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Media A2, Film Trailer (Unfinished)

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Film trailer for Media A2

  1. 1. Film TrailerRoss & Jack
  2. 2. Dead on Record Genre - Horror Age Rating - 18+ Plot – A mutation of bacteria known as „prions‟ which causes the well known disease „mad cow disease‟ has spread through cattle and has “Corrupted” humans with low immune systems. The mutation of prions gets confined to a isolated area and our main character is unfortunate enough to be stuck in the middle of it. The story follows a 19-20 year old man going on a 2 week exhibition in the forest to test out his survival skills. He takes his camera with him to record how he copes and looks after himself but he does not know of the prion mutation spreading through the area.
  3. 3. Inspiration and ideasDoing a horror/thriller trailer we had multiple ideas but stuck to doing azombie infection outbreak trailer, without it being too „cliché‟. The idea of aman who was run down and slowly being infected was just a standardsuggestion. Then we got inspiration from the film „127 Hours‟ and „REC‟had ideas of having our character creating recordings of his experience tostay sane. This idea then came to create the title of our film trailer „deadon record‟.The idea of a zombie film was because we was fans of many zombie filmssuch as: „28 Days & Weeks later‟ „Dawn of the Dead‟ „Diary of the Dead‟(were we also got inspiration from doing a handheld camera film).We then looked at the film „D.O.A‟ were a man has been poisoned andhas been told he only has a few days to live and must find a cure. Whichwas very similar to ours but in a different scenario.
  4. 4. Poster ideas We like the idea of showing the camera on the poster as its our main prop and plot to our film. Ideas of having the lens reflecting the zombie/monster such as these two poster have done to show audiences a small insight to the story of the film. Still undecided whether to have an illustrated cover or of our actor.
  5. 5. The handheld camera being in theforeground suggesting to theaudiences that the film is basedaround this prop Use of the word „DEAD‟ to suggest the zombie/undead reference to the film Similar to ours „DEAD on Record‟ Motto or sell line of the film „shoot the dead‟ having two meanings shoot on camera and shoot with weaponry
  6. 6. Both different posters but using the same techniqueof the camera in the foreground suggesting the plotfor the film. But also both lenses have a reflection ofsomething to give audiences an insight to the filmsevil character(s).Big inspiration to our movie poster.
  7. 7. Target Audience Our film trailer is to appeal more to an age rating of around 18-30 year olds interest in horror and thriller.
  8. 8. Props Liquid Latex  Water bottle  Can opener  Cooking pot  Bowl Fake blood  Canned food  Whisk Camcorder  Sleeping bag Rubble/Bricks  Inflatable bed Cardboard boxes  Bed pump Axe/ Pick Axe  Bog roll Matches  Spoon/knife/fork Tent  Pocket Knife Rucksack
  9. 9. Main Character The main character is a teen that is trying to raise money for charity and is taking a challenge to survive in the woods for a week without any help from the public. He must video log everything he does for proof that he camped for a few weeks.Secondary Character Our minor character has very little background in the trailer but with the background that he has got he is 20 yr. old man running away from what he has seen in the woods.
  10. 10. Extra‟s („Corrupted‟) Our extras who will be playing the role of the infected will be based and designed to look like „The Walking Dead‟ infected but to act like „28 Weeks Later‟ infected. We did not want our infected to be like a cliché infected with a slow walk, brainless and pretty dumb. Also in the film „[REC]‟ involves very intelligent infected. This is the type of infected we want and „[REC]‟ was a big inspiration.
  11. 11. Trailers and Camera Shots In the Diary of the Dead the film is edited with a yellow nicotine colour palette Our film is going to use a blue and grey colour palette. this takes the warmth out of the film and creating this dark, cold thriller atmosphere. This will also make our blood a black/dark red colour therefore making our film less stereotypical of having bright red blood. 3Kak4
  12. 12. In this screenshot of the „Diary of theDead‟ trailer one frame is shot out offocus to show the audience theunexpected drama that takes placeamongst the characters.This technique is mostly used whenrunning or to add drama to the sceneto excite the audience and carry outsuspense.We are going to use this techniquewhen our main character is runningfrom an enemy and when heencounters them unexpectedly.
  13. 13. The use of static can be used as atransition in a handheld film, for examplein the trailer for Diary of the Dead whenthe drama and action happens thecamera goes static and is used as atransition from one angle to anotherWe are going to use this effect to switchbetween the camera looking at ourcharacter to looking in front of thecharacter.
  14. 14. In this scene of the „Diary of theDead‟ the female character is beingbitten.In our scene we are going to try andshow the audience the bite andinstead of blood being poured ontothe floor our blood we spray ontothe character and enemies. Alsohave small spray on the cameralens and have the main characterclean it while facing him
  15. 15. Another effect we will use in ourfilm is the reflection of ourcharacter holding the camcorder
  16. 16. In our trailer we will be using rotatedcameras to give an offset and unnaturalfeel to the shots. Also our lighting willfollow this type of effect to build tensionand an unnerving feel.We will use scenes like this one withinour trailer with dark rooms andsilhouettes to add mystery and suspensewithin our trailer and shots.Like the trailer for [REC] we will be usinga static effect on some of our shots toshow the effect of a defected camera ora broken tape.
  17. 17. This shot in rec is a good exampleof the colour correction they used onthe shots to take out the warmthwithin most of the scene. We will beusing a different colour correction toachieve the same type of thing.
  18. 18. First Location – Truck industrial sight
  19. 19. Dusted wasteland area where ourmain character will be andencounters enemies.Setting: Evening time/Night time.
  20. 20. Second film location – old worn down pig farm
  21. 21. Old pig farm with a forest near forour main character to run and findshelter.
  22. 22. Costume designMain Character –-Black chequered shirt-Dark Jeans-Hiking boots-BagMinor Character –- Black shirt- Green cargos- BootsExtras (Infected) –-Old worn t shirts, shirts-Dusted up trousers/jeans-Prosthetics make up to make wounds and cuts-Our Costume choices where chosen because we wanted our character to look likenormal civilians that have been in the woods for a few days/weeks.
  23. 23. Behind the scenes
  24. 24. For cuts and open wounds we boughtLiquid Latex and fake bloodHere we applied a layer of the liquid latexon the arm and applied bits of tissue tocreate the illusion of loose skinHere we let the liquid latex and tissue dryand used two sticks to split the dried latex tocreate the open wound.Then we applied the fake blood into the openpart of the liquid latex and made the cut lookopen.Soon we will have make up to use on the whiteliquid latex to blend it with skin.
  25. 25. This was one of Jacks first wounds he madeon one of our extra actors. He used a layerof liquid latex to create the size of the woundand base layer. He then used tissue to makethe outline of the mould and built up aroundit.He then applied black gel pen and fakeblood to create a darker coloured blood. Alsomixed honey and red dye.Link below shows a time-lapse of JackPhillipson creating a wound. N6sfA&feature=channel&list=UL
  26. 26. With our shots that we film we will be adding a few effects to them to create adeeper atmosphere within our trailer.We will be using a colour correction to give our shots a dull cool effect in them andtake out all the warmth which will give a cold almost dark effect in our final trailer.We shall be using White noise and flickering TV distortion to add a broken typefeel to the footage.
  27. 27. This is a teaser poster for our film. And is oneof four we are going to make.The poster ideas were taken from the films inour previous slides. Our other 3 we are goingto make will have a age rating, release dateand more detail about the film. One posterwith the both of our characters on and twoseparate poster with one of our characters.The link below shows a time-lapse of howJack Phillipson made it. QW10
  28. 28. We got the idea of using a handledrecord camera from George A.Romeros „Diary of the Dead‟ and wealso used the idea of having the camerain the foreground and instead of the titleat the bottom we had ours at the topwith a sub heading below.The idea of a camera in the centreforeground also came from the film[REC].