One Nation. One Motion


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  • Live Nation focuses on bringing the best music performances to the fans. Live Nation aims to bring the best live concerts with high quality sound, lighting, venues and costumer service.
  • Under the ownership of Live Nation is Ticketmaster, in which all Live Nation events ticket purchasing goes through. Music brings joy to peoples lives and can relate to different genres of music. Everyone has a spot in his or her heart for music.
  • With Live Nation owning Ticketmaster, a campaign that can be redeveloped is one that incorporates using smart phones as the physical ticket for the customer. By doing this, it saves Live Nation and Ticketmaster on paper, high processing fees and allowing their customers the ease to have their ticket on their phone. The campaign will be “One Motion. One Nation”, meaning your tickets would be live, at the disposable at finger tips in digital form on a smart phone with one signal motion as to downloading the ticket to your phone. This campaign would go along with a new way of purchasing tickets.
  • A brief overview of what will be talked about later on in the presentation. Will launch a test period called a beta.
  • As of now, Ticket Master and Live Nation only offers print at home tickets, mail tickets and will call tickets. Instead of these options, a new method of having the tickets incorporated in an application on smart phones would be created. This allows people not to worry about forgetting to print their tickets at home, or bringing their tickets or having to wait in line at will call. By having this option it cuts down on lines and makes security go smoother. This campaign would be a success by being more efficient for all parties incorporated. Success can be measured in customer feedback from the new method, less will call lines, faster security lines, less paper used and the option of cutting some processing fees by using the new method can be marketed. Developing this application and using this campaign will make more money and more customers will be satisfied
  • Digital marketing tools can be incorporated into making the campaign the best of its ability and drive it to its highest amount of success. With developing this application on smart phones, you can incorporate that with the power of social media via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Setting up this ticket ease application and incorporating the three most popular social media platforms will drive impressions. Within the app, you can build a platform where you can share with other concertgoers which concerts you have attended and build points for each concert attended. After building up points there will be rewards such as free tickets, merchandise and meet and greets. Marketing this on Facebook and Twitter can lead into some great promotions with hash tags such as #onemotiononenation.
  • Marketing this on Facebook and Twitter can lead into some great promotions with hash tags such as #onenationonemotionBy creating photo contests, people will be communicating with has tags and tweets using the hash tag. People will be interacting with eachother while promoting for upcoming events and reliving old memories.
  • The budgeting for the campaign will be expensive and implicated via social media platforms, Google Adwords and application development. For our Google Adwords we budgeted $1.50 a day with many keywords driving our campaign.
  • Finding shows has never been easier with the a search engine for finding upcoming shows on your phone and on Facebook. You will be able to find shows of genres you like and shows around your area. You will be able to bookmark you favorite artists and similar artists near you area will be suggested.To help stay organize, you can bookmark upcoming shows to your calendar and within the app, it will remind of when tickets go on sale and about the upcoming event if you have tickets purchased.
  • Marketing on Facebook will be budgeted for $200.00 a day and Twitter with $100.00 a day. Using Facebook, the application can be transformed and carried out on this social media outlook. As for twitter, promotions will be preformed will using the hash tag #onemotiononenation. As for the development of the application, we budgeted $1 million. With all necessary marketing accepts covered, our budget for the campaign is $2.5 million. Interactions with our costumers will also help spread the campaign and drive traffic.The future of concert tickets is "One Motion. One Nation."Gaining followers is made possible by delivering high performances building a credible name and Live Nation has developed followers. These followers are their target audience, the people attending the shows and buying tickets. By making them happy the company grows. Live Nationalso interacts with their fans and customers through emails, social media, Internet marketing and by reliving the concert after it happened in video form.
  • One Nation. One Motion

    1. 1. “Bringing the Music to the Fans. Tickets now available for purchase.”“One Nation. One Motion.”
    2. 2. o Live Nation uses Ticketmaster for all of their ticket distribution. Live Nationand Ticketmaster are owned under Live Nation Entertainment.o Ticketmaster has three options to receive your tickets: o Will call o Print at Home o Home Delivery
    3. 3. o One Nation: Incorporate the fans of Live Nation in a community.o One Motion: Have simple ticketing options.o Interactive users gaining rewards from connecting with others andattending events on Facebook and a designed ticketing application for smartphones.o Benefits to new campaign. o Interactive users oFree promotions. oConnecting with users. o Make ticketing paperless saving on ticketing fees and paper. o Build and maintain following
    4. 4. o Develop phone application.o Advertise new application and the campaign of “One Nation. OneMotion.”o Launch Facebook program consecutively with the phone application.o Followed by Twitter and Instagram program.o Launch contests and reward program.o Apply Beta.o Final Launch.
    5. 5. Electronic Tickets o One Nation. One Motion. o Tickets on the go on your phone. o Incorporating the music community into an interactive nation.Advantageso No more ticket lines.o No more high processing fees.o Faster entrance.
    6. 6. Interactive Users: FacebookoFacebook: Interactive program. o Most complex program . oFacebook is the most popular. o Develop Facebook page where users will go to interact with each other and Live Nation as a company.oReward system for attending Live Nation events and interactingon Facebook, which in turn develops a following.o Important to develop a following. oGive back to them. o These costumers will be promoters for upcoming events with Facebook statuses and contests as well with reliving old memories.
    7. 7. o Interactive program for Twitter: Hash tag #onenationonemotiono Get trending #onenationonemotion by incorporating the slogan with allpromotions.o Interactive program for Instagram: Upload pictures of old events with hastag#onenationonemotiono Photo contest can be done in order to increase activity across multiple socialmedia platforms.
    8. 8. o Google Adwords Advertisement.o Ads shown on Google.como Portion of campaign budget used for Pay-Per-Click.
    9. 9. “Everything at the ease of your fingertips.”o Finding shows has never been easier.o Incorporate concert finder within phoneapplication and Facebook program.o Find shows on the go.o Bookmark upcoming shows.
    10. 10. Budget for advertising via: Success Measured by: oFacebook o Costumer feedback oTwitter oInstagram o Usage of application, Facebook o Email program and Twitter/Instagram o Google Adwords program. o Application Development o Interactive costumers. Gained Followers: oFacebook likes increase o Interactive contests and reward o Twitter Followers increase systems. oInstagram followers increase o Increase in Newsletter subscribers