Ukrainian Trip 2009


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Participation of RAC Kyiv in the all-Ukrainian project Ukrainian Trip 2009, which goal was to open Ukraine to the world, tell about its history, culture and touristic attractiveness. This year, participants from eight countries and four continents visited Ukraine; the journey was organized by eleven Rotaract Clubs of Ukraine. The event ended up with the celebration of the charter of RAC Zhaporozhie on the island of Khortitsa. – about Ukrainian Trip.

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Ukrainian Trip 2009

  1. 1. Rotaract Club Kyiv Ukrainian Trip 2009 “Super Stars!”
  2. 2. What is Ukrainian Trip? • Ukrainian Trip is an international project, run by Rotaract clubs of Ukraine for 2 weeks in summer • The main goal is to give our guests an insight on Ukrainian culture, history and identity
  3. 3. What is Ukrainian Trip? • Key advantage is affordability of the program (participants only pay for their round-trip tickets + 60€ participation fee, the rest is covered)
  4. 4. Who are the Participants? • Members in a good standing of Rotaract clubs worldwide (Rotaractors ages 18 to 30) • This year, we hosted guests from Canada, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Indonesia, Poland, Russia & the US (8 countries & 4 continents!)
  5. 5. Who Organizes & Sponsors it? • In 2009, the trip was carefully planned and thoroughly organized by 11 Rotaract clubs of Ukraine • Financial contributions were made by sponsoring Rotary clubs as well as Rotaractors of Ukraine
  6. 6. The Program in Ukraine • The program in Ukraine began with a big gathering in Kyiv, then participants divided into 2 groups, went on different routes (Western or Eastern Ukraine), and later met in the heart of Ukrainian democracy - Zaporizhzhya
  7. 7. What We Do • Ukrainian Trip is a life-changing experience nobody will ever forget! • We eat, drink, sing, play, dance, have lots of fun & dream on having an extra hour of sleep 
  8. 8. The Program in Kyiv • The program in Kyiv included Home party with preparation of traditional Ukrainian food, visiting places of interest, Back to the USSR party & dinner with Rotary
  9. 9. Our Experience • Time, spent together, was our most precious reward! We shared Ukraine with the world as well as felt ourselves a part of something bigger…
  10. 10. Final Party in Zaporizhzhya • The trip ended up with a great New Year‘s party in the cradle of Ukrainian democracy – Zaporizhzhya • We visited a horse theater, Khortystya island & navigated a ship
  11. 11. Ukrainian Trip 2010 • Next year, we’ll be having Ukrainian Trip 2010! • For more details, please go to • We truly hope this experience will help people from all over the world get to know Ukraine better and build its good reputation by the word of mouth!