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YEO 2012_Databases and Youth Exchange Administration


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Presentation by Rotarian Vikram Sanghani from the 2012 Youth Exchange Officers Preconvention Meeting, 4-5 May in Bangkok, Thailand.

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YEO 2012_Databases and Youth Exchange Administration

  1. 1. RI Bangkok YEO Pre-Convention Meet Workshop SessionDatabases and YEX Administration Workshop Coordinated By Vikram Sanghani Member, RI Youth Exchange Committee (2011-14)
  2. 2. Need for DatabasesImproves documentationEnsures objective complianceDocuments subjective complianceReduces paperworkElectronic flow of informationLegal safe havenCost reductionQuality improvementStandardizationCentralized information warehouse
  3. 3. Session PlanPresentation Topic Time in MinutesIntroduction by Vikram Sanghani D. 3060 03:00Presentation by Friedrich Neddermeier D. 1850 10:00Presentation by Niels Oehlenshlaeger D.1470 10:00Presentation by Al Kalter D. 6970 10:00Workshop Mode:Identification of New System Features 10:00Discussion: Global Integration – Need & Challenges 10:00Conclusion by Vikram Sanghani 06:00Total 59:00
  4. 4. New System FeaturesMore User CategoriesMore Forms and Documents to be CoveredOnline ValidationDashboard and ReportingInter District CommunicationGeo Spread
  5. 5. System UsersSystem Users with Secure LoginProspective Student, Accepted StudentSponsor Club, Sponsor DistrictDestination Club, Destination DistrictRotary InternationalSystem Invitees through Email and Temporary LoginDoctor for medical reference in origin countrySchool for reference in origin countryParents for consentSchool for admission in destination countryDiscussion PointsList other usersList rights of each userList reports required by each userList administrative duties
  6. 6. New System Features - DocumentsOnline Application Forms for StudentLong termShort termNGEDistrict level supplementAcceptance of YE rulesOnline Forms for Concerned Entity in Country of OriginSchool referenceMedical referenceParents consentClub consentDistrict consent and selection interview evaluationOrigin District’s completed application forwarding form (toprospective destination District)Mail/Courier tracking number and link (if physical)Invoicing
  7. 7. New System Features - DocumentsOnline Forms for Concerned Entity in Country of DestinationExchange acceptance and agreementClub guaranteeDistrict guaranteeSchool admissionDistrict rulesArrival and related informationInsuranceVisa invitation letterMail/Courier tracking number and link (if physical)Submission of guarantee to RIDiscussion PointsAdditions to list of documentsStandard document creation with field definitionsExtension of system to cover student reporting during exchangeTransaction flow chart and required events for each next step
  8. 8. New System Features - ValidationsValidationsStudentsRule based and objective validations (e.g. student age) not requiringuser interventionSubjective validations requiring user intervention (e.g. sponsorclub/district evaluation and rejection)DistrictsCertification statusExchange practices (e.g. Money charged to in-bounds/ out-bounds)Volunteer checklistHost family checklistDiscussion PointsCreate validation lists
  9. 9. Global IntegrationSeamless Global Transmission of Forms and DocumentsIntegrated Global DatabaseChallenges: • Data security • Language • Different platforms • RI process changes • Central data warehouse • System ownership
  10. 10. Databases and YEX Administration Thank you