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Roshan_Barua_Vimeo and Explation video_15-7-14 (1)

  1. 1. Vimeo and Explation video When ‘Gangnam Style’ went viral on the internet and raked up a couple billion views, the viral video fever was at its peak. Hordes of masses tried their luck in creating streams for videos they hoped would attain the number of views greater than a country’s population. The platform on which video–sharing takes place is synonymous to the existence of videos itself- YouTube. Founded in ’05, and now owned by Google (naturally), YouTube has been the frontrunner by a large mile. Although a behemoth in itself, it doesn’t have complete dominance over the market yet. There is still a niche which is yet to be conquered by the Google juggernaut. Enter Vimeo. Launched in 04’, technically the elder brother of YouTube,Vimeo, a video-sharing website (sound familiar?) accounts for over 100 million unique visitors each month. Known for being artist-friendly and chic, Vimeo may be the small dog in the fight, but it has its numerous advantages.  Professional setup: Vimeo is relatively more professional in its video sharing ideology. ‘For the artist, by the artists’; the comments section consists of constructive criticism and feedback as compared to Google, where off topic and slanderous statements are the norm.
  2. 2.  Advertisements: The stream of every YouTube video will probably begin with the commencement of an advertisement, which you have the option to skip, if you are lucky. Touted as a necessary evil, even Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has succumbed to it for monetization gains. Vimeo has managed to stave off any irritating advertisement banner in its layout. Instead, there is a ‘Tip Jar’ bracket, which enables you to donate any amount directly to the artist involved in the video. Novel and effective.  Video Quality: Vimeo stresses on video quality so that artists do not have to compromise on it.Vimeo delivers up to 5000kilo bitrates in video while YouTube can
  3. 3. deliver up to 2000.It was one of the first to adopt to 720HD and boasts the highest video quality available on the web.  Downloadable: Almost all of the videos in Vimeo can be downloaded with a click for easier viewing later on. Other factors include cleaner and better aesthetics, less cluttering around the video panel and password protected video sharing which ensures privacy. Vimeo is to video sharing what Linkedin is to social networking; it’s more professional, efficient and you won’t find grammatically askewed hate messages on your profile. It’s the primary platform of choice for professionals and companies alike. And that precisely, is the reason why it’s the preferred platform for enterprises to launch their explanation videos. Explanation videos are primarily videos that explain the subject pertaining to your service. Yes, it’s that simple. It takes the concept and essence of your company and transforms it into a video which explains every aspect of it. The service that your business provides might be difficult to explain in a theoretical cold paragraph, especially if it contains jargons and technical terms which may sound complicated to a layman. An explanation video can help solve this dilemma. It is proven that explanation videos can help create better sales and boost conversion rates. Explanation videos have been known to entrap attention thus increasing the average visitor duration of the site. The masses are already inundates with too much information, and the average attention span of a person decreases with monotonous details. Thus explanation videos are used to capture the interest of the masses. It is informative and effective to the very minuscule details. The aim of an explanation video is to promote and explain your service in enthralling, attractive and easy methods For example, Philips-TV 2014 Ambilight feature video- explains the feature of the Back Ambilight on a flat screen TV with an effective pallete of colours and a variety of scenarios, portraying each mode with utmost vibrancy. It also uses
  4. 4. the service of Ambilight to added advantage in the video capturing the viewer in its iridescent glow, which would be utterly impossible to achieve in a few lines of detailed texts. Bitcoin Explained- uses ‘Tron’ like neonish graphic imagery to keep the viewers in rapt attention, while explaining the whole process of Bitcoin mining and extraction. Bitcoin, in essence can be a bland topic since it is analogous to economic currency, but the explanation video with clear voiceover and sharp display of diagrams and processes enables the viewer to sit through the entire video of 3.23 minutes, thus achieving its aim of explanation. Explanation videos are the norm, rather than the exception. They are used in absolute and are integral to almost every service, product or business. The explanation video of the service can make or break its conversion rate and sale target. Thus, explanation videos are to be treated with utmost care, integrating the right script with a clear voiceover, enrapturing display and concise messages with details to its brevity. Thus, it requires a professional platform, one where your video won’t be lost amongst a sea of randomness but rather one, where the explanation video is visible to those within the niche of your product. Vimeo provides that platform in totality. A picture speaks a thousand words, so a video surely translates to about a million.