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Poster 5


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Poster 5

  1. 1. Nationa l Immuni sa ti on D ays On National Immunisation Days, or NIDs, Rotarians mobilise to deliver the vaccine to Rotarians provide many of the essential hundreds of thousands of children. supplies needed to carry out NIDS. Travelling by boat, camel, motorcycle or A single NID in India involves: many other means to the most remore regions of the planet, vaccinators mark houses with 709,000 vaccination booths 1.17 million vaccination teams chalk and stain ‘pinkies’ with die to indicate 225 million doses of polio that children have been immunised. vaccine 2 million vaccine carriers 6.3 million ice packs to keep the vaccine cold 209 million homes visited 172 million children immunised Photograph by Marcus Oleniuk Photograph by Jean-Mark Giboux Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland