. 2013 RI CONVENTIONDigital Assets for Download
    44. 44. 2013 RI CONVENTIONAd Placements
    45. 45. 2013 RI CONVENTIONNew Versions Coming Soon!(Training Materials)(Promotional Materials)
    46. 46. 2013 RI
    47. 47. 2013 RI
    48. 48. 2013 RI CONVENTIONGet us overthe finish
    49. 49. 2013 RI CONVENTIONOpen Forum: Q & A with the panelists