Film posters


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Film posters

  1. 1. Conventions of a Horror Poster? Horror posters can go against the conventions of a basic film poster. They will sometimes not include main characters or a specific event. The main focus point will be the creature that is causing the disruption. The main colour theme is dark tones with fading occurring to create mystery.
  2. 2. The PossessionThe film poster for The The importance of thisPossession follows the poster is to disturb theconventions of a horror film audience due to the pictureposter because it includes: used which shows a hand•The film title coming out of the mouth.•A tagline The main colours used for•Release date the text are whites and reds•Credit block which stand out from the•Picture of the unnatural background which uses dull•Official website tones of grey’s and black’s.•The words True The typography suggestsEvents/Story that something is wrong because of the way thereHowever the only are smudge marks all acrossconventions that this poster it. The tagline createsdid not follow are the name mystery by using the wordof the director and the inside which relates to thenames of main cast. background image.
  3. 3. Chernobyl DiariesThe film poster for the The importance of thisChernobyl Diaries follows poster is to make thethe conventions of a horror audience question whatfilm poster because it might happen at theincludes: location shown and the•The film title tagline relates to any viewer•A tagline of the poster because of the•Credit block word experience. The•Release date picture has the radiation•Directors name symbol which relates to the•Picture of the location film title and the colour•Production company theme used is a murky turquoise which relates toHowever it does not include the idea of mystery.a website for the film and Reds and whites are usedany main actors. for the text which follows the same typography as a majority of horror film posters.
  4. 4. The Devil InsideThe film poster for The The importance of thisDevil Inside follows most of poster is to create a sensethe conventions of a horror of the unknown within thefilm poster because it audience because of theincludes: picture used shows a nun•The film title what has unnatural eyes.•A tagline The D in inside is•Picture of the unnatural backwards which shows•Release date that something is wrong.•Official movie website The colours used are reds•The words True and blacks which have theEvents/Story connotations of mystery and death. The tagline isHowever it does not include crucial because it leaves aany actors names or a cliff hanger that can relatecredit block so these two to any body who views thisconventions will be shown the trailer.
  5. 5. PosterBy looking at the conventions shown within a horror poster, we havedecided to follow these conventions by making are poster include:Picture of the locationFilm titleA taglineCredit blockRelease dateOfficial websiteMain characters and Director’s nameProduction companyThe reason for why we will not include the words True story/events isbecause by looking at example horror posters we found that it could makethe film feel less real because the audience might think that it is only onthere to make the film seem more realistic and believable.