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Content Marketing Data That Moves the Needle


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Updated for State of Search in Dallas on November 16th, 2015.

Presentation originally from SearchLove San Diego on September 10th, 2015.

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Content Marketing Data That Moves the Needle

  1. 1. Content Marketing Data That Moves the Needle Ross Hudgens, Founder, Siege Media @RossHudgens
  2. 2. Get the Deck:
  3. 3. My biggest frustration as a marketer is this.
  4. 4. Not exactly this, I get that part.
  5. 5. It’s that someone felt 309,000,000 articles on the topic needed to happen.
  6. 6. @ROSSHUDGENS It’s that someone within two hours of creating this deck had perpetuated the cycle.
  7. 7. It almost always leads to nothing – or in marketing terms, less than 8 shares per post. Read More:
  8. 8. @ROSSHUDGENS I much prefer content like this.
  9. 9. @ROSSHUDGENS And this.
  10. 10. The goal of this presentation is to make the gap between these two concepts a little bit smaller.
  12. 12. According to Outbrain, odd number headlines have a 20% better CTR than even number headlines.
  13. 13. HubSpot found that adding [brackets] in their titles bumped up CTR by 38%.
  14. 14. Specifically, HubSpot found [templates] got the highest CTR average of all bracketed terms.
  15. 15. A study found writing with half that of conventional copy enjoyed a 58% improvement in readability.
  16. 16. The same study found concise, scannable, and objective content to have a 124% increase in readability.
  17. 17. Adding colorful images – especially above the fold, make it 80% more likely someone will read your content.
  18. 18. Posts with hand- drawn images generate 343% more shares than those with stock photos.
  19. 19. Study shows linking externally has a positive correlation with ranking. Position 1 averages 50% more than 10. Read More:
  20. 20. Which content types perform best for business? 1. Lists 2. How to’s 3. What Posts 4. Why Posts 5. Misc 6. Infographics
  21. 21. The top 50 business blogs are getting less than 7% of their total traffic from social media.
  22. 22. Short URLs are 250% more likely to be clicked than long URLs according to one study.
  23. 23. Short URLs also create sharing friction on social media.
  24. 24. Instagram engagement per post is 2.81% of total audience, compared to only .25% for Facebook.
  25. 25. How to capitalize with SEO-focused content? Include a CTA to check out content link in profile. @ROSSHUDGENS
  26. 26. Read More: This is the perfect Pinterest photo, according to data science.
  27. 27. Read More: • No human faces • Multiple colors • Lots of red • Moderate color • Vertical orientation • Little background
  28. 28. Visitors who read an article for three minutes returned twice as often as those who read for one minute.
  29. 29. If your content won’t capture attention for more than a minute, even if good, don’t try.
  30. 30. Conversion rate is highest with 1 to 3 and 8 to 10 form fields – not 4 to 7.
  31. 31. Welcome emails have 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails.
  33. 33. @ROSSHUDGENS Using Buzzsumo, we analyzed the 1000 most shared infographics in the past year to find out what common characteristics the most popular visuals have.
  34. 34. The most shared infographics have 396 words shown on average – a short blog post. Example:
  35. 35. Example: The infographics most popular on Facebook had 402 words on average.
  36. 36. Example: The infographics most popular on Pinterest had 387 words on average.
  37. 37. Twitter’s Most Popular: The infographics most popular on Twitter had 442 words on average.
  38. 38. LinkedIn’s Most Popular: The infographics most popular on LinkedIn had 502 words on average.
  39. 39. The Ideal Infographic Size: The most popular infographics had dimensions of 3683 tall by 804 pixels wide on average.
  40. 40. The most used colors amongst the most popular infographics: @ROSSHUDGENS
  41. 41. Industries Where Infographics Are Most Popular @ROSSHUDGENS
  42. 42. Industries Where Infographics Are Least Popular @ROSSHUDGENS
  43. 43. How many popular infographics use a color wheel scheme? @ROSSHUDGENS
  44. 44. The most used color wheel schemes amongst popular infographics: @ROSSHUDGENS
  45. 45. What’s a Triadic Color Scheme? A triadic color scheme uses colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. Triadic color harmonies tend to be quite vibrant. @ROSSHUDGENS
  46. 46. What’s a Monochromatic Color Scheme? Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue and extended using its shades, tones and tints. @ROSSHUDGENS
  47. 47. What Industries’ Infographics Do Best on Twitter? Anatomy of a “Perfect” Infographic • <400 Words • 800x3500+ • Features Blue • Color Wheel Scheme • On Health/Entertainment Read More:
  49. 49. @ROSSHUDGENS What Days Covert Best for Outreach? Our Outreach Conversion Rates by Day 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY
  50. 50. @ROSSHUDGENS Monday Converts 80% Better Than Thursday. 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY
  51. 51. Not sharing the link in our first email increased our outreach conversions by 63%.
  52. 52. In analyzing thousands of outreach emails, we found the average converting subject line to be 64 characters long. Interactive for Search Engine Journal: SEO content analysis tool @ROSSHUDGENS
  53. 53. This differs from bulk email marketing research, which found 41-50 to be the optimal length.
  54. 54. *Our sample did not include a test batch of “longer” emails. In analyzing thousands of converting emails, we also found the average converting email to be 83 words long.*
  55. 55. @ROSSHUDGENS Our hypothesis? Long enough to be truly customized, short enough to be easily readable.
  56. 56. We surveyed lifestyle bloggers and found that pitching 55 days in front of the holidays is optimal in order to guarantee a post slot. Pitch now!
  57. 57. Ross Hudgens, Founder, Siege Media @RossHudgens