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Ecommerce Content Marketing for SEO


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Presentation for Mivacon in San Diego, CA.

Published in: Marketing, Retail
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Ecommerce Content Marketing for SEO

  2. 2. Get the Deck:
  3. 3. About Me Founder, Siege Media. We are a content marketing agency in San Diego, CA with a speciality in SEO. @rosshudgens
  4. 4. Content marketing is growing.
  5. 5. Businesses are publishing more than they ever have.
  6. 6. Ecommerce investment is only going to increase.
  7. 7. Unfortunately, creation doesn’t mean success.
  8. 8. More likely, most of the people ramping up heavily will end up hurting.
  9. 9. With content development – especially for SEO – you can’t hit publish and expect traffic. @ROSSHUDGENS
  10. 10. Specific to SEO, the reality is still that content that drives SEO success needs a tie-in to links. Backlink correlation at 0.31.
  11. 11. On the other hand, if your ONLY focus is links, you’ll probably fail, too. @ROSSHUDGENS
  13. 13. The most powerful application of content marketing in Ecommerce is top of the funnel, search driven content.
  14. 14. @ROSSHUDGENS Combine content that can drive links with top-of-the-funnel search volume to explosively grow your business.
  15. 15. Stand Up Paddle Boarding for REI: 18.8k Estimated Searches/Mo to Page 53 Unique Linking Root Domains @ROSSHUDGENS
  16. 16. REI Growth From Search: Not bad.
  17. 17. Do Top-of-the-Funnel KW Research in SEMRush. @ROSSHUDGENS
  18. 18. Verify Linkability of the Topic Using OSE. If 2-3 URLs ranking in the top 3 have 20+ links, you have a linkable subject. @ROSSHUDGENS
  19. 19. Insert URL Ranking #1 Into SEMRush to Determine True Search Potential. 23,400 total searches & $28.3k value for a “camping list” topic.
  20. 20. Use Skyscraper Technique to improve on the current content ranking #1 for your topic.
  21. 21. Unfortunately, not every industry has a ton of top-of-the-funnel SEO driven opportunity. We can teach them how to personalize products.. so they don’t buy from us. Maybe not the best idea. @ROSSHUDGENS
  22. 22. If you focus on the flywheel, there’s still lots of SEO benefit to be had from content marketing.
  23. 23. Every piece of content you put out should have secondary KPIs besides links.
  24. 24. In ecommerce, the most valuable one for you is almost always email signups.
  25. 25. You should also have easily accessible links to all your social accounts on your blog.
  26. 26. Other Suggestions: Include related products in sidebar/below post. e Use an email CTA in the sidebar with a compelling offer/discount code for signup.
  27. 27. (Good) Infographics are a great way to engage audience/earn links. e They do especially well in ecommerce because tall images perform better on Pinterest.
  28. 28. By using an embed code for infographics, you lower posting friction.
  29. 29. Create marketable surveys using Google. Can cost as little as $100 to make marketable content.
  30. 30. Combine infographics and surveys for improved distribution.
  31. 31. Curate data from multiple sources to create a reputable ranking. Reach out to people who won. @ROSSHUDGENS
  32. 32. Build native images for improved distribution on each social network.
  33. 33. Match the S.U.C.C.E.S. Model
  34. 34. On April 21st Google’s Mobile Update is coming – make your content mobile- friendly, or lose traffic.
  36. 36. @ROSSHUDGENS Hitting publish and sharing on ineffective social accounts is not a distribution strategy.
  37. 37. @ROSSHUDGENS Every piece of content should have a distribution plan, and defined success metrics.
  38. 38. @ROSSHUDGENS On our blog, we define per post success as 100+ Twitter shares, which greatly informs macro goals of more leads, links, and organic traffic.
  39. 39. What distribution options do you have to get the results you w If not existing social profiles, what are your distribution options as an ecommerce company? @ROSSHUDGENS
  40. 40. Facebook Dark Posts It’s possible to get CPC to .01 if you connect with a “node” (person connected to many like minded).
  41. 41. StumbleUpon Ads Low engagement, high pageviews. Best for visual content. CPV can be .03-.08. StumbleUpon Advertising
  42. 42. Pinterest Promoted Pins In early stages, must apply for access. Average CPC varies between .15-25 in limited sample. Best for tall images that lead to full post.
  43. 43. Email Outreach To generate high end placements like this, you need to do (consistent) email outreach for your content.
  44. 44. StumbleUpon Ads Delicate platform for distribution, but big potential. Must be 100% sure you are good fit or risk ban. Reddit Submissions
  45. 45. StumbleUpon Ads High CPC ranging from $.25 to $.35, but can generate a lot of traffic. Content Recommendation Services
  46. 46. WARNING: Paid distribution can be worth it if you hit multiple KPIs (signups, follows, etc). If you only have one – links – you’re unlikely to see ROI.
  47. 47. Content Marketing is a Process. @ROSSHUDGENS
  48. 48. You probably won’t get it right the first time. @ROSSHUDGENS
  49. 49. But with work, you’ll slowly start getting better. @ROSSHUDGENS
  50. 50. And when it clicks, amazing growth is possible. @ROSSHUDGENS