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Reduce stress in_15_simple_ways


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This slide presentation gives you 15 simple yet effective ways to reduce stress and improve well-being.

Published in: Lifestyle, Health & Medicine
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Reduce stress in_15_simple_ways

  2. USE YOUR INTUITION It’s the compass you were born with. Photo Credit:
  3. GIVE YOUR FEELINGS A VOICE Choose expression over suppression. Photo Credit:
  4. ACCEPT SUPPORT You’ll get farther much faster. Photo Credit:
  5. EMBRACE YOUR SILLY SIDE A good laugh is the best medicine. Photo Credit:
  6. CREATE YOUR OWN RETREAT SPACE Indoors or Outdoors. Photo Credit:
  7. SILENCE YOUR INNER CRITIC Tune out negative self talk. Photo Credit:
  8. USE A CROCK POT It can cook food while you’re at work. Photo Credit:
  9. SET PERSONAL BOUNDARIES It’s OK to say No. Photo Credit:
  10. LET THE TEARS FLOW Emotional tears expel stress hormones. Photo Credit:
  11. USE COLOR TO CALM Blues are calming while reds excite. Photo Credit:
  12. SET A TIMER FOR YOUR TASKS Blocking out time gives you focus. Photo Credit:
  13. FORM GOOD SLEEPING HABITS Sleep long enough and comfortably. Photo Credit:
  14. KEEP A JOURNAL It’s a sacred space for your thoughts. Photo Credit:
  15. RELAX WITH CHAMOMILE TEA It soothes the nervous system. Photo Credit:
  16. GIVE BACK Helping others can neutralize stress. Photo Credit:
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