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Evaluation Questions


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My evaluation of my Music Magazine

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Evaluation Questions

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Here I have used a sense ofdirection, showing when she laughs. Thisis a technique used in other magazinesso I thought I would do the same.
  3. 3. I have usediconic codes andconventions to add tothe realism of mymagazine. Earlier, Icircled a few codes andconventions that havebeen used in a realmagazine and that Ihave used in mymagazine too. A fewfeatures I have used onmy front cover are amain image, magazinetitle (in the corner), aquotation with oversizedspeech marks, a subtitle, strap line, barcode, issue number andprice and a “FreePoster” sign.
  4. 4. On my contentspage, I have used thelogo of my magazinetitle, columnlayout, morephoto’s, features thatwill appear in themagazine and pagenumbers.
  5. 5. On my double page spread, I have included a maintitle “Cover Story”, another sight of the magazine title, morephoto’s, an introduction, column layout, quick firequestions, album promotion and a tweet to interact with thesocial media i.e. twitter. Overall, all of these codes and conventions I haveused contribute to the realism of my magazine.
  6. 6. How does your media product represent particular social groups? My music magazine represents particular social groups through the genre of “pop”. Such artists in the genre include Nicole Scherzinger, Pixie Lott, The Saturdays, Olly Murs,Michael Buble, Britney Spears etc. I saw that the “pop” genrein magazines has a very large target audience as it has been going for a very long time. I researched “pop” magazine and I realised that there are many “pop” magazines out there in the market so I’m confident that mine will sell.
  7. 7. The models I used in my magazine are dressed appropriatelyfor the photographs so they would represent the social groups that Ihave aimed my magazine to. I also did this so the audience canrelate to them, feel inspired and it will represent them as they maybe their idols. The females are dressed in dresses so it has a femininetouch to it and the males are dressed in suits and look smart.Therefore creating a “classy” and sophisticated look which willrepresent the audience and that social group. Whereas, if themodels were dressed in black and were related to “Goths”, then itwould be very inappropriate to the audience and social group thatIm aiming at. Males Females
  8. 8. This is the image I tried toreplicate. For my front cover. It’s simplewith a classy look and the social groupsand audience would be able to relateto this look that I have used.
  9. 9. Holly Willoughby is who I would useto describe my magazine. She isfeminine, sophisticated and has a“clean” edge to her. She resemblespurity which I’d like to think is whatmy magazine represents. Also, she is featured in mymagazine on the contents page,some of my audience would seeher as a role model and if sheappears in my magazine then itwould appeal to my audience. Holly would also belong tothe social group and audiencethat my magazine is aimedtowards – a sophisticated youngwoman.
  10. 10. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product? I think bauer media group will be the best media institution todistribute my media product. They have more than eighty influentialmedia brands spanning a wide range of interests, includingHeat, Grazia, Closer, FHM, Magic 105.4, Kiss, Kerrang and 4Music. I know they are a successful company as all of these magazinesI have mentioned are successful. It’s an advantage how “Grazia” isthere as that is a magazine who’s audience I would include for mymagazine. As well as this, it sells lots of music magazines which is idealas mine is a music magazine so I think Bauer Media would be the idealinstitution for me to distribute my magazine.
  11. 11. Who would be the audience for your media product? I researched different types of musicmagazines and found that “pop” magazines wereone of the highest selling types. I thought I wouldchallenge myself, as this is a tough and highlycompetitive category. However, I have slightlychanged my audience from the typical “pop” musicaudience, for example, I have a slightly higher agegroup of 16-30 years and is aimed at females. This isslightly different to other pop music magazines so itmay stand out. It’s not childish and aimed at youngteenagers, it is a sophisticated magazine aimed atyoung women.
  12. 12. My audience would beinterested in pop music. Examplesinclude Michael Bublé and PixieLott. These are the kind of artist whoI would include and associatewithin my magazine.
  13. 13. I would NOT includebands such as ACDC andThe Rolling Stones within mymagazine as these bandsappeal to completelydifferent audience to what Iam aiming at. The average16 – 30 year old femalewould much rather preferPixie Lott and Michael Bubléthan these two bands.
  14. 14. I’d like to thinkmy magazine is a moresophisticated version ofthis “We Love Pop”magazine. Its becauseits not just about music.They have a fashionsection and celebritygossip. Mine will be amore sophisticatedversion as its less "in-your-face" and moregentle and spaced out.
  15. 15. Also, I haveused this magazine toresemble the type ofaudience. Theaudience I want toread my magazinewill consist of a similarrange of people whoread this “Grazia”.
  16. 16. I’d like to think that my magazine has a similar audience of both of these magazine whenthey are pout together. The “We Love Pop” would have the music side and the “Grazia” would have the sophisticated side to the audience
  17. 17. How did you attract/address your audience? I addressed my audience on many different ways. Forexample, they can relate to the artists and celebrities in themagazine. Also, I used a sophisticated female colour schemeusing tones of light pinks, greys and whites. All of this is shownon my front cover page as this is the first page my audiencewill see.
  18. 18. The front cover has amention of the Brit Awards, whichpeople will want to know about. Aswell as having an advertisement toget tickets to a singer, “HarryBaldwin”. They would be attractedto these items so they would wantto buy my magazine.
  19. 19. Also, on the front coverpage, I have included a “FreePosters” sign so my audience willknow that there are going to befree posters and this will engagethem to my magazine as they maywant the posters.
  20. 20. The contents page includes the name of artists and celebrities who are included in the magazine, these people are going to attract the audience as the audience will admire and be fans of these people so would want to read about them. It also shows little insiders ofthe topics and stories but not givingaway too much information on thearticles included, so if/when theywant to read about it, they willhave to read the magazine.
  21. 21. On the double page spread, I haveincluded many techniques to attract theaudience, such as photo’s, quick fire questions. Iused a “latest tweet” so my magazine seems tohave tied into the social media network which theaudience know a lot about, after all it’s growing inthe world and I thought I could relate to it. As wellas these, I have included an album advertisementfor Rosie’s CD as well as stating when her nextperformance is (on Dancing on Ice) this will attractmy audience as the fans would want to know moreabout her.
  22. 22. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  23. 23. School Magazine Vs Music Magazine A B
  24. 24. The first thing that comes to mind when I look at bothof my magazines is how, in A, I never used morephoto’s compared to B: As you can tell, here I have taken on board that other magazines use more than one image. This grabs the audiences attention. So on my music magazine I have used five images.
  25. 25. In my school magazine, I have noticed how I blurred the edges of the main image which has left spaces around the edges of the magazine (the blue background). Conversely, on my music magazine, I have used my main image to fill the page. This is done on most magazines I looked at, as longas you can overlap it with other images, writing, a strap lineetc but you can still see the main image clearly. I havesuccessfully done this in my music magazine.
  26. 26. Here I have alsoimproved on usingcodes and conventions,i.e. barcode, issuenumber, date and price.I never did this beforewhich makes it lackrealism. Now I have seenother magazines includethese, I will.
  27. 27. I have also included, on my musicmagazine, a strap line: This shows what is included in my magazine. Hopefully it will draw in my audience as it is a high profile topic, “Brit Awards” so people will want to get the latest gossip on it and gossip from their favourite artist who have been at the Brit Awards.
  28. 28. I have kept some things the same as I foundout that they worked from my feedback. Anexample of this is the oversized speech marks withthe quotations that overlap them. This worked welland looks professional so I kept it in my magazine.
  29. 29. Front Cover One big difference that Ihave improved on the contentspage is the layout. For example,it’s in columns. The school Contentsmagazine is as though its split, Pagehorizontally, in two. Whereas, mymusic magazine is dividedvertically in a rough outline ofthree columns. I have also Doubleincluded the magazine logo Pagewhich, as you can tell, I have Spreadcarried on all the way throughmy magazine where as before Inever carried this through.
  30. 30. I have used more page numbers.Before I only used a very little amountwhereas now, I have used a lot more.After my school magazine I focused onresearching other magazine in the musicindustry, and I noticed that they have alot more page numbers etc than I did inmy school magazine. So that’s when Irealised I had to put more page numbersin my contents page. I have circled thepage numbers that I have used and youcan tell the difference.
  31. 31. I have also improved on the technology of editing my photo’s. As you can tell, in my schoolA B magazine, I just put the photo on the magazine whereas in my music magazine I have learnt to edit them, put boarders around them and other B techniques.A A B
  32. 32. Another technique I have learnt to do is to“finish off” where I have written text. As you cansee in my school magazine, I just wrote the textand left it at that, whereas, in my music magazineI have neatened the text by having it in a pinkbox. I also think it adds to the sophistication andoverall makes it look a lot better and more neatand professional.