Assignment 6


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Assignment 6

  2. 2. 27 Dresses • Jane is a single woman who has served as a bridesmaid 27 times who begins to feel as if something is missing in her life. • One night, local newspaper reporter Kevin spots the devoted bridal attendant racing between receptions in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and quickly surmises that her quirky tale may be just the story to get him off the bridal beat and into the big time. • Jane butts heads with Kevin just as her younger sister Tess shows up in town. While Jane has always put the needs of friends and family before her own wants and desires, shes suddenly prompted to reevaluate her priorities when her boss -- with whom she is secretly in love -- falls for her younger sister Tess. • When Tess and Janes boss George make plans to marry, the smitten younger sibling mistakenly assumes that her lovelorn older sibling will be happy to take part in the wedding. • For as far back as Jane can remember, she has sacrificed her own happiness for the sake of those she holds dearest, but now that her heart has been broken, shes finally found the courage to be honest with herself. • Now, as Jane finally comes to terms with her true feelings, her life begins to change in ways she never expected.
  3. 3. A) Has the institution created a text with a conventional(stereotypical) narrative structure?  Yes, there is a clear linear narrative which can be broken down into:  Act one - Set up  Act two – Conflict  Act three – Resolution
  4. 4. B) Explain how the film is narrative implicit or explicit?Implicit/explicit narrative reasons: Evidence:Explicit – because it is a romantic comedyand this means that the main characters Jane andwill fall in love. Kevin fall in love.Implicit – because the audience does notknow how the characters will get together.Implicit – because the audience alsodoesnt know what will happen in the film.
  5. 5. How the film uses conventional narrative structure (Act one)Jane meets Kevin Kevin helps Jane get Janes sister Tess Tess and Jane’s Boss home and finds her comes to live with her begin to go out with diary which he uses each other for his next article.Jane meets Kevin at a Kevin plans a story Janes sister comes to Jane is upset becausewedding party that around Jane and her live with Jane and we her sister and her bossshe planned. journal – about her can see that Tess (that Jane secretly being a bridesmaid 27 seems to aggravate loves) seem to hit it off times Jane. and they begin dating.
  6. 6. How the film uses the conventional narrative structure (Act Two)Kevin’s article is Tess uses pieces of Jane reveals the truth Jane argues withprinted. her mothers wedding about Tess kevin. dressKevin hadnt told Jane Tess ruins her mothers At Tess and Kevin’s After the weddingthat he was writing an wedding dress by wedding party Jane party Kevin comes toarticle about her and taking pieces from it. reveals the truth about apologise to Jane.Jane is surprised when Jane gets angry with Tess.she sees herself on the her because she hadpaper and upset with loved the dress and
  7. 7. How the film uses the conventional narrative structure (Act three)Tess and Jane make Jane realises that she Jane goes to find Jane and Kevin getup. doesn’t love George Kevin and tells him married. but that she actually that she loves him. loves KevinTess and Jane are Jane realises that she Jane goes to find Kevin proposes toforced to make up by doesnt love George Kevin the make up and Jane and they gettheir father and when and that it was all just tell him that she loves married with all of thethey do they sort a mistake. him. 27 brides becomingeverything out Janes Bridesmaids.
  8. 8. Why have the film makers done this? The film makers have used a linear narrative structure because: It is easier for the audience to understand. It is a guaranteed way to make a profit.
  9. 9. What impact does this have on the audience? The impact is that : The audience will be able to enjoy the movie It means that there will be more interest in the film The audience will feel emotionally satisfied There will be no confusion
  10. 10. What audience expectations have they established or challenged by using thisstructure The expectations they have established are:• That the movie will be sequential ( in order) from beginning to end. The expectations they have challenged are:• That the movie will be different to others ( not predictable)