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Bulletin 48 39

  1. 1. 27th Apr 2012CROSSROADSRotary Club of Singapore Vol. 48 / 39 “The Digital Shift” SPEAKER: Mr. Simon Kahn Lunch meeting of the 25th April 2012 Find your bulletin on the Facebook page of “Rotary Club of Singapore” Joke of the week ! “Please, bartender, put 2 cherries in my Manhattan.My doctor told me to eat more fruit.” From the book of Humour compiled by Rewa Mirpuri HAVE MANY LAUGHS AND HELP THE NEEDY http://www.rotary.org.sg/bookofhumour.html 1
  2. 2. Introductory remarks PHF President Tapan was pleased to informPresident Tapan Rao welcomed members and the members, that Rtns. T.K. Chew and AlanGuest Speaker, Mr. Simon Kahn, Chief Marketing Tan, became Paul Harris Fellows, and that theirOfficer of Marketing, Asia Pacific of Google. gifts to The Rotary Foundation’s educational and humanitarian programmes was a commitment toToast peace and to a better life for people across the world whom they might never meet. He presented to both, Rtns. T.K. and Alan with theirRtn. Michael King called on visiting Rtn. Creed emblems of appreciation given to Paul HarrisWood to address the Club. Rtn. Creed advised that Fellows.his club meets at the Flamingo Hotel in SantaRosa, which was located about 45 miles north ofSan Francisco. He added that Santa Rosa was alsothe home of Charles Schulz, the creator of thePeanuts cartoon. He further advised his club’sprojects such as the distribution of dictionaries tothe town’s 3rd graders as well as scholarship fundsfor college students.Toastmaster, Rtn. Michael invited members to joinhim in a toast to the Santa Rosa club, coupled with 2the toast to Rotary International.
  3. 3. Welcome of visiting Speaker of the week Mr. Kahn noted that more and more internet users were usingRotarians and guests their mobiles to obtain digital information inRtn. P K Chatterjee welcomed our President Tapan called upon Rtn. videos, photos, music and text.guests and visiting Rotarians Suresh Keerthi who introduced He noted that current users were the Speaker, Mr. Simon Kahn. moving from one screen to multi-- Guests : Mr. Kahn joined Google as CMO screens, as mobiles allowed forPresident’s daughter, Ms. Tanvi of Marketing, Asia Pacific in constant connectivity with anRao 2011. Previously, he worked at explosion of information sources.Mr. Sushil Bhatia American Express for thirteen He added that with easy accessMr. Gap Kim (Goggle) years including serving as and break through to a largerMs. Vipanchi Country Manager for Singapore audience the web was becomingMs. Corrine Tan from 2008. Prior to joining more personal which gave rise toMr. Daniel Suen American Express, Mr. Kahn was more power to consumers. Mr.Mr. Aseem Thakur Executive Director of Youth Kahn talk highlighted the key Venture, a non-profit digital shifts from few to manyVisiting Rotarians : organization based in users; from www to yww; Washington, D.C. that works engagement to involvement.Creed Wood – Santa Rosa, USA with young people to develop and run their own businesses President Tapan invited Rtn. Dr. and organizations. He worked in Mark Eger to extend the Club’s national politics and vote of thanks to Mr. Kahn. Rtn. government for four years Mark warmly thanked Mr. Kahn before joining Youth Venture for a very enlightening talk, being including working in the White only an end user, he added that House Liaison office in the he learnt more of the marketing Department of State. He holds a side of this technology. BA in Asian Studies from Swarthmore College and a Masters in Chinese Studies and MBA from the University of Michigan. In his talk entitled “The Digital Shift”, Mr. Kahn spoke of the speed of evolution and the digital revolution. His talk focused on the changing nature of media consumption and the implications for consumers and companies marketing to them. 3
  4. 4. Heritage Kampung – And so it was that Sunday, 22 April (eg. The “blue sugar flies” or BSF)Vocational visit 2012 – “Earth Day”. Our Club made to help plants thrive, and other it a point to give members the aspects of village life, including an opportunity to be with nature ingenious bamboo amplifier! Many“BALIK KAMPUNG” – Back To the more than they would normally do of us felt it was a morning well-Village in their daily get-abouts. We visited spent – invigorating, a refreshingBy: PP Raymon Huang the “Kampung Heritage” or experience, and pleasant change Heritage Village at the Bottle Tree from the hustle and bustle ofDateline: Sunday, 22 April Park. It was not just to observe Singapore life today.2012, wasn’t that a Sunday just like “Earth Day”. It was to experience Heritage Kampung is a haven ofany other Sunday? What was so first-hand that Kampung culture tranquillity. It is touted as the “lastspecial or significant about it? that is today largely lost. It was to kampong in Singapore”.These days, as we know too be with Mother Nature, to help us A pity that so few of us from thewell, there are so many “Days” to imbibe and to imbue ourselves Club participated in this worthwhilecommemorating or celebrating this with that Kampung Spirit. It was observance of “Earth Day”.or that – their creation no doubt back to basics. It was “balik Several members went with theirlargely commercial related – that we kampung”. As it was families – Rtns. Dr. Ekkehardare literally inundated with them. observed, “…many Singaporeans Wiek, Dr. Mark Eger and SirishFor example, we have “Fathers’ Day” deeply value it, and those who Kumar; Gerald Abeyawardenaand “Mothers’ Day”, etc, etc. have experienced those early days brought his spouse, Binali; ISomeone remarked that soon have fond memories of the brought Jessie along. Presidentenough we could have “Uncles’ Day” kampung days.” Some felt that just Tapan came later, but he wasand “Aunties’ Day” too! being there had a therapeutic represented by his daughters. Rtns.But Sunday, 22 April 2012 was effect, urban creatures that we are. Jamshid Medora, Garry Taylor anddifferent – very significantly Indeed many of us did. Dr. Christopher Teo were theredifferent. It was “Earth Day” – a day At the Heritage Kampung, we were too.specially designated to recognise warmly welcomed by the President The organiser of the visit? Rtn.and remind us of the urgent need to of the Ground Up Initiative(GUI) Joseph Chia – that “do-everythingdo something sustainable to avoid movement, Mr. Tay Lai Hock, the man”. Rtn. Alan Tan provided thethe ultimate decay of the Blue Planet brains behind the back-to-nature wine – ample. Joseph selected thewe call home. What with so much project. After a short briefing on Menu for the lunch too – anpollution of all imaginable kinds the background, he led the Rotary excellent fare. Personally, though, Iaround us. Mother Earth, some party round the kampung complex. would have preferred a simpleclaim, is in dire trouble. Members will recall that he gave kampung lunch to round off theThere are so many ways we can our Club an interesting and kampung culture and spirit wecontribute to the effort – even the inspirational talk on the subject not experienced earlier.littlest of effort and action too long ago. We salute President Lai Hock andcan cumulatively be a great help. his large band of volunteers, andOne of the simplest ways is to We saw and experienced activities we wish them well in theirunderstand and care more about depicting the days and life in the endeavours. They do what they doNature, and showing greater respect bygone kampung era – how things with such enthusiasm, with suchfor it. were recycled in the simplest of dedication. Their signatureIn days gone by, “kampung” or ways, how plants and herbs of all words, “A little Kampung Spiritvillage life had plenty of both this kinds and varieties were fondly goes a long way in making ourunderstanding and caring attitude. It nurtured and valued, how compost home a better place.” Touche!is so different today, with all the was all home-made, the use of Because this beautiful Blue Planetmodernity that is part and parcel of earth worms and certain insects is our home – the one and only inour lives. A good lot of us today are the whole universe. The oneconcrete jungle creatures. wefondly call Mother Earth. 4
  5. 5. The Guide to Daily LivingMARK YOUR DIARY Before doing the things we COMING ROTARY EVENTSBirthday celebrants want to do, consider first, theRC wishes Happy Birthday to precept of the guide. Askcelebrants this week: ourselves these 4 questions May and act upon them: Community Service MonthMay 3rd – Winston Khoo First: Have I spent some time in self-examination?May 6th – Hena Hoda May 6th – 9th Second: Have I spent qualityAnniversary Celebrants time with my family? Rotary International Third: Have I given my best to Convention in BangkokRC sends best wishes to my work?Wedding Anniversary Fourth: Have I given somecelebrants this week June time to someone near and far? Rotary Fellowships MonthMay 2nd – Hon. Member, PDG The Guide, inDr. Robert & Mary Loh fact, encompasses the 4 parts June 30th of the Object of Rotary. Installation DinnerThis weekMay 2nd 2012 Next week May 9th 2012 Reception Desk duty: KavitaReception Desk duty: PP Singh, T.K. ChewSajjad Akhtar, Dinesh Sharma Sunshine Box duty: Jean-Philippe Lionnet, Jayant The Four-Way TestSunshine Box duty: Gadgil Of the Things we think, sayPP Philip Leong, David Tai or do: Speaker: Mr. Terence * Is it the truth?K S Mehta Award Fernandez, Managing * Is it fair to all concerned? Director, Scotwork Asia Pte. * Will it build goodwill andPresentation better friendship? Ltd. * Will it be beneficial to allCommunity Service Topic: To be advised concerned?Date: Thursday, 3rd May Vocational ServiceTime: 5.45pm Date: Thursday, 10th MayVenue: Modesto’s, 24 Mt. Time: 7.30pm Queries, comments andElizabeth #01-05, The Venue: Bottle Tree Park articles request can beElizabeth Hotel, S228518 Seafood Restaurant, (Bottle sent to Jean-Philippe Tree Park Yishun), 81 Lorong lionnet Chencharu, S769198 bulletin@rotary.org.sg Hosts: Rtn. Jamshid Medora 5