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Liam Mason QGIS Geoserver SLD


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Liam Mason's presentation on using QGIS to create SLD files for Geoserver for over 400 layers. Given at the 3rd QGIS user group meeting in Edinburgh on 5th May 2015

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Liam Mason QGIS Geoserver SLD

  1. 1. Using QGIS to style GeoServer layers via SLD Liam Mason MS GIS team
  2. 2. Beware… • Differences between SLD 1.0 and 1.1.0 – CssParameter vs SvgParameter • Case-sensitive (esp Filters!) • Symbol sizes • More limited WellKnownName library • “square” • “shape:slash” • “rectangle” • “horline” + rotation QGIS Geoserver
  3. 3. plugin/blob/master/src/opengeo/qgis/
  4. 4. Thanks for your attention!