12th Mar. 2012CROSSROADSRotary Club of Singapore                                                          Vol. 48 / 32    ...
Introductory remarks                                ToastPresident Tapan Rao welcomed members to the         Rtn. Noshir M...
Welcome of visiting              Speaker of the weekRotarians and guestsRtn. Perlita Tiro welcomed our   PE Jimmy Ooi note...
DURBAN OUTCOME ON CLIMATE CHANGE by Seleha LockwoodDurban Outcome as observed by Seleha Lockwood, Advisor on the Bhutan de...
The Guide to Daily LivingMARK YOUR DIARY                     Before doing the things we        COMING ROTARY EVENTSBirthda...
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Bulletin 48 32


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Bulletin 48 32

  1. 1. 12th Mar. 2012CROSSROADSRotary Club of Singapore Vol. 48 / 32 “21st Century Implications on Educating our Next Generation” SPEAKER: Rtn. Jeremy Han Lunch meeting of the 7th March 2012 Article of the week “ Durban Outcome” by Seleha Lockwood Find your bulletin on the Facebook page of “Rotary Club of Singapore” Joke of the week “For every man, there is a woman, and he is lucky if his wife never finds out.” From the book of Humour compiled by Rewa Mirpuri HAVE MANY LAUGHS AND HELP THE NEEDY http://www.rotary.org.sg/bookofhumour.html 1
  2. 2. Introductory remarks ToastPresident Tapan Rao welcomed members to the Rtn. Noshir Mistri called upon visiting Rotarian Paulfirst meeting for the month of March, during Owen, who is his club’s Membership Director towhich time, the Club highlights the activities of say a few words about his club, Rotary Club ofyouths. He noted that the Rotaractors had West Perth, Australia. Rtn. Paul thanked membersconducted an entrepreneurship seminar on 3rd for the warm welcome and was honoured to beMarch, whilst the Interactors would be holding present at the meeting. He advised that the Westtheir annual project “YOUth Got Heart” on 10th Perth club meets for breakfast and has 57March. President Tapan called on members to members. He added that usually at each meeting,support this project by making donations, and a there would be about 40 members present. Astotal collection of $310.00 was received. Membership Director, Rtn. Paul was pleased to add that his club had inducted five new members andPresident Tapan welcomed our Speaker, none one members had rejoined the club.other than our own member, Rtn. Jeremy Han,who is the Director Special Projects of AdamKhoo Learning Technologies Group. 2
  3. 3. Welcome of visiting Speaker of the weekRotarians and guestsRtn. Perlita Tiro welcomed our PE Jimmy Ooi noted that Marchguests and visiting Rotarians was “New Generations” Month for our Club and the speakers- Guests : for the coming meetings wouldMs. Jasbir Koh be related to youths. HeMr. Thomas Nouvian introduced Rtn. Jeremy Han asMr. Malcolm Boyd the Director Special Projects ofMr. Ashley Shane Adam Khoo LearningMr. Jeff Hart Technologies Group, an entrepreneur and ex-educator. "The youth of every generationVisiting Rotarians : To start his presentation, Rtn. has stood in a critical position, forPaul Owen – West Perth Jeremy showed a brief video the scales have been tipped oneMerle Ricklefs – Mt. Beauty, which drew attention to the way or the other by the trainingAustralia surge of new technologies and they received from their elders.Christian Skroeder – Nyon-la- social media innovations which This is particularly true today. OurCote, Switzerland were altering the media boys and girls have greater landscapes whilst reaching a freedom, exercise greater power, wider audience. Rtn. Jeremy and have more opportunities for noted that these changes were both good and evil, than ever affecting the way people before. How important it is, behaved and were making an therefore, that youth’s great impact on the next generation. possibilities for good be realized Rtn. Jeremy noted the three key and developed!" implications of the 21st Century Angus S. Mitchell, 1948-49 RI were the information explosion; president, address to the 1949 increased globalization and convention in New York City. increased connectivity. He President Tapan called upon Rtn. shared many interesting insights C H Tan who warmly thanked Rtn. on how we could prepare our Jeremy for sharing his interesting youths for these key views on the implications on implications. educating the future generation. To end his presentation, Rtn. (A copy of Rtn. Jeremy’s Jeremy shared the following presentation material is available quotation on the relevance of from the Secretariat.) Rotary: 3
  4. 4. DURBAN OUTCOME ON CLIMATE CHANGE by Seleha LockwoodDurban Outcome as observed by Seleha Lockwood, Advisor on the Bhutan delegationAdmittedly the Durban outcome is very far from helping to ensure global temperatures do not rise 2degrees centigrade. However, the talks achieved the most they could under the political circumstances.Main outcomes included:Further certainty for investors in the international compliance carbon market of the UNFCCC on thecontinuation of the second commitment period commitments of the Kyoto Protocol up to 2017 or 2020the targets for which would be decided at the end of 2012. International is underlined because, ofcourse, the EU were already thinking of buying CERs from CDM projects as part of their EU level targetswithout setting second commitments under the KP which would be in a multilateral/internationalcontext.A Durban platform that indicates broader level country participation to address climate change from2020 in an agreed outcome with legal force. The workings of this new agreement would be made in 2015so not much time to build the workings of this new agreement. This platform was a remarkablemilestone including US, China and India in a global platform towards some sort of global legal outcome.The setting up of the Green Climate Fund has been approved – another milestone.Improvement of CDM, existing mechanisms. Introduction of a policy dialogue panel that would work thisyear on the future of the CDM. The policy panel is constituted of public sector, NGO and private sectorhigh-level figures.The Durban outcome is being viewed and used differently by different actors. Some government,business and civil society stakeholders have become increasingly cynical of the multilateral process to getto effective agreement, with good reason, and have little hope in the Durban outcome. Some arefocusing on national or bilateral agreements. Others are using the Durban outcome to lobbygovernments believing that the multilateral process is the best incentive for government, private sectorand civil society to address climate changeRather than lamenting that Durban did not achieve what we wanted, we advocate building on the Durbanoutcome to push for further improvements in the Kyoto Protocol, the Durban platform, the GCF and newmechanisms as part of our policy lobbying work going forward. Seleha Lockwood Advisor, Climate Change Policy Sindicatum Sustainable Resources Singapore (currently in London) Email: Seleha_lockwood@yahoo.com 4
  5. 5. The Guide to Daily LivingMARK YOUR DIARY Before doing the things we COMING ROTARY EVENTSBirthday celebrants want to do, consider first, theRC wishes Happy Birthday to precept of the guide. Ask Marchcelebrants this week: ourselves these 4 questions March 20thMarch 13 – Dr T K Neo and act upon them: Fellowship Dinner with sisterMarch 17– Deepak Nagrani First: Have I spent some time in self-examination? club, Rotary Club of OsakaMarch 18 – Michael KingMarch 19 – Pradeep Chatterjee Second: Have I spent quality Semba time with my family? Third: Have I given my best to March 22nd – 25thAnniversary Celebrants District Assembly and PETS my work?RC sends best wishes to at Grand Paragon Hotel, Fourth: Have I given someWedding Anniversary time to someone near and Johor Bahrucelebrants: far?March 13 – Bharat & Alka Mandloi The Guide, in fact, March 24thMarch 17 – Saeed & Sajda Khan encompasses the 4 parts of Visit to Betesda Orphanage in the Object of Rotary. Batam, IndonesiaThis weekMarch 14th 2012 April Next week March 21st 2012 Magazine MonthReception Desk duty: BharatMandloi, Jamshid Medora Reception Desk duty: Colin MaySunshine Box duty: PP Philip Miles, Peter-Paul Nijsten Community Service MonthLeong, PE Jimmy Ooi Sunshine Box duty: Jean- May 6th – 9thSpeaker: Mr. Jeffrey Lee, Philippe Lionnet, Paul Phua Rotary InternationalMinistry of Education Speaker: Ms. Joyce Billington Convention in BangkokCounselorTopic: “Overfed but Topic: To be advised JuneFour-Way Test TheUnderdeveloped” New Generations Service Rotary Things we think, say Of the Fellowships Month Date: Thursday, 29th March or do:International Service * Is it the truth?Date: Thursday, 15th March Time: 7.30pm * Is it fair to all concerned?Time: 7.30pm Venue: Pool Terrace, The * Will it build goodwill andVenue: Moghul Mahal Pines, 30 Stevens Road better friendship?Restaurant, 177A River Valley S257840 * Will it be beneficial to allRoad, Novotel Hotel, Liang Hosts: Rtn. Paul Phua concerned?Court Shopping Centre, 6th Queries, comments andfloor, S179031 articles request can beHosts: Rtns. Atul Merchant, sent toKavita Singh, Ghani Mahtani Jean-Philippe Lionnetand Dr. Thomas Perkmann bulletin@rotary.org.sg 5