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Rotary Club of Deonar - Service Projects 2013


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Reaching out to Partner Clubs, Sponsors, Donors, Corporates (CSR), HNI's, Volunteers, NGO's & NPO's who would like to associate with us:

Rotary Club of Deonar is an association of vibrant professionals. It came into being under the charter from Rotary International on 9th March 1987. For 25 years, the members of the club has served relentlessly for the betterment of society.
This presentation briefly lists the projects undertaken by the Club thus far and its plans for the future.

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Rotary Club of Deonar - Service Projects 2013

  1. 1. Rotary Club of DeonarRotary International District 3140 Chartered 09th March 1987
  2. 2. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987About us•The Rotary Club of Deonar is an association ofvibrant professionals. It came into being under thecharter from Rotary International on 9th March1987•We meet every Thursday at 7.30 pm at theBombay Presidency Golf Club, Chembur, Mumbai,IndiaOverview•Having completed its Silver Jubilee in 2012, wehave come of age after having hosted large scaleevents such as a memorable District Assembly atNehru Centre, the Welcome Tribute to theCentennial Rotary International President and ofcourse the crowning glory - a District Conferencefor the District Governor elected from our Club•Rotary Club of Deonar is one of the 125+ Clubs inRotary International District 3140 which coversthe Mumbai & Thane regionVision•To be an inspired group of individualswhose passion brings holisticadvancement to the lives of ourcommunityMission•To make our service projects impactful by reachingmore beneficiaries and ensuring its continuityyear on year•To bring vibrancy, ethicality and effectiveness inour service at home, at work and in the worldaround usRoDeoWe make it happen!
  3. 3. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987Service Projects - Focus areasPeace and conflictprevention/resolutionDisease preventionand treatmentWater and sanitationMaternal and child healthBasic education and literacyEconomic and communitydevelopment`
  4. 4. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987PEACE &CONFLICTPREVENTION/RESOLUTIONPeace Ambassadors &Scholarships and GSE(Group Study Exchange):Have hosted 4 Peace/AmbassadorialScholars and 15 GSE candidates, whohave contributed immensely in theirvocationsFunded by TRF“Dharti ke Lal” – Memorialfor the Martyrs:The only Memorial built and maintained by Rotaryin honor of the armed forces from our District,who sacrificed their lives for peaceSupported by RC Thane NorthCost: INR 40,000 (US$ 740) annually“RYE” International RotaryYouth Exchange:Have sponsored and hosted over 12candidates for both Short Term (4 - 6 weeks)and Long Term (1 year) programs from variouscountries like France, Finland, UK, USA,Germany and several othersSponsored by the Club members
  5. 5. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987DISEASEPREVENTIONAND TREATMENTCataract Surgeries &Hearing Aids:Over 2500 cataract surgeries and over1200 hearing aids arranged for the agedAssociated with: KBH Eye Hospital, ParelCost: INR 900 (US$ 17) per cataract surgery& INR 600 (US$ 11) per hearing aidMusculo-Skeletal DeformitySurgery Camp:Conduct bi-annual camps for deformitycorrections in remote locations in India by a teamof surgeons from UK and India. Over 2000 surgicalprocedures completed thus farAssociated with: RC Coventry, UK & SaraswatiFoundationCost: INR 0.3 mil (US$ 5500) per camp“Operation Restore” –Burns Surgery Camp:Over 350 functional deformity surgicalprocedures carried out where mainbeneficiaries are women & children from theweaker section of societyAssociated with: National Burns CentreCost: INR 80,000 (US$ 1500) per surgery
  6. 6. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987WATER ANDSANITATIONRain Water Harvesting:Constructed & maintained 9 Rain WaterHarvesting projects in schools aroundChembur-Deonar areaAverage Cost: INR 0.13 mil (US$ 2400)per projectCheck Dams:Constructed a 86 meter check dam at Poshirriver in Karjat Taluka to help charge theunderground water table for irrigation &domestic useAssociated with: RC Zoetermeer, Neth & RCC’sCost: INR 0.6 mil (US$ 11,100)Bore Wells & Toilet Blocks:Constructed over 45 bore wells for domesticuse and 39 toilet blocks in 35 villages in KarjatTaluka benefiting a population of 65,000Associated with: RC Zoetermeer, Neth & RCC’sCost: INR 60,000 (US$ 1100) per bore well &INR 0.15 mil (US$ 2800) per toilet block
  7. 7. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987MATERNALAND CHILDHEALTHAwareness on theDifferently-abled:Emphasis on sensitization & training toparents, teachers and community workersto detect early signs of behavioraldisorders, autism, dyslexia, PDD, ADHDetc.Associated with: NGO MB Barvalia andUmmeedCost: INR 10,000 (US$ 185) per campaignPolio Eradication:Since 1987, Rotary International and our Club havebeen successfully running immunization programsfor Polio eradication by supplementing thegovernment effortsThanks to these efforts, India is on the verge ofbeing declared Polio FreeFunded by TRFNutrition for AdolescentGirls:Have completed over 10 years of weeklymonitoring and administering nutrition andvitamin supplements to over 500 adolescentgirls every yearCost: INR 65,000 (US$ 1200) per year
  8. 8. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987BASICEDUCATIONAND LITERACY“RYLA”& “RYPEN”Rotary Youth Leadership Awards andRotary Youth Program of Enrichmentare empowerment programs for theyouth to give them tools to improvetheir interactive and introspectiveabilitiesCost: INR 0.14 (US$ 2600) per yearSchools Upgradation:Providing science labs, libraries, water purifiers,desks, notebooks, uniforms, blackboards, fitnessequipment and other necessities to improve theschool amenitiesWe are now enrolled into School ManagementCommittees of 5 Schools to support the localmunicipality to ensure better functioningAv. Cost: INR 0.15 mil (US$ 2800) per year“Bhavishya Yaan”A literacy program to empower children ofMunicipal Schools in teaching spoken English,computer and life skills to increase theirchances of employment and career growthAssociated with: NGO VidyaCost: INR 0.8 mil (US$ 15,000) per yearWatch the Video
  9. 9. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987ECONOMICANDCOMMUNITYDEVELOPMENTMicrofinance:Funds for purchase of equipment suchas sewing machines facilitated toentrepreneurial women from slums andvillages to enable them to start theirown micro-scale business from homeCost: INR 10,000 (US$ 185) per sewingmachineTraining of Farmers:Specialized awareness programs in conjunctionwith government programs to train & educatefarmers in Karjat taluka for better crop &harvesting techniquesRef VTT project“Disha”Training to empower women and unemployedyouth in vocational skills. Govt. certifiedcourses conducted are hair styling, mehendiart, dress making, beautician, tailoring, mobilerepair, electrician & AC repairAssociated with: NGO Jan Shikshan SangsthaCost: INR 90,000 (US$ 1700) per batch of 100candidates
  10. 10. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987The Future…INR 2.5 mil(US$ 46,000)INR 0.16 mil(US$ 30,000)INR 3 mil(US$ 55,000)INR 0.7 mil(US$ 13,000)INR 2.0 mil(US$ 40,000)Build aCommunityCentreInstallcleandrinkingwater &RWHsystems in10 schoolsSet up a“BhavishyaYaan” 3 yearprogram in anew schoolFarmers tobe sent toIsrael fortraining inlatestagriculturaltechniques“OperationRestore” –increase thetarget to100 patientsin 1 year
  11. 11. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987Project – Operation RestoreObjective•To correct the functional deformities of crippled limbs of burn victims by surgical procedures•To help them regain their working capacity and near normal lifeHistory•Started in 2010 , always ‘FREE‘ for needy patients•Approx 55/60 surgeries / camp•Previously it was a joint project of ‘Operation Smile’ + NBC + Rotary Deonar•Surgeons & nurses from various countries + local were involved in the surgeries•Op Smile brought the Equipment , consumables along & introduced a process oriented approach•NBC infrastructure was optimally utilizedDifficulty•This Year SMILE team unable to participate•NBC and Rotary still decided to go ahead with the project•Other Rotary Clubs of the District invited to join Operation Restore to ensure total number of Surgeries covered this year will be 60,same as that of earlier yearsMethodology•Screening – for socially & economically challenged section of society & for severity of deformity and patients recovery prognosis.Carried out bi-weekly to reach patients from all over the state•Surgeries – carried out 15-17 per camp where surgeons, anesthetists & nursing staff on voluntary basis•Post operative care – largely provided by NBC staff & RotariansProject Cost for 100 patients•Cost of Each Surgery is about INR 80,000/- (US$ 1500)•NBC is taking only expenses for medicines and consumables whereas all cost for treatment and hospitalization is underwritten•This works out to be INR 20,000/- (US$ 400) per surgery•Target is to treat 100 patiets per year, hence project cost is INR 2 million (US$ 40,000 )Disease prevention and treatment
  12. 12. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987Project – RWH & Drinking WaterHistory•Water scarcity is a growing problem both in quality & quantity to the city, state, country & world:•Serious decline in underground water table due to uncontrolled & over consumption•Insufficient municipal water supply, capacities of the reservoirs inadequate to cater to growing population in cities•To worsen matters – we face erratic monsoons, poor infrastructure, defective delivery systemsTwo focus areas for schools•Inadequate supply of water in toilets causing decline in basic hygiene & sanitation•Lack of clean drinking water to school childrenProject Idea•Construction of Rain Water Harvesting Systems to catch the run-off of rain water from roof tops and terraces of the school buildings. This systemconsists of tanks, pumps, sumps, collection, filter, storage units and will provide:•relatively clean and free source of water•a source of water at the point where it is needed•owner-operated and managed units•a socially acceptable and environmentally responsible idea to promotes self-sufficiency and water resource conservation concept•a simple, flexible technology that is easy to maintain•a non labor intensive, cost saving system for construction, operation and maintenance•In addition an RO (Reverse-osmosis) plant can further purify the collected water to make it safe for human consumption. This system consists of ROplant, pipes, and water dispensing unitMethodology•Municipal schools offer both sufficient land area as well as terrace area ideal for RWH system•Target is 10 Schools in the Chembur-Deonar area•The Club has already covered 9 schools (non-municipal) and this will enhance the existing coverage areas•Installation work will be carried out after due permissions and licenses obtained. Work will be awarded after due diligence to competentcontractors, Club will ensure its operation from year to year including maintenance & replacement costsProject Cost for 10 schools•Average cost for 1 Rain Water Harvesting system = INR 1.30,000 (US$ 2500) per school x 10 = 13 lacs (US$ 25,000)•Average cost of 1 RO Plant = INR 30,000 (US$ 500) per school x 10 = 3 lacs (US$ 5,000)•Total project cost = INR 16 lacs (US$ 30,000)Water and sanitation
  13. 13. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987Project – Training of FamersHistory•Over the last two decades we have adopted a group of villages in the Karjat Taluka•Have installed 5 Rotary Community Corps in these villages•Undertaken projects for construction of toilet blocks, bore wells, check dams, drinking water systems as well as supporting the schools with books, furniture andinfrastructure.•Next project is to establish a local Community CentreDifficulties•A failed or erratic monsoon•Dire consequence as the farmer is forced to fold up his business by selling it in distress•Worse is that he may end his life under mounting debt, family pressure and hopelessness•Lack of credit, awareness & guidance, innovations not reaching them, supply of quality seeds, pesticides, farm implements, supply of electricity, erratic release ofwater from reservoirs, lack of market & commercial understanding, groundwater availability•Lack of publicity of Govt. subsidy schemes among rural poor, particularly illiterate villagersProject Idea•A training and knowledge sharing program for a group of farmers belonging to these villages adequately addressing these elements•The use of relatively low cost and technologically advanced practices would be greatly benefitted by visiting this region and getting an opportunity to learn the skills,practices, methods & technology used.•Bring this information back home to effectively convert and develop the similarly arid regions of Karjat and grow it into a model village like IsraelMethodology•5-7 Farmers selected from our RCC region and an accompanying Rotarian•Need a Partner Club to host the VTT farmers to support a practical training program for 15-20 days and use of Inter-Government schemes between Israel & India toassist in the program.•Our Club will then ensure that when the VTT farmers return to India, we will arrange to impart this knowledge to the other farmers in the region under a well-conceived structure and supervision of our Club.•Similar exchange of a professional team from your region could be arranged•Opportunity to mutually share these agricultural concepts with each other•This program is conceived to be an annual exchange between the 2 partner Clubs for the next 3-5 years and use each annual trip to focus on specific aspects ofagricultural developmentProject Cost for 5 farmers + 1 team leader (6 persons)•Air travel to & fro = INR 60,000/- x 6 = INR 3.6 lacs•Lodging & Boarding = INR 2000 x 6 x 20 = INR 2.4 lacs•Training & local travel = INR 1000 x 6 x 20 = INR 1.2 lacs•Total Project Cost = INR 7.2 lacs ( US$ 13,000)Economic and community development
  14. 14. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987Project – Bhavishya YaanObjective•To improve student’s academic performance•Equip them with the skills necessary to pursue higher education•Enhance their employabilityProject•It is a skills enhancement programme that addresses the lacunae of the present public school education system at a micro level•The program fast tracks selected public school students of class 7, 8 and 9, traditionally schooled in regional languages, by providing them with education in English,Life Skills and Computers•It is already running successfully in seven schools in MumbaiFocus Areas•English: reading, writing, understanding, vocabulary and speaking capabilities of the child through exercises based on grammar, comprehension, verbal reasoning,conversation, story-writing, films, book club etc.•Computer Classes: basic computer knowledge required for higher education or employment, taught to work with software such as Word, Excel. PowerPoint, CorelDraw, Flash, Access and trained in the use of the internet. Projects are assigned during the year requiring research on the internet and culminating in a presentationmade to the class•Life Skills: Teaches them the skills required in daily life through exercises in mental aerobics, team building, goal setting, understanding self, conflict resolution,decision-making, communication, study skills, time-management, self-defence etc. In addition, career counselling and job interview training is also conductedMethodology•Selection of students is based on an interview with both, parent and child to assess motivation and commitment to the program•120 students are selected for the program each year•Attendance to class is mandatory and undue absence leads to expulsion•Classes are conducted in four groups of thirty students for each module•Each child is exposed to four hours of English teaching, five hours of computer education and two hours of life skills education per week•All teaching is based on a curriculum worked out in advance•Staffing comprises of a mix of volunteers and paid professionals•The overall association of each child with the program is expected to be three yearsProject Cost per school (center) for 3 years•Initial one-time investment: INR 6 lacs (US$ 10,500) - for equipment, computers, furniture, classroom readiness•Running cost for utilities & salaries: INR 8 lacs (US$ 15,000) annually x 3 years = INR 24 lacs (US$ 45,000)•Total Project cost for 3 years = INR 30 lacs (US$ 55,500)Basic education and literacy Watch the Video
  15. 15. RotaryClubofDeonarRI Dist 3140Chartered9th Mar 1987Project – Bhavishya YaanBasic education and literacy Watch the Video
  16. 16. president@rotarydeonar.comService above SelfJoin us and be a….