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The State of Social Media #3XEDigital


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Social media is changing.. drastically. In this presentation, I update you on recent changes and what to do about it. Originally presented at 3XE Digital on May 11th, 2018.

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The State of Social Media #3XEDigital

  1. 1. The State of Social Media Ross Hudgens, Founder/CEO
  2. 2. Main Source: buzzsumo-study @RossHudgens
  3. 3. It’s not a good time to be in social media… or so it seems. @RossHudgens
  4. 4. Social engagement is down… big. @RossHudgens
  5. 5. The average article received 8 shares in 2015. Today, that number is 4. @RossHudgens
  6. 6. Things are more competitive than ever. @RossHudgens
  7. 7. @RossHudgens Facebook changes have dropped overall shares.
  8. 8. @RossHudgens Mark Zuckerberg announced they are shifting to “meaningful conversations.”
  9. 9. @RossHudgens This is not good, even for paid reach.
  10. 10. @RossHudgens Organic impacts have always been big, but today they’re bigger than ever.
  11. 11. @RossHudgens That said, not all is lost. @RossHudgens
  12. 12. LinkedIn as a channel is growing. Shares are up 60% on the network. @RossHudgens
  13. 13. @RossHudgens However, if you’re in B2C, that may not be exciting news. @RossHudgens
  14. 14. How about Pinterest? Check out these stats from 2017. @RossHudgens
  15. 15. In 2018, Pinterest still seems strong. Facebook not so much. @RossHudgens
  16. 16. @RossHudgens If you’re in a meaningful B2C market, there’s no better time to focus your strategy on Pinterest. @RossHudgens
  17. 17. @RossHudgens Pour more resources into native images and content that support the network. @RossHudgens
  18. 18. @RossHudgens Twitter is a two- way street. At the top, engagement has never been better. @RossHudgens
  19. 19. @RossHudgens That said, it’s harder to get started because of this. @RossHudgens
  20. 20. @RossHudgens Promote Mode is an affordable (~€80/mo) way to gain reach. @RossHudgens
  21. 21. @RossHudgens Twitter says the average person will reach 30,000 more people and add 30 more followers. @RossHudgens
  22. 22. @RossHudgens That said, native video works almost everywhere. @RossHudgens
  23. 23. @RossHudgens Videos are six times more likely to receive RTs than GIFs are. Source:
  24. 24. @RossHudgens A Facebook video receives 135% more reach than a photo (on average). Source:
  25. 25. @RossHudgens It’s hard to top the distribution potential of YouTube. @RossHudgens
  26. 26. @RossHudgens@RossHudgens All that considered, the strategy to utilize for real, consistent growth is an obvious one.
  27. 27. @RossHudgens Leverage search as your “hub”.
  28. 28. @RossHudgens If possible, use email as your second pillar.
  29. 29. @RossHudgens Leverage social media as your spokes.
  30. 30. @RossHudgens Leverage content aimed to rank on Google as peripheral social assets.
  31. 31. @RossHudgens The great content that supports social, will also support Google.
  32. 32. @RossHudgens From there, pivot the amount of effort you put into each network based on reach as things change.
  33. 33. @RossHudgens However, keep search and email as your core.. and it won’t matter if FB declines.
  34. 34. @RossHudgens@RossHudgens As social media practitioners, pivot your focus from “I create content for networks”.
  35. 35. @RossHudgens@RossHudgens Instead, think of yourself as a social content creator.
  36. 36. @RossHudgens@RossHudgens Today, even content on organic results feels like social content.
  37. 37. @RossHudgens We don’t hire “writers” even though we focus on SEO.
  38. 38. @RossHudgens@RossHudgens We hire people who can write punchy contant, but also get scannability & design best practices.
  39. 39. @RossHudgens@RossHudgens That sounds a lot like the atypical “Social Media Specialist” to me!
  40. 40. @RossHudgens Today’s marketer needs to be T-Shaped.
  41. 41. @RossHudgens You risk becoming irrelevant if you don’t build out your T.
  42. 42. @RossHudgens@RossHudgens Work off those, pivot to new networks, and your growth will look like this — for your career and business.
  43. 43. Questions? San Diego, CA | Austin, TX | | 858.609.9118