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Academic Paragraph and Essay Writing rosmery bolivia


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Guide to teach Academic Paragraph and Essay Writing in the ESL/EFL classroom.

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Academic Paragraph and Essay Writing rosmery bolivia

  1. 1. Paragraph and Essay Writing
  2. 2. What is an academic paragraph? • A group of sentences, within a larger text, that “talk” about ONE idea. • After reading an argumentative paragraph, the reader should understand your idea and why you think it is true. • It must explain the idea and show evidence that support the explanations.
  3. 3. Paragraph Unity Cohesion Coherence
  4. 4. • Reason: A great education system… • Explanation: What to say in order to prove my point is relevant? … people can choose where to study according to their convenience since they have many options… • Evidence: How to illustrate my explanation? There are plenty of schools, universities and institutes… Reason-Explanation-Evidence
  5. 5. Living in a big city • I sustain that there are several advantages related to living in a big city, like a great education system, plenty of entertainment, and the chance to meet interesting people. On the First line, people who live in big cities can choose where to study according to their convenience since they have many options. It is a fact that big cities have plenty of schools, universities, and institutes.
  6. 6. Unity “Parents are the best teachers” Evidence Explanation Reasons 3. Role models 2. Right from wrong 2. Be respectful EXAMPLE 2. Teach values 1. First teachers 3. Inspire us 1. Learn the basics 3. Work hard STATISTIC 1. eat, talk, walk FACT
  7. 7. Example paragraph • I assert that parents are the best teacher because they are our first educators, they teach us values, and they are our role models. “Parents are the best teachers” -Topic sentence-
  8. 8. • they are our first teachers • our progenitors teach us the basics • we learned how to eat, talk, walk under their care Explanation 1 Evidence 1 Reason 1
  9. 9. • they teach us values • being respectful is something parents emphasize on when raising their offspring • a person that was instructed to say hello, thank you, and good bye is respected by others Reason 2 Explanation 2 Evidence 2
  10. 10. • they are our role models • People who have children inspire them to follow their example • My father taught me how important it is to work hard in order to be successful Reason 3 Explanation 3 Evidence 3
  11. 11. • As you can see, people who have children are great educators since they instruct us since we are young, they make us correct human beings, and they are our example to follow. -Closing sentence- “Parents are the best teachers”
  12. 12. Cohesion Conjunctions- Connectors Topic Sentence Closing Sentence -Without any doubt in my mind -To my mind, -I assert that -I strongly believe that - Therefore, In summary, In conclusión, Thus, As a result, To sum up,
  13. 13. • Paragraph’s Body Cohesion Conjunctions- Connectors Supporting Sentence 1 Supporting Sentence 2 Supporting Sentence 3 -First of all, -On the first line, -To begin with, -Firstly, -To start off - To continue, -Moreover, -Besides, -In addition, -Secondly, - Furthermore, -What’s more, -Last, -Last but not least,
  14. 14. Cohesion Conjunctions- Connectors • Paragraph’s Evidence Personal Example Fact Statistic - To illustrate, -For example, -For instance, -In my experience -It is a fact thatx -Everyone knows thatx -It is common knowledge thatx -According to______, -______ mentions thatx -As reported by ______,
  15. 15. Coherence Making sense Antecedents Synonyms Referents -Soccer -Sport -Physical activity -Exercise -It -Its
  16. 16. Please complete the paragraph correctly • I assert that soccer is the best sport because it entertains you, you exercise, and you spend time with friends. First, categorize the sentences in explanations and evidence. Then, add the correct connectors.
  17. 17. Unity “Soccer is the best sport” Evidence Explanation Reasons 3. Share with friends 2. Always running 2. will be fit*Example 2. Exercise 1.Entertaining 3. strengthen friendship 1. Playing is fun 3. cope with solitude *Statistic 1. score a goal *Fact
  18. 18. “Soccer is the best sport” I assert that soccer is the best sport because it entertains you, you exercise, and you spend time with your friends. To begin, soccer allows you to feel excited. It is a fact that players feel really good after they score a goal. Moreover, you are always running on the field. For instance, my friend Messi will always be fit. Last but not least, sharing exciting moments strengthens friendship ties. As reported by Sports magazine, a lot of people practice sports just because it helps them cope with solitude. Therefore, soccer is without any doubt in my mind the best sport because it is fun, you work out and you share exciting moments with friends. So, what are you waiting for? Go and play this great sport.
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  20. 20. Thank you!!