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Assignment 7


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Assignment 7

  1. 1. Rosalin Zein 13 Pius Assignment 7 : Individual series planning
  2. 2. The impact of social media on culture. What you would learn: • The diversity and development of social media. • The six types of social media. • History of social media • The impact social media has already had. • The negative and positive effects . • Will its impact grow. • Is there anything we can do stop it ? • Social networking sites (Facebook, YoutTube, Twitter, Tumblr)
  3. 3. Title of Documentary Ideas  To what extent does social media affect culture?  Does social media affect culture?
  4. 4. Episode 1 Subtopic 1: What is Social Media? • Define Social media. •The six types of social media. •What do we use social media for ? Subtopic 2: History of social media and its impact over time. • Showing the different types of social media that has been made. •The impact society had predicted they would make. • What impact they actually made. Subtopic 3: Social media today • Statistics of the rise in social media and the amount of people who use it. • The impact it has already had. • Information about Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube
  5. 5. Episode 2 Subtopic 1: Social Networking (Blogging) • Tumblr • Sub-Cultures within – Hipsters, Fandoms (Comic con), Grunge. Subtopic 2: Social Networking • Facebook Subtopic 3: Social Networking (Micro-blogging) • Twitter Positives Negatives Stay connected Stalking Re-connect with friends and family Cat fishing Can communicate with people everywhere Stolen Identities Positives Negatives Easy to communicate Trolling Express yourself ( Online Diary) Hackers
  6. 6. Episode 3 Introduction: Subtopic 1: The positives and negatives of Social media • The positive impact of social media • The negative impact of social media Subtopic 2: Examples of the positive and negative uses/impact of social media. • Interview people to see if they have had any bad experiences with social media. Subtopic 3: Is there any ways to prevent these negative affects of social media? • The measures that have been taken to try and prevent things such as cyber bullying, trolling, hacking. • Example from Facebook twitter e.g you have the ability to block people, and Positive Negative Martha Payne – food blog ‘Never Seconds’ Sweet Sixteen party in Holland The Egyptian Uprising (Arab Spring) London Riots Earthquake in China – News + corrupt officials Catfishing / stolen identities /
  7. 7. Social media – Pros Pros: How? Examples: Social media facilitates political change. Social networking sites give social movements a quick, no-cost method to organize, disseminate information, and mobilize people. The 2011 Egyptian uprising (part of the Arab Spring), organized largely via social media, motivated tens of thousands of protestors for eighteen days of demonstrations and, ultimately led to the resignation of Egyptian President Mubarak on Feb. 11, 2011. Social media sites empower individuals to make social change and do social good on a community level. Social media allows us to be connected, thus allowing us to share problems, ideas and communicate with others to fix these problems. Nine-year old Scottish student, Martha Payne, and her blog, "Never Seconds," and the formation of "Friends of Never Seconds" charity to feed children globally. Social networking provides academic research to a wider audience, allowing many people access to previously unavailable educational resources We are now able to access a variety of educational resources and information online making it easier to do research. Photos, videos, books, essays, revision resources, the ability to contact others. Social networking sites spread information faster than any other media. Over 50% of people learn about breaking news on social media. 65% of traditional media reporters and editors use sites like Facebook and LinkedIn for story research, and 52% use Twitter. Source: For subtopic 1
  8. 8. Debate: Cons Cons: How? Examples: Criminals use social media to commit and promote crimes. Gangs use the sites to recruit younger members, coordinate violent crimes, and threaten other gangs. For example during the London riots. Social networking sites facilitate cyber bullying. It allows everyone to communicate with each other meaning that people can message you privately/publically. 49.5% of students reported being the victims of bullying online and 33.7% reported committing bullying behaviour online. Children may endanger themselves by not understanding the public and viral nature of social networking sites. Children might upload statuses/pictures which can be traced back to them. Also, as they are so young children are ignorant to what happens on social networking sites and what could possibly happen if you put out too much information. Up to 600 Dutch riot police had to be called in to break up a teen's birthday party to which about 30,000 people were accidentally invited after a Facebook post thought to be private went viral (quickly moving on to Twitter and YouTube as well).
  9. 9. Episode 4 Introduction: Subtopic 1: Will its impact grow? Is there any way to prevent it? • Looking at how the different social medias were created and why they were created to see if it was a reaction against something or if it was just to better society • Looking at countries such as China and North Korea who censor their people, making them unable to communicate with other people in the world. Subtopic 2: The development of social media •Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0 • The Pros and Cons of this rapid development Subtopic 3:The future for social media. • Examples of what people predict for the future of social media. • How this will affect the way in which we communicate and the cultures that have already developed even more.
  10. 10. Episode 2 Minute intro into whole series 1 minute intro into episode topic 2 minute subtopic #1 Titleofshow h h