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They are the ones who keep the Rotary wheel turning. TheARTICLE OF THE MONTH                                     answer to...
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Bulletin 48 26


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Bulletin 48 26

  1. 1. 16th Jan. 2012CROSSROADSRotary Club of Singapore Vol. 48 / 26 “Can Type II Diabetes Melitus be cured?” SPEAKER: Dr. Peter Goh, Advance Surgical Group Pte. Ltd. Lunch meeting of the 11th January 2012 Find your bulletin on the facebook page of “Rotary Club of Singapore” Joke of the week “Politician : One who shakes your hand before the election, and your confidence after.” From the book of Humour compiled by Rewa Mirpuri HAVE MANY LAUGHS AND HELP THE NEEDY http://www.rotary.org.sg/bookofhumour.html 1
  2. 2. Introductory remarks Banner Exchange President Tapan called upon visiting Rotarians toPresident Tapan Rao warmly welcomed members present and exchange the clubs’ banners.to the meeting and added that since January wascelebrated as “Rotary Awareness Month” byRotarians worldwide, a selection of short videoson “Rotary Ads” were presented to members fortheir viewing. 2
  3. 3. Welcome of visiting Speaker of the week PHF recognitionRotarians and guestsRtn. Laveen Daryani welcomed President Tapan called upon Rtn.our guests and visiting rotarians President Tapan called upon Vice Gerald Abeyawardena to President Brigitte introduce the Speaker, Dr. Peter- Guests : Holtschneider, Chair of The Goh who is a President ScholarSpeaker, Dr. Peter Goh, Ms. Rotary Foundation (TRF) who and the top medical studentNatalia Tan & Ms. Cherylyn Yip presented PHF recognitions to from the University of Singapore(Club’s guests) Rtn. Willi Hess, who received a in 1980. He currently runs aDr. Norman Hing four-stone sapphire PHF pin, and private practice at ParagonMr. Matei Iurascu Rtn. Bharat Mandloi received his Medical Centre and GleneaglesMr. Antero Makinen PHF certificate and pin. Hospital. VP Brigitte was also pleased to Dr. Goh spoke of the prevalenceVisiting Rotarians : hand over to President Tapan of diabetes in the world and theAnthony Cowell & Mark Harris – who became a TRF Major expected increase of sufferersCayman Islands Donor, with a crystal plaque and a from this disease. He describedAlfred Gremli – Kusnacht-Zurich diamond pin as an expression of the two types of diabetesGeorge Hartung – University appreciation from the mellitus and their causes andDistrict Seattle Foundation. VP Brigitte advised complications. He highlightedAlik Hertel – Hannover that the crystal recognition was certain aspects of diabetes and engraved with doves – the obesity and gave further symbols of peace.Toast information on Asian BMI President Tapan thanked criteria as well as various drugToastmaster, Rtn. Louis Lim members for their continued treatments and surgicalinformed members that the support of the Foundation and procedures. (A copy of Dr. Goh’sRotary Club of Hannover has 130 reminded them that the presentation is available frommembers, 14 of whom were contributions to TRF enabled it to the Secretariat.)female members. He added that carry out an array of programs Rtn. Dr. Kevin Chua warmlythere were six Rotary Clubs in around the world such as: thanked Dr. Goh for hisHannover, with the Rotary Club of Improve living conditions for informative talk, which heHannover being one of the oldest needy families locally and added, would motivateclubs in Germany. Rtn. Louis globally; members to lose some weight,invited Rtn. Alik Hertel to address -Increase food production and particularly in view of the festive clean water programs;the Club. Rtn. Alik advised that season!he knew Rtn. Louis from their -Provide classrooms andprevious Rotaract activities and educational materials for schoolsthat he was in Singapore on a -Allay the suffering of the sick andfamily visit as his wife is a disabled by providingSingaporean. immunization, medical treatment and rehabilitation, and; -Provide new channels for international understanding, and brighter hopes for peace. 3
  4. 4. They are the ones who keep the Rotary wheel turning. TheARTICLE OF THE MONTH answer to the question I posed right at the beginning becomes more apparent, easier to pin-point. I was once (1962-1970) a member of another voluntary organisationWHO MATTERS MOST? similar to Rotary-called The International YsMen’sBy: PP Raymon Huang Association. Its members, called “YsMen” or Men of the YMCA”, implemented programs and projects similar to What kind of Question is that, you may ask? those of Rotary. I was the President of one of its SingaporeEspecially when you are talking Rotary! Maybe so. Clubs – the “Beta Chapter”, and became its Director for theBut it is nevertheless a question that is often asked, South-east Asia region, a post similar to Rotary’s Districttogether with “sister” questions like “What is more Governor, with a much bigger region to oversee. So when Iimportant?” and “Which is more important?” True? It joined Rotary, the transition was pretty smooth. Theis. While it is not a “must” question, it is often a reason I mention this is: the Motto of the “YsMen”“need” question. Yes, even in Rotary. Like in our movement “To Acknowledge The Duty That Accompanieseveryday, ordinary life, we are prone to saying, for Every Right.” In meaning, in implication, in thrust, it is asexample “Oh, leave it to the government to get it good as Rotary’s “Service Above Self”.done; or the Town Council, or the Committee In my Rotary life, I have always tried to combine the twoMembers. We elected them – it is their job”. In the mottos. Our right to be Rotarians entails ansame vein, many of us “ordinary” Rotarians are also acknowledgement of the duty that accompanies that right.prone to saying, “Leave it to the President and his An acknowledgement of anything is always a good startingBoard to get it whatever this may be – done.” point from which, often, many good things can proceed andThere are many exceptions, of course. Some produce results. It is a process, a good process.outstanding exceptions, in fact. Just as there are In any group of people, there are always the leaders andmany so civic-minded citizens out there, we also have the followers. Of course, there are the “in-betweens” too.a handful of really great and committed Rotarians Among its members, there are those who walk the talk;who not only practice “Service Above Self” chapter there are those who just walk; and there are those who justand verse, but who would go way beyond that extra talk too.mile, often beyond the call of duty. Why then do we As ordinary Rotarians we have to ask ourselves whichneed to ask, “Who matters most?” Correctly, it is “those” do we belong to. Do we walk the Rotary talk, andnatural to accord the Club President, the Board chip in and be actively involved in the many good andMembers, the District Governors, and others similarly beneficial programs? In this high-pressure world we live inelected to these high offices in the movement, the today, do we make and take time to really acknowledge the‘VIP’ status they deserve. Correctly too, we should duty that accompanies the right to be Rotarians? That is, infeel they are our leaders and therefore expect them a large measure, the crux, the nub, and the essence of thisto lead by example to get things done for us, for the issue.Club, and for Rotary. But, incorrectly, we sometimes It was Benjamin Disraeli who said, “Action may not alwaysfeel that they are the principal ones who should get bring happiness but without action there is no happiness.”whatever is to be done, done, and therefore tend to And we know, of course, that most of Rotary’s actions bringleave things to them. about happiness. Which is why Rotarians must always act;But, lest we forget – for example, the Club President must never be “in-betweens”. And one of our Rotarywithout the active support and shoulders of his or her International Presidents said a while ago, that “… to be aClub members would be “nothing”. Similarly, the Rotarian is a privilege and that we should exercise thatDistrict Governor, without the active participation of privilege as Rotarians should…”. In otherhis Clubs in the District to implement his programs words, acknowledging the accompanying duties andand projects, would be “nothing”. Indeed, it is the obligations irrespective of position, status or standing. In“ordinary” Rotarians on the shopfloor who ultimately that respect, all Rotarians are equal. So, “Who Mattersmatter most. They are the lifeblood of the Most?” In our context, it is a “no–question”.organization. They are the hands and feet of Rotary –its engine. 4
  5. 5. The Guide to Daily LivingMARK YOUR DIARY Before doing the things we COMING ROTARY EVENTSThere are no Birthday want to do, consider first, thecelebrants this week! precept of the guide. Ask January ourselves these 4 questions Rotary Awareness MonthAnniversary Celebrants and act upon them: First: Have I spent some time January 19thRC sends best wishes to in self-examination?Wedding Anniversary Club Assembly Second: Have I spent qualitycelebrants: time with my family? January 25thJanuary 18 – Ghani & Mona Third: Have I given my best to Meeting cancelled in view ofMahtani my work? the Chinese New YearJanuary 20 – Florian & Severine Fourth: Have I given some festivitiesEdelmann time to someone near and far?This week February The Guide, inJanuary 18th 2012 fact, encompasses the 4 parts World Understanding Month of the Object of Rotary. February 23rdReception Desk duty: Haider World Understanding andNawaz, Dinesh Sharma Next week Peace DaySunshine Box duty: T K Chew, January 25th 2012Jean-Philippe Lionnet March Meeting cancelled in view ofSpeaker: Our very own the Chinese New Year March 22nd – 25thmember, Rtn. Rewa Mirpuri festivities. District Assembly and PETSTopic: “Humour is Happiness” at Grand Paragon Hotel, Johor Bahru The Four-Way Test Committee Meetings Of the Things we think, say or do: * Is it the truth? There are no Committee Meetings in view of the * Is it fair to all concerned? Club Assembly which will be held on * Will it build goodwill and Thursday, January 19th 2012 at 6.00pm at Holiday better friendship? * Will it be beneficial to all Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre concerned? Queries, comments and articles request can be sent to Jean-Philippe Lionnet bulletin@rotary.org.sg 5