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Week2 presentation


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Week2 presentation

  1. 1. Juan Enriquez gave a speech called “Will our kids be a differentspecies?” The main topic of this speech is, are we changing overtime?
  2. 2. Juan Enriquez maintained the attention of the audience inhis introduction by telling a story in a comical way in hisintroduction. He gradually got more serious so he wouldn’tlose or confuse his audience until he hit his main pointand hit the audience with a question to think about at theend. “Will our kids be a different species?”
  3. 3. Evaluating Juan Enriquez on his speech, I would give hima 5 out of 5 because he’s giving the audience so muchinformation, and the way he explains it makes it easy tounderstand and follow.
  4. 4. 3 tips you can learn from Garr Reynolds is: Customize your content to the audience Use your slides as humorous punctuations Leave the audience feeling smarter
  5. 5. What I’ve learned from Juan Enriquez after hearing hisspeech is that short pauses and jokes can mean a wholelot of a difference of the audience understanding andmaintaining the information. Giving all the information atonce can make you lose your audience in what you’retalking about and eventually, lose interest.
  6. 6. SimilaritiesComparing Sir Ken Robinson’s videos, “Schools KillCreativity” and “Changing Education Paradigms”, we’llhave to start with they both have similar arguments onwhat’s wrong with our education system such as theeducation system is becoming less and less creative andmore repetitive. As if we’re making copies of every childinstead of inspiring them to become unique and their ownperson
  7. 7. DifferencesIn “Schools kill Creativity”, he talks about changing theway education is taught so creativity can grow and thefuture generation can better prepare themselves for whatlies ahead. In “Changing Education Paradigms”, it was allabout proving that our civilization’s teaching methods areold and not useful for our time period, which needs tochange for a better future.
  8. 8. The most important tip I can give from Juan Enriquez’sspeech is if your speech has a lot of technical or importantdetails to tell, try to break it up and make the mood lessserious at times so the audience has time to retain whatthey just heard.
  9. 9. While listening to Juan Enriquez’s speech, I was thinkingabout the difference between the generations in my family.From my parents, to my grandparents, and I realized thatthere’s definitely a chance in the way we think and act.
  10. 10. When Juan Enriquez talks about our brains processingdata and how it’s evolving to process more. I’m not toosure that’s true in my experience. Each generation hadtheir own knowledge to remember and their ownresponsibilities. What seemed hard then and easy now isjust because of technology today that does most of thework for us.
  11. 11. I do believe humans as a whole are changing as aspecies because of the world we created for ourselves. Asany animal, we evolve to our changing environment.