A Well Woman Program Part 3 of 3


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A Well Woman Program Part 3 of 3

  1. 1. 2014 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION Well Women Projects….. Rotary works in India…… …………An Overview
  2. 2.  Need of the Hour Women Wellness Projects Developing Countries Holistic and Complete approach Awareness Programs Educative Sessions Rubella Vaccination Awareness and Camps JOIN LEADERS, EXCHANGE IDEAS, TAKE ACTION
  3. 3. Why this and how to address this ?
  5. 5. Women Self Help groups … Ready to Volunteer
  6. 6. Rubella Awareness and Vaccination Program Rubella commonly known as German Measles is a kind of a viral disease where rashes appear on the skin. It is a severe infection that may spread to others very quickly. During pregnancy, when a woman gets an attack of Rubella,( in pregnant woman it is called congenital rubella) it passes on to the foetus and the new born child is likely to have certain birth defects like hearing speech disabilities or some brain damage or neurological problems. Hence to protect the future generation from these disorders Rubella Vaccination has to be inspected to every girl during the child bearing age preferably before getting married. It is one time vaccination in the form of injection which hardly has side effects.
  7. 7. Rubella Awareness and Vaccination