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District 6440 interact 2011 conference presentation

Learn about the growing number of Interact Clubs in high schools throughout District 644.

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District 6440 interact 2011 conference presentation

  1. 1. The Excitement Begins With Interact
  2. 2. InteractInteract is one of Rotary International’s ninestructured programs designed to help clubs anddistricts achieve their service goals in their owncommunities and in communitiesabroad, fostering fellowship and goodwill in theprocess.
  3. 3. What is Interact?Interact is a service club for youngpeople ages 14-18. Sponsored bylocal Rotary clubs, Interact clubsgive young people an opportunity toparticipate in fun, meaningfulservice projects while developingleadership skills and meeting newfriends. Wauconda, SAS Interact Club
  4. 4. Interact Goals and Guidelines• Develop leadership skills and personal integrity.• Demonstrate helpfulness and respect for others.• Understand the value of individual responsibility and hard work.• Advance international understanding and goodwill.
  5. 5. A Part of the Rotary FamilyInteractors and Rotarians are partners inservice. Rotarians mentor promising youth intheir communities. Interactors bring new energyto a Rotary club, inspire fresh ideas forservice, increase support of projects, and helpdevelop future Rotarians.
  6. 6. Interact History• Interact stands for international action.• The first club was chartered in 1962 at Melbourne High School, FL, USA.• Today there are more than 11,400 clubs in over 125 countries with an estimated membership of 250,000 youth worldwide.
  7. 7. About Interact• Sponsoring Rotary clubs provide support and guidance, but Interact clubs are self-governing and self- supporting.• Club membership varies and can be single-gender or mixed-gender, large or small.• Members are drawn from one school’s student body or from several schools in the community.
  8. 8. Program GuidelinesInteract clubs are encouraged to• Be school-based or community-based.• Have a Rotarian adviser and a faculty adviser for school-based clubs.• Meet at least twice a month. Interactors must attend 60% of regularly scheduled meetings.• Support from Sponsoring Rotary Clubs
  9. 9. Service ProjectsInteractors carry out activities to – Benefit schools and communities – Expand international understanding What Interact Means To Me!
  10. 10. Service Projects Popular projects include: • Fundraisers/ International initiative too! • Blood drives • Community Project • Clean-up campaigns • Join with other Service Organizations • Support local Food Pantry • Support School Initiatives
  11. 11. How to Organize a Club 1. Form an Interact subcommittee. 2. Identify the membership base. 3. Hold informational and organizational meetings. 4. Complete the Interact Club Organization List. 5. Submit the list to Rotary International.
  12. 12. Rotary Club SupportSuccessful ways to provide guidance:• Invite Interactors to Rotary club meetings.• Connect with area High Schools• Create an annual Rotary-Interact service project.• Establish a recognition program.• Publicize activities to the community and the Rotary world.
  13. 13. Interact Club StructureThe Interact board of directors is the club’s governingbody. It consists of the following elected officers: – President – Vice president – Secretary – Treasurer – Other officers as needed
  14. 14. Interact Club CommitteesThe Interact club president appoints fourstanding committees to effectively help carryout the club’s activities – Club committee – Finance committee – Service committee – International understanding committee
  15. 15. World Interact WeekEvery year, Interactors and Rotarians celebrate thecharter of the first Interact club in November.Together they participate in a variety of activities toincrease Interact awareness in their communities.
  16. 16. ParticipateInteract clubs• Allow Rotary’s new generations to be involved in community life and develop skills to become responsible and productive Video members of society• Are one of the most significant and fastest growing programs of Rotary service
  17. 17. ResourcesThe following resources are available on the RIWeb site: – Interact section – Interact Brochure – Interact Handbook Or Contact – Interact Advisor, Sam Martinez, Wauconda