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5 successful teenage entrepreneurs


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5 successful teenage entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Paul founded Intelli Innovations, a Macintoshsoftware development company at the age of thirteen. Intelli Innovations eventually developed into aconsulting company. Paul then created and began selling shareware withREALbasic. Pauls entrepreneurial skills now earn him a six figureincome.
  2. 2. Abbey invented a product she named “Makin Bacon”microwave oven bacon cooker in 1991 when she was 8years old. Her product reduces the fat in bacon withoutsacrificing its taste. Abbeys " Makin Bacon " royalties now exceed onemillion dollars annually
  3. 3. He got his first computer from his Dad at theage of 10 which was an old Gateway, and as ayoung boy he got interested in how the works,he took it apart studied it in and out, formthere he started developing interest incomputer by 8th grade teachers were requesting forTyler to fix their computers. Tyler realized he could earn from it, at first$15 an hour.
  4. 4. He latter got a babysitting job for MalcolmTaaffe, then the vice president at MerrillLynch which led to a nonpaying, summerinternship. After two weeks, 14-year-old Tyler was onthe payroll. Tyler took charge of computer acquisition,setup, training and troubleshooting. By January 2000 Our young successfulentrepreneur in the middle of his 10th gradestarted CoolTronics at the age of fifteen
  5. 5. Tyler was a computer genius beforecomputers became popular. Tyler made his skills work for him byconsulting others on how to buy and usecomputers. Tylers company, CoolTronics had earned himover one million dollars before he celebratedhis seventeenth birthday.
  6. 6. Juliette started a website when she was ten years old. The site allows young girls of age eight to twelveto talk to other girls their age. It serves as a spacewhere they can get advice, play games, and justtalk. At the age of sixteen, Juliette was the author ofa successful book, by nineteen, Juliettes networth was over fifteen million dollars. Juliette is an inspiration to female and male teenswho want to start their own business
  7. 7. “A name to remember” in the opinion ofBloomberg Marketing, “an inspiration to youngbusiness people today” says Blue Hyppo, and “amodest phenomenon” according to ThePhiladelphia Inquirer, Brett Klasko started his first company at theage of 13 while in middle school. Brett is currently the founder and CEO ofPhinaz Media & Marketing, which engages bothinvestors and sports fans in original andcreative ways.
  8. 8. Phinaz Media Group is a sport marketing firmthat helps professional and college sport teamincrease their ticket sales. This businessreflects his hobbies within the sport realm. Prior to running Phinaz, Brett was one of theyoungest interns ever to work at MorganStanley. Brett donates his time and money to severalcommunity affairs and charities, includinganimal shelters, disaster relief efforts, and hisalma mater.
  9. 9. Source: Thank You
  11. 11. Roshankumar S Pimpalkar