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15th Anniversary & Executive Board Training


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Celebration of 15th anniversary since the day of the founding of our club, the oldest RAC in Ukraine. As part of the event, we hosted the first Executive Board Training for Ukrainian Rotaract Clubs and a grandiose gangster party, which was visited by around 100 guests, including a delegation from Poland. Dress code for the party – style of Chicago 1930s!

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15th Anniversary & Executive Board Training

  1. 1. Rotaract Club Kyiv’s 15th Anniversary & Executive Board Training April 4-5, 2009
  2. 2. Planning • Concept: Matching the celebration of Rotaract Club Kyiv’s 15th anniversary and executive board training for 2009-2010 • Strategy: Gangster party (1930s Chicago), positioning RAC Kyiv as the oldest “Rotaract mafia family” in Ukraine • Tactics: Careful planning of all stages of the event, development of PR strategy, promotional materials and full information support
  3. 3. Preparation Stages • Middle of Jan. to middle of Feb. (for the All-Ukrainian Rotaract conference): shooting a promo movie, preparing the club leaflet, invitations • Mid. of Feb. to beg. of Apr.: launch of club website (, selection of the premises, development of detailed agenda, invitation of participants, distribution of duties among club members
  4. 4. Success Milestones • Matching two Rotaract events of all-Ukrainian scale • Thought-through choice of the dates • Logistics optimization: all of the events were conveniently hosted in a single recreation center • Affordable price • Ongoing communications with the participants before, during, and after the event • Convenient schedule • Guest and coach motivation • Attracting the sponsoring Rotary Kyiv club
  5. 5. Guests • 94 participants overall • 28 guests from Kyiv, 10 Rotarians • 5 guests from Poland 6 6 28 5 4 5 3 5 3 5 4 6
  6. 6. Executive Board Training • Planning and methodological preparation – Olha Novytska (Vice-DRR), organization and hosting – RAC Kyiv • Educational sessions: general presentation, trainings for presidents, vice presidents, treasurers and secretaries • Coaches from: Rotary Club Kyiv Multinational, Rotaract Clubs Cherkasy Smile, Jelenia Góra –Karkonosze, Kyiv- Centre, L’viv, Rivne, Yalta
  7. 7. Gangster Party • Opening address of the clan’s boss, don Matsakone, gangster initiation ritual • Anniversary greetings, handing over the presents • Creative presents from guests – songs, dances, and special performances • Professional photo session, interviewing the participants
  8. 8. Gangster Party • 2 auctions by RC Kyiv and RAC Kyiv. UAH 2,250 collected for club projects • Hot disco till 3 AM (jazz, pop music, DJ JM’s set) • Integration!
  9. 9. Results • Due to careful planning and budgeting, the project covered 100% of its expenses • 100% of guests’ satisfaction vs. 100% of hosts’ joy
  10. 10. Feedback Thank you, RAC Kyiv, for so many Thank you for great organization good things which the L’viv of your birthday! Thank you for delegation experienced during being the first ones, who hosted last weekend. Thank you for your executive board training! Thank sincerity, hospitality, reception, you for being pioneers 15 years care, and all that happened well ago. Grow further and keep up and even very cool!!! your pace. Good luck! Anton Skyba, Roman Palash, RAC L’viv RAC Kyiv-Centre KYIV – YOU DID A GREAT JOB!!! Everything has been done with great taste, starting with sending out the invitations and ending by such an amazing party and interesting press release. Olha Novytska, Rivne
  11. 11. Team • The project was made possible by common efforts of RAC Kyiv team • We express our gratitude to everyone who participated in organization and planning of this event!