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Social Media Storytelling: Using Wall Posts As a Social Narrative


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The human brain is flooded with hundreds of messages, images and ads each day. It’s so commonplace now, that we hardly even notice it. With ease of global communication right at our fingertips (mobile), at the sound of our voice (Bluetooth), or in the blink of an eye (thank you, Google Glass), it’s so easy for a branded message—your message—to get lost in the clutter. There’s so much to absorb that we spend less and less time attending to and processing each message, and more time taking in as much quantity as we can.
With Facebook being arguably the single most important platform in social media today, how can you, as a marketer, use your fleeting 504 pixel by 504 pixel square to make a sticky, lasting impression?

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Social Media Storytelling: Using Wall Posts As a Social Narrative

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA STORYTELLING Using Wall Posts as a Social Narrative Written by Melissa Pardo Content Curated by Kara Clark October 2014
  2. 2. Some believe, thanks to social media, our average attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish.
  3. 3. You said something?
  4. 4. So, with a split second opportunity… What can a brand do to capture fans’ and followers’ attention?
  5. 5. …and keep them engaged?
  6. 6. Tell them a story.
  7. 7. PICTURE STORIES Choose your characters, setting, and props to create a plotline across your timeline.
  8. 8. INFLUENCER STORIES Let your biggest, most influential ambassadors tell your story… in their own words.
  9. 9. USER GENERATED STORIES Energize fans to tell your brand story… And reward participation in a follow up post!
  10. 10. MYSTERY STORIES Everyone loves a good mystery… Gamify your timeline and boost engagement by using your posts to lead your witnesses.
  11. 11. HOW-TO’S Use your social posts to provide value to your fans. Simple how-to’s are easily shared, but also drive conversation.
  12. 12. BREAKING STORIES Use posts in response to real time events to instantly garner fan enthusiasm and engagement.
  13. 13. GRAPHIC STORIES Infographics are a creative, eye-catching way to tell a lot of story in a small space.
  14. 14. HOLIDAY STORIES There’s a holiday for everything. Find yours and give your fans yet another reason to celebrate your brand.
  15. 15. Tell me more.
  16. 16. You’ve got 8 seconds.
  18. 18. CO-CREATION Why do all the heavy lifting when, if given the chance, your fans will tell you exactly what they want to see. Partner with your community to build fun engaging stories.
  19. 19. MEMES Memes are, by nature:  Recognizable  Adaptable  Relatable  Spreadable Plug in your brand for an easy engagement boost!
  20. 20. GAMES Challenge your fans to engage with your brand by offering up a simple game!
  21. 21. MULTIPLE CHOICE When asked for your opinion you will: a) Give it b) Leave a comment c) Boost brand engagement d) All of the above!
  22. 22. THIS OR THAT Crowd source your products and drive branded conversation by using direct CTA’s for engagement: “Like” for this, “Share” for that.
  23. 23. But wait… There’s more!
  24. 24. CONTESTS Contests, while clickbait, follow up results posts touting winners and prizes create engaging local stories in the Timeline.
  25. 25. FREEBIES Because freebies.
  26. 26. DISCOUNTS Discounts and offers always drive clicks, but combine some of the story telling tactics together to gamify, drive sharing, and reward fans.
  27. 27. Did I miss anything?
  28. 28. BRANDS FEATURED Thanks to all the amazing brands on Facebook, featured in this presentation: Budweiser Forever21 Gap Hollister Charmin Free People Coors Light Flo, The Progressive Girl Dr Pepper Intel Pringles Coca-Cola Brisk Dentyne Bud Light Oreo Dove Hanes Kohl’s Chick-Fil-A T.J. Maxx Bath & Body Works Windows Phone Krispy Kreme Doughnuts