ROSSINI EQUIPMENT       not only sleeves
Evolution                                                                                        ROSSINI EQUIPMENTAutomati...
Sleeve Storage System                                                                                        ROSSINI EQUIP...
Clean-Up                                                       ROSSINI EQUIPMENTVertical and ergonomic drymedia anilox cle...
Prima 200/250/300                                                                               ROSSINI EQUIPMENTSpecifica...
Carmi e Ubertis Casale                                                                                                  RO...
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Rossini Equipment


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Rossini Equipment

  1. 1. ROSSINI EQUIPMENT not only sleeves
  2. 2. Evolution ROSSINI EQUIPMENTAutomatic cleaning systemfor Flexo central impression drumOscillating System with Integrated Cleaning Agent Optimal delivery of appropriate cleaning agentDelivery and Indexing Cloth Technology (chemical reaction ) to the cloth...The Rossini Automatic Cleaning System provides throughunique technology a superior performance and unparalleledfunctionality. The special design allows for a continuouscontact point across the entire drum. A patented cleaningagent distribution and delivery system allows for minimalwetting of the cloth for a variety of cleaning cycle options.• Guaranteed high performance cleaning• Oscillating & indexing fabric system• Integrated cleaning agent delivery system• Operates during press set-up time today ...and uniform oscillating pressure (mechanical action) across• Eliminates press down-time the entire width of the drum...• Improves press speeds & print quality ...produces the only fast, efficient and reliable automatic• Eliminates potential for injury cleaning system available on the market today. Before After Parked Position Operation Position
  3. 3. Sleeve Storage System ROSSINI EQUIPMENTInnovative and adjustable systemguaranteed not to twist• Adjustable racks for varying length sleeves• Formed steel construction prevents torsion of racks• Safe sleeve positioning to prevent damage• Racks move easily when operated from either end• Modular design allows for easy expansion• No superstructure support system neededBasic Frame Basic Frame plus Basic Frame plus 1 Additional 2 Additional Storage Module Storage Modules• Up to 3 rows of sleeves in one level• Rack height easily adjustable• High capacity, stability and flexible storage spaces• Easy operation• Solid construction in epoxy-coated steel• Easy and quick installation• Dimensions as per individual requirements STORAGE CAPACITY Ø Sleeve dia. (1) Row Single Rack Basic Frame (5 Racks) Additional Module (4 Racks) 125 3 up to 90 up to 450 up to 360 150 3 up to 78 up to 390 up to 312 175 3 up to 66 up to 330 up to 264 200 3 up to 46 up to 230 up to 184 250 2 up to 30 up to 150 up to 120 300 2 up to 28 up to 140 up to 112 DIMENSIONS (2) Basic Frame Additional Frame Rack length 4,5 mt 3,8 mt System Height 3,5 mt 3,5 mt System Width 2,6 mt 2,6 mt Fixed Racks 2 1 Mobile Racks 3 3 2 Levels per Rack load capacity 400 kg each load capacity 400 kg each(1) Max. sleeve height (for 2 sleeve levels per rack) 1.340 mm (2) Dimensions refer to a standard storage system-other dimensions on request.
  4. 4. Clean-Up ROSSINI EQUIPMENTVertical and ergonomic drymedia anilox cleaning systemWith correct maintenance, cleaning and handlingof anilox sleeves, we can guarantee improved print quality,reduction in press down-time and waste as well as fast ROIon your anilox cleaning equipment.Rossini’s new Clean-Up vertical anilox sleeve cleanerprovides many attractive benefits. There are no mandrelsor adapters to mount the sleeve on, no special end-sealdevices, no direct drive mechanism, just 2 hubs thatmatch the anilox sleeve BCD.Clean-Up is a very user friendly vertical system requiringminimal floor space. It is easy to move, easy to operateand easy to maintain and clean. It provides the operatorwith a very ergonomic means of positioning the sleevesinto the unit. It provides fast and complete cleaning ofany dimension anilox sleeve with any cell geometry andline screen.• Vertical unit utilizes less valuable floor space• Very ergonomic positioning of sleeve into machine• Accommodates variable length and diameter sleeves• Low pressure operation• Filtration and recycling of dry media• Multiple narrow-web sleeves cleaned simultaneously Certification Automatic and certificate and manual modes Clean-Up is a totally A touch screen allows enclosed system with for setting of various a noise level no higher automatic cycles, or a than a general industrial manual mode to program blower (approx. 70 db). a customized cleaning The entire system cycle to meet specific is EC certified. requirements. Cleaning with minimal Disposal of used media consumption media Clean-Up operates dry, at low pressure and recycles/ The ink and fine particles filters the media (NaHCO3) of media are filtered into to keep consumption to an easily removable bag a minimum, yet provides for ergonomic disposal. very consistent, deep There are no special waste and thorough anilox sleeve disposal regulations, but cleaning. always follow local codes.
  5. 5. Prima 200/250/300 ROSSINI EQUIPMENTSpecifically designed to re-surfaceand undercut rubber sleeves and rollers• Two independent work heads• Rigid steel machine bed with linear guides• Fully automated with adjustable speeds• Low Ra values without the need to polish• Option for bearing support system• Very easy to use with fast ROIStandard accessories included List of accessorieswith the grinding machine (one each) upon request• Grinding wheel cm 400x40x127 • Drive safety dog TR 035 I/D mm 10 with locking flange O/D max 35 mm ; TR 050 I/D mm 20• Live center 4 Morse for tailstock O/D max 50 mm ; TR 080 I/D mm 50• Fixed center (drive head) mdc 4 Morse O/D max 80 mm ; TR 110 I/D mm 80• Shaft for balancing wheel O/D max 110 mm• Tool holder and 1 rubber removal tool • Aspiration equipment with self-cleaning filter• Diamond holder and 1 diamond • Modification for grinding with coolant and• Drive safety dog for journals to be selected filter type coolant purification system from standard sizes • Grinding head to work with steel/diamond wheel• Set of maintenance tools with 7000 RPM, HP 15• Instruction manual • Wheel balancing equipment • Dry filterGrinding wheel with rubber removal tool. Wheelhead unit (shown with diamond). Work head.
  6. 6. Carmi e Ubertis Casale ROSSINI EQUIPMENT Rossini S.p.A. HeadQuarters Via de Gasperi, 5 20027 Rescaldina Milano - Italy Tel. +39 0331 47 27 11 Fax +39 0331 57 97 46 Production facilities Rossini S.p.A. Rossini Rossini Rossini Rossini L’Aquila Spain Sleeve Technologies Do Brasil North America Inc.Rossini Spa reserves the right to modify the presented products at any time and without notice. Nucleo industriale Camí del Mig, 8-10 Chisoda D.N.59, Ind.E Com. De Plasticos 4305 Creek Park Drive de L’Aquila 08349 Cabrera De Mar Km 8+550 e Borrachas Ltda Suwanee, GA 30024 Comprensorio di Bazzano (Barcelona) - España M Conform C.F. Rua Tapabua S/Nr. USA 67100 L’Aquila - Italy Tel. +34 93 759 60 33 307221 Chisoda Lote 12b qd.4 C. Empresar. Tel. +1 (678) 482 0835 Tel. +39 0862 44 561 Fax +34 93 759 35 35 Timisoara - Romania Rod. Anhanguera km 33 Fax +1 (678) 482 0837 Fax +39 0862 44 15 32 Tel. +40 356 45 68 94 Cep 07750-000 Fax +40 356 45 81 96 Cajamar - SP - Brasil Tel. +55 11 4446 64 56 Fax +55 11 4446 62 42 Sales offices Rossini Rossini Rossini Rossini Erminio Printing Rollers UK Ltd. France GmbH (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Breach House B.P. 23 Toni Bauer Strasse, 8 Ground Floor, Block 1, Crown Industrial Park, 9th Terra Breach, Clutton 68720 Illfurth 53894 Mechernich Road, Futian District, 518040, Shenzhen, P.R.of China Bristol BS39 5QR - England France Germany Tel. +86 755 83480901 Tel. +44 1761 45 38 83 Tel. +33 03 893 191 20 Tel. +49 2443 31 47 59 Fax +86 755 83480902 Fax +44 1761 45 38 83 Fax +33 03 890 641 54 Fax +49 2443 90 23 48