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  1. 1. Purpose It is needed to encourage people to watch a film. It gives us an idea of what the film is going to be about. It should hold the attention of the audience. It should promote the film to the maximum allowance of the conventions of the trailer.
  2. 2. What is a film trailer? A trailer is used to promote and advertise a film that will be shown in the future. It is a form of promotional film material.
  3. 3. Teaser trailer & Theatrical trailerTeaser Trailer:A teaser trailer is short and is often used to help advertise an upcoming film or other forms of media.It can be released early before the due date of the official film in order to gain an targeted audience.‘Teases’ the audience with short snippets taken from the film, but does not reveal too much about the film.Exploitation of actors and actresses to create an interest to the targeted audience.Theatrical Trailer:A theatrical trailer is a much more in depth which tells us more about the film.It can give us the date in which it will be released and also can inform us of the main characters within the film.Uses voiceovers and inter-titles.
  4. 4. Three Act StructureFirst Act: Used for exposition; to establish the main characters, their relationships and the world they live in. On-screen incident occurs in which confronts the main character, and the way they attempt to deal with the incident will lead to a more dramatic situation (first turning point). This raises a dramatic question that will be answered within the climax of the film.Second Act: This is the rising action, it depicts the main characters attempt to resolve the issue caused by the first turning point, which only leads into putting themselves in a worse situation. Usually aided and abetted by mentors or co-protagonists.Third Act: The resolution of the story and subplots. The second turning point (climax) is the scene or sequence in which the tensions of the story are brought together. This is where the dramatic question is answered.