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New Year's Project in Denyshy 2008


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Several years in a row RAC Kyiv supports inmates of Denyshy orphanage in Zhytomyr region. That year, we came not only with long expected presents and warm clothes they desperately needed, but also with a New Year’s performance. The project was awarded with an honorary diploma on the all-Ukrainian conference of Rotaract Clubs 2009 for “The best fundraising”.

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New Year's Project in Denyshy 2008

  1. 1. Report on New Year’s Project in Denyshy Orphanage Organizer: Rotaract Club Kyiv
  2. 2. Thank You! • From the bottom of our hearts we would like to express our deep gratitude to all sponsors of this project – especially to those who, besides needed things, made personal financial donations. • This project would have never happened without you! • One person CAN make a difference!
  3. 3. Thank You! • Our special thanks goes to: – Rotary Kyiv Club – Rotary Multinational Club – Salans law firm – Young & Rubicam advertising agency – And everyone who made their personal donations * Our total budget this year amounted to almost UAH 20,000, not taking into account numerous presents!
  4. 4. Only Useful Things • With the funds raised, we managed to purchase* the following: – Mittens – Socks – Tights – Undershirts and panties – Warm sweaters for all 65 kids – Winter jackets for 42 boys – New Year’s presents, sweets and fruits! * Please see attached file for a full financial report
  5. 5. More Stuff Donated • Additionally, we were able to get (all new!): – Elegant dresses for 23 girls – Shirts for 42 boys – Fluffy toys – Summer clothes – Stationeries – New Year’s masks – A VHS player + cassettes for kids – Other clothes in a good condition
  6. 6. Kids Deserve All New! • Because these kids are so special, we didn’t want to bring them anything used or in a bad condition. So we brought only the best clothes + things in very good condition. • Everything was bought according to children’s age & sizes.
  7. 7. Our Performance • Spending time with these precious kids: the biggest joy!
  8. 8. Our Performance • After 100 million rehearsals, we were absolutely ready…
  9. 9. Our Performance • Nobody was more expected than Grandfather Frost
  10. 10. Our Performance • What do you want to be when you grow up? • To make your dream real, you have to sit in Grandfather Frost’s lap and get a present!
  11. 11. Our Performance • There’s nothing easier than playing a game & winning a prize!
  12. 12. Our Performance • How little it actually takes to make a child happy!
  13. 13. Appreciation • Our efforts were highly appreciated and here’s the proof…
  14. 14. See You in 2009… • Looking forward to our coming back next year!