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Using Pinterest to Promote your Business


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If you are asking how to use Pinterest to promote your business, you're asking the right question. Many are in the beginning stages of attempting to market using Pinterest since it's latest, greatest social media tool on the internet. Plus, using Pinterest for business marketing is such a visual way to share what you do with your products and services. Using pinterest to promote in a visual way is a new thing in both social media and internet marketing so it's smart to take advantage and strike while the iron is hot.

With that in mind, consider a few of the following reasons to market your business with Pinterest:

Promoting Your Blog
Involving Your Customers
Inspiring Your Customers
Show That You're a Real Person
Add Affiliate Links

Let me know in the comments if you've got more suggestions and reasons to get into marketing yourself on Pinterest.

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Travis Ross lives in Colorado with his wife Jennette and their five children. To learn more about what he's up to and get more information of his training materials, visit his site at

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Using Pinterest to Promote your Business

  1. 1. HOW TO USE PINTEREST TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESSFREE Training Series From Rossome Marketing
  2. 2. PROMOTING YOUR SITE• Make sure each post (or article) has at least one image• Use a “Pin It” button underneath your images• Create theme based pin boards around your site’s topics
  3. 3. INVOLVING YOUR CUSTOMERS• Use Pinterest boards to engage customers• Build relationships through comments and social sharing• Promote your products and services as appropriate
  4. 4. INSPIRING YOUR CUSTOMERS• Use Pinterest boards to give new uses for your products• Example -- Wedding Favors
  5. 5. SHOW THAT YOU’RE A REAL PERSON• Online connection is more difficult than face-to-face• Use both personal and business boards in your account• People need to see the person behind the brand or business
  6. 6. ADD AFFILIATE LINKS• You can insert your own affiliate links on your pins• Create product related boards redirecting with your aff links• Simply click the edit button and replace the direct link
  7. 7. WANT MORE? of all, LIKE THIS VIDEO! (yeah, some shameless self• First promotion...hehe)• Sign up at my site to get a free report on how to take advantage of the Pinterest phenomenon• Subscribe to this channel to see when I upload new training videos• Leave a comment below and share your tips!
  8. 8. THANKS FOR WATCHING!Travis Ross lives in Colorado withhis wife Jennette and their fivechildren. To learn more about whathe’s up to, visit his site at: