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ICIC 2018 Presentation: You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup


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You Can't Pour From and Empty Cup: Incorporating Self-Care into the Coaching Role is a presentation that was presented at this year's Illinois Council of Instructional Coaching Conference.

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ICIC 2018 Presentation: You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup

  1. 1. You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup Meagan Dillon Twitter:@Megs2Lit Email: Roshaunda Henson Twitter:@rhenson80 Presentation Link: #fillingupmycup #ICIC2018
  2. 2. Why the Empty Cup? Pouring Activity
  3. 3. Empty Cup Causes ● Change produces stress regardless of whether we are the ones initiating or implementing change (Smith, 2008). This stress can lead to unwanted challenges for instructional coaches. ● “Coaches may tie their own self-worth directly to their success or failure with teachers in school” (Knight, 2007, p. 214). ● Coaches also find themselves as outsiders on a campus because they are always trying to change it (Knight, 2007). Self-worth IsolationChange
  4. 4. Filling our Cup: Our Why... “Understanding our own belief systems --how they were formed, how we can become conscious of them, how we can change them --makes us much more skilled at helping others to this work.” ~Elena Aguilar Core Value Activity
  5. 5. Filling our Cup: Reflection 1. Notice the feelings that come up when you read your short list. How does your energy shift? 2. Consider how the actions you take reflect your core values. a. Are there values that show up more often in your actions at work? Home? In social circles? With family? 3. Write your top three core values on a piece of paper and post them somewhere prominent. 4. Reflect on them for the week/year. Are they the same? Have they changed?
  6. 6. Filling Our Cup: Develop Your Mission Statement If one of your beliefs is appreciation then your belief statement might be: “Acknowledge the Positive.”
  7. 7. Barriers to Filling Up Our Cup ● What are possible barriers that prevent you from filling up your cup and others in the coaching role? ● What prevents you from losing focus of your core values/beliefs?
  8. 8. ● How do you empower and engage teachers in professional development? ● How can you revise your calendar/to-do list system to prioritize/maximize your instructional coaching for self care? Filling Our Cup: How Do We Break the Barriers?
  9. 9. Filling Our Cup: How Can We Break Barriers to Empower? Humility Action Trust
  10. 10. Filling Up Our Cup: What We Can Do Professionally and Personally
  11. 11. ● How do you currently collaborate with other educators? ● What are your “go to’s when you need ideas advice, and support? Filling Up Our Cup: Our Tribe(s) Aretha will be our timer :-)
  12. 12. Curate new ideas? Reflect and share? Connect with other educators? Collaborate and inquire? Filling Up Our Cups: The Power of PLN’S (“Your Tribe”)
  13. 13. #ObserveMe Resources #EdCamp Resources Invite Investment Resources Engage Maintain Momentum Flipped PD Filling Up Our Cup: Impactful Professional Tips and Tricks
  14. 14. Filling Up Our Cup: Personal Self Care Journaling NetworkingTime Hobbies Daily Shine Messages Link #Oneword Link
  15. 15. Create Your Self Care Plan ● Mind: What kind of activities would help you take care of your mind? ● Body: What kind of activities will help you take care of your body? ● Spirit: What really makes your soul come alive!!? ● Support: Who are supportive people you can count on? ● Accomplishments: What do you want to accomplish by fulfilling these self-care needs? It can be short-term, long-term, through a current challenge etc.,
  16. 16. What are you next steps to filling up your cup? → Reflect on your core values/beliefs, mission statement, and self care plan. → Look at the barriers we created to filling up our cup. → Email, text, or write a note to your future self with at least one thing you will do to invest in yourself to fill up your cup this week/month/year. What boundaries will you set to invest in yourself?