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Using QGIS to create 3D indoor maps


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Tim Jenks (eeGeo) gave a quick overview of how they built their indoor 3D mapping application with QGIS. Presented at the 6th Scottish QGIS UK user group meeting.

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Using QGIS to create 3D indoor maps

  1. 1. Using QGIS to create 3D indoor maps Tim Jenks, SVP Software Development
  2. 2. • 3D mapping SDK for iOS / Android / JS / Windows / OS X / VR • Largest virtual real-world we know of (20 million km^2) • Developed in Dundee since 2007 • Open Source @
  3. 3. Japan for NTT Docomo
  4. 4. Melbourne AUS for Sensis / Telstra
  5. 5. Brazil for Samsung
  6. 6. North America for HIMEX Ltd
  7. 7. eeGeo Indoor Map Format • Vector-based, open schema for Indoor Maps • geojson-based. Simple creation + management using open tools like QGIS • Format is made available under permissive CC-BY-4.0 license •
  8. 8. QGIS Digitizing Tools • Georeference in Pseudo-mercator (EPSG:3857) • Georeferencing is never an exact science • QGIS Advanced Digitizing Tools to trace + Digitize CAD or Raster floor plans
  9. 9. Indoor Maps API • RESTful API to create a 3D map from a Vector eeGeo Indoor Maps Format 2D map. • Produces a 3D map for use in eeGeo maps • api
  10. 10. Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Wayfinding • eeGeo Indoor Map Format supports specification of navigation graph • Connected, attributed polyline graph • Edited and managed in QGIS
  11. 11. Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Wayfinding • Indoor & Outdoor RESTful routing API backed by OSRM available • Outdoor routing using OSM and OSRM • Example: •
  12. 12. Thanks! eeGeo Indoor Map Format available at: eeGeo 3D maps available at: Follow @eeGeo