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Passport to Success. An Introduction to the Rotary Club of Dallas Uptown


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Passport of Success to the Rotary Club of Dallas Uptown was designed as a orientation overview for our new members.

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Passport to Success. An Introduction to the Rotary Club of Dallas Uptown

  1. 1. PASSPORT TO SUCCESS The Rotary Club of Dallas-Uptown
  2. 2. Explore About Our Club Family Uptown’s Organization Chart Non-Profit Organizations We Support Our Club’s Service and Community Projects Expectations of Our Members About Our District, D5810 Information, Training & Resources Expectations of Our Leaders Welcome to the Rotary family of Dallas-Uptown! In the following pages you’ll find some information to help you more fully and successfully utilize your Rotary membership.
  3. 3. About Our Club Family The exclusively inclusive Rotary Club. A vibrant group of diverse, highly ethical professionals and community volunteers who have great fun and fellowship, and are committed to improving the local and international community. What would it take to change the world? Rotary's 1.2 million members believe it starts with a commitment to Service Above Self. In more than 34,000 clubs worldwide, you'll find members volunteering in communities at home and abroad to support education and job training, provide clean water, combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, and eradicate polio.
  4. 4. About Our Club Family The Rotary Club of Dallas-Uptown was chartered on May 29, 2009. Founding member Martha Watson designed our club banner
  5. 5. Our Founding Members Stan Barnhill Happy Franklin Michelle Mulholland Millicent Boykin Tony Gauthier Ezequiel Ramirez Greta Calvery Isabel Giannone* Rev. Gregg Smith* Durane Castleberry* Amr Kamel Martha Watson** Leslie Clay* Mark Koellner Nathan White* Mark Demler Paul Lanagan Brad Whitlock Terry Demler Gregory Larrick* Avia Wright Toni Duclottni Jennine Lunceford Rev. Derrick Wright * = still active ** = honorary On May 26, 2009 the following people chartered the Rotary Club of Dallas-Uptown.
  6. 6. Our Members Today Mauricio Aimo Krista Hartman Bonnie Pautler Craig Bernstein David Helfer Alicia Slay Suzanne Booth Melissa Jordan Gregg Smith Durane Castleberry Zahir Kamruddin Brenda Snay Leslie Clay Gary Kindley Jeannette Socket Suzie Collie Robert Korngiebel Jeff Strater Lori Crider Drew Kropff Bob Swartz Owen Devlin Greg Larrick Gunnar Thelander Chris Feola Sissy Littlefield Drew Vanderbrook April Geron Daniel Nye Randy Watkins Isabel Giannone Kay Olds Nathan White Our current members effective July 1, 2014
  7. 7. Our Member’s Professions Financial Advisor Visionary/Strategist Realtor Attorney Hospital Executive Business Owner Corporate Accounting Corporate Trust Marketing Pastor General Contractor Photographic Supplies Consultant Non-Profit Manager Pastoral Counselor Commercial Sales Bank Executive Business Owner Marketing Services Transportation Sales Consultant Business Owner Corporate Comptroller Retiree Education Consultant Business Owner Business Owner Dentist Business Development Commercial Banker Mortgage Banker Forensic Investigator Private Mortgage Banker Civil Litigator Our current members effective July 1, 2014
  8. 8. How We Are Organized Today
  9. 9. Find Us
  10. 10. Organizations Our Club Supports OLUMC: Community Outreach Center The Oak Lawn Community Outreach Center (OLCOC) has many programs. OLCOC helps by offering information and referrals, financial assistance for mortgage, rent, utilities, bus passes and other financial help. They also help with food and clothing, financial literacy and more. HOPE COTTAGE: Pregnancy and Adoption Center Hope Cottage Pregnancy and Adoption Center is the oldest non-profit, non- sectarian adoption center in Dallas. Since 1918, they've been serving birth parents and adoptive families with concern and compassion, integrity and professionalism. “Whether you're pregnant and in need of support, or you're exploring adoption as a loving means to fulfill your desire for family, Hope Cottage is here for you.” PROMISE HOUSE Promise House embraces homeless, runaway and at-risk teens, giving them individualized support, skills, encouragement and hope to live a better life. They accomplish this through: Crisis Intervention, Emergency Shelter and Long-term Housing, Case Management and Counseling Services, Education Services, Advocacy, and Outreach ROTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARDS Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards), “Leaders of Tomorrow”. RYLA campers are high school juniors who have excelled in one or more areas of high school involvement and who have proven leadership potential.
  11. 11. Service and Community Projects OLUMC: Community Outreach Center 2009-2012, Volunteer shifts on Sunday afternoons in the Outreach Center Kitchen 2011 and 2012 Helping dispense Thanksgiving meal supplies to the needy. 2013 Filling sample size bottles of sunscreen for the homeless 2010-2014 Supplying bottled water for the homeless HOPE COTTAGE: Pregnancy and Adoption Center 2010 – 2013 Volunteering for children’s carnival and golf outing support. Hosting our Hope in a Bottle annual fundraiser in 2012 and 2013 to raise funds for designated programs such as Foster to Adopt parent training We will repeat Hope in a Bottle in 2014 PROMISE HOUSE 2012 Arranging for Promise House staff and youth to attend Texas Rangers Baseball games during an all Rotary “day at the ball park” outing. 2012 Attending Cirque du Soliel every other year when Cirque donates 100% of the ticket sales for a designated evening to Promise House. 2013 Arranging for Promise House high school age residents to attend D5810’s annual Peace Symposium. 2013 Meeting Promise House staff and youth residents for pizza and game nights
  12. 12. Service and Community Projects DICTIONARYPROJECT.ORG DISTRIBUTION DAYS In 2012 through the generosity of individual club members, we distributed Dictionaries to the DISD 3rd graders at two local elementary schools in the Uptown area. In 2013-14 through a Rotary International Matching Grant Program we distributed over 1,500 Dictionaries to DISD 3rd graders. In 2013-14 through the generosity of individual club members, we were also able to provide Spanish/English Dictionaries to a needy school in Nicaragua. In 2014-15 we will repeat and expand our Dictionary program and assistance to the primary grade students at underserved DISD schools. MONTREL LIVING In 2012 and 2013 we all chipped in, cooked, baked, and provided the necessary supplies for Thanksgiving Dinner to be provided to 7 Homeless Veterans. In 2014 we will provide Thanksgiving Dinner again. In 2013 Partnering with the East Dallas Rotary Club, we provided some needed repairs to the Montrel Living Residence and, we built an outdoor living space. In 2012-13 through a Rotary International Matching Grant Program we provided some replacement home furnishings, outdoor furniture and gardening equipment.
  13. 13. Service and Community Projects INTERNATIONAL PROJECT WITH THE MZUZU ROTARY CLUB IN MALAWAI, AFRICA – UPTOWN IS PARTICIPATING WITH 2-3 OTHER CLUBS IN D5810 (PLANO-WEST BEING THE LEAD) TO SUPPORT THIS GRANT PROJECT ALONG WITH PDG’S L.B. SHOWALTER AND SANDY FORSTER School fees for Primary and Secondary education for qualified schools in the Mzuzu & Livingstonia areas to girls. Providing school uniforms, shoes, and additional school supplies & materials. INTERNATIONAL PROJECT WITH THE ROTARY CLUB OF BARBADOS IN BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS, EAST CARRIBEAN ISLANDS Amore long term project for Uptown, (and a passion of PP Krista Hartman who has a family and Rotary connection to Barbados) we have been building a relationship over time with members of The Barbados Club’s Board of Directors and exploring needs assessments and discussions around a future Global Grant project serving disabled children and drug intervention programs for youth on the island.
  14. 14. Expectations of Our Members Visit other Rotary clubs Attend a majority of the weekly club meetings Participate in club community service events Attend a majority of the club’s socials Bring Guests to any club events Join a committee Be current on quarterly dues and demonstrate the ability to pay quarterly dues in a timely manner. Dues are $120 per quarter and are paid in January, April, July, and October Contribute something financially on an annual basis to The Rotary Foundation ($100 suggested) Attend Rotary Basics – Rotary University Southwest, 1 day course We think it’s only fair to set the expectations of our family from the beginning.
  15. 15. Rotary International District 5810 The Dallas-Uptown Club is part of the dynamic Rotary District 5810. – Our members are among the over 3,000 Rotarians in around 68 Clubs scattered around eight (8) counties in the Northern part of Texas. The counties are: Collin, Dallas, Ellis, Fannin, Grayson, Hunt, Kaufman, and Rockwall. Several members of the Uptown family are engaged with D5810 Leadership and Committees: Leslie Clay District GATE-Way Facilitator Adoption Carnival Committee 2014-2015 President Lori Crider District Social Media Chair Owen Devlin District Grants Committee Chair AG Krista Hartman Assistant Governor to the 3 Richardson Clubs and Dallas North District GATE-Way – Strategic Vision Program Chair District Communications and Public Awareness Team PDG Z. Z. Kamruddin D.R.E.A.M. Team (District Readiness Events And Management) Randy Watkins District Membership Committee
  16. 16. Information, Training & Resources The Uptown family shares a strong belief in leadership development and encourages our members to attend the numerous trainings, seminars, and leadership development opportunities provided by D5810: Rotary University Southwest Rotary Basics Club Operations District Operations Global Operations RILI – Rotary International Leadership Institute D5810 Events: Foundation Seminar Grant Writing Certification Membership Showcase President Elects Workshops Peace Symposium for youth leaders Lone Star PETS (President Elects Training Seminar) One of the largest of it’s kind in the Rotary world of training opportunities.
  17. 17. Expectations of Our Leaders Attend District Events specific to Chair Position Attend District Assembly/Spring Training (and workshops/training specific to Chair Position) Attend Rotary University - Rotary Basics Attend majority of weekly meetings each month Attend majority of club socials, community service events, fundraising events, etc. Bring Guests to any club events Be current on quarterly dues and demonstrate the ability to pay quarterly dues in a timely manner. Dues are $120 per quarter and are paid in January, April, July, and October Contribute something financially on an annual basis to The Rotary Foundation ($100 suggested) Mentor a New Member In the same spirit as Membership, we think it’s only fair to set the expectations of our Leadership team, Club Officers and Board Member Committee Chairs from the beginning.
  18. 18. Expectations of Our Leaders Ahead of - or during President Nominee Year: Attend Rotary University's 1st two sessions - Rotary Basics and Club Ops. (Club pays and should be added to budget for PN to go) Have served as an Officer (Treasurer, Secretary, or Sergeant at Arms) OR a Committee Chair on the Club's Board (may do so during their year as a President Nominee Designate) Be an active member of 1 additional committee (Or specifically either Club Service or Fundraising) During President Elect Year: Attend Lone Star PETS (Club pays) Attend RILI (may also attend during PN year) (Club pays) Attend majority of District's Leadership and Training Opportunities provided specifically for PE's (from our dues paid to District, we pay for these programs to be developed and provided, our PE's should take advantage of them - or it's wasting a portion of what we pay to District, and it also wastes opportunities to form relationships with classmates, develop joint projects with other clubs, future joint social and service collaboration with other clubs, etc.). During President Year: Attend majority of District Functions: Roundtables and Club Development Opportunities (ie. Membership Showcase, Foundation and Grant Certification District Assembly/Spring Training District Conference/Celebration District Foundation Signature Fundraiser or District Signature Service Event (Gala or Adoption Awareness, by example). For those times when Club Pres. cannot attend, a designated Pres. Rep, such as PE, PN, PD should be accompanying the Committee Chair, Committee Members to the events. In the same spirit as Membership and the Leadership Team we think it’s only fair to set the expectations of our future Club Presidents from the beginning.
  19. 19. "May Rotarians continue to be ambassadors of good- will to high and low, rich and poor, to all races, to the devotees of all religious faiths and to members of all political parties, purveyors of tolerance, forbearance, justice, kindliness, neighborliness and friendliness to the inhabitants of this snug little world, the best little world of which we know." Paul P. Harris, "This Rotarian Age" page 257, 1935. The exclusively inclusive Rotary Club.